Amex Platinum Card: $250 in Free Groceries or Uber Eats! Ricky June 4, 2020

Amex Platinum Card: $250 in Free Groceries or Uber Eats!

Last Thursday, the American Express Business Platinum Card hit cardholders with $680 in statement credits on Dell, FedEx, and mobile device purchases. This week, it’s the personal Platinum Card’s turn, as every Platinum cardholders should have woken up to spectacular Amex Offer in their account for $250 towards essentials, including food, groceries, and household purchases.

We’ve also added this offer to our dedicated resource on COVID-19 temporary benefits and relief measures

$250 Towards Everyday Essentials

The offer is valid at five participating retailers: Sobeys, Metro, Longo’s (including Grocery Gateway), Save-On-Foods locations in Canada, and with Uber Eats. Any purchases made at these retailers will earn a statement credit of the equivalent value, up to a maximum of $250 in total credits across each Platinum Card. The offer is valid until August 27, 2020. 

Note that the offer specifies that only “participating” locations of these retailers are eligible, but if you click on the “View Participating Locations” link, it just brings you to a PDF file with all of the retailers’ names and their respective websites:

I’d therefore assume that all in-store locations will count, as well as any online purchases you make. It’s truly a carte-blanche $250 credit towards everyday essential items, which is a simply incredible gesture on the part of American Express.

What I like about this offer is that it gears towards every Platinum cardholder regardless of your shopping habits. If you primarily order deliver, then you can book free Uber Eats to your heart’s content; meanwhile, if you’re a frequent grocery shopper, you can take advantage of the offer whether you’re shopping in-store or online these days. 

Between Sobeys, Metro, Longo’s, and Save-On-Foods, the offer provides good coverage of all the grocery chains in Canada that accept American Express. Furthermore, the following Sobeys subsidiaries are also included in the offer:

  • Sobeys Urban Fresh

  • Sobeys Extra

  • FreshCo

  • Lawtons Drugs

  • Thrifty Foods

  • Safeway

  • Needs

  • IGA

  • Foodland

  • Price Chopper

The same is true for the following Metro subsidiaries:

  • Metro Plus

  • Super C

  • Marche Richelieu

  • Food Basics

  • Metro Corporate Store

The terms and conditions of the offer do specify that the credits will be applied to your account “within 90 days after 27/08/2020”, but if the recent Business Platinum Card offers are anything to go by, the credits should, in practice, show up within a few business days of competing your purchase.

Do Gift Cards Count?

Some readers may be familiar with the fact that places like Sobeys and Metro don’t just sell groceries; in addition, they also sell gift cards that can be used towards other stores or retailers in Canada.

The terms of this offer do specify that: “Any purchases not made directly with an eligible merchant are excluded, including but not limited to purchases of gift cards, oil, gas, fuel, protection plans, service plans, insurance plans, financial services, technology services, postal services, lottery services, floral services, wine, liquor and alcohol purchases, and medical or pharmacy services.”

Now, a few of these exclusions appear difficult to enforce: many pharmacies within grocery stores, for example, will use the same set of payment terminals and will therefore code as a grocery purchase. The same is true for grocery stores that sell wine or liquor – everything gets rung up at the same cashier anyway. 

However, I would recommend caution if you’re considering the gift card route with this specific offer. As I’ve mentioned in this video, while American Express may have turned a blind eye to some of their rules in the past, they’re definitely taking things more seriously in this challenging economic environment. They haven’t been afraid to give with one hand while taking with the other

Play by the rules – use your $250 credit to eat, drink, and be merry – and you’ll come out ahead.

Previously: Double Rewards & Other Promotions

Don’t forget that the Platinum Card has already rewarded us handsomely during these much-changed times: the Double Rewards promotion is running until July 20, which means that you’ll earn 6 MR points per dollar spent on dining, 4 MR points per dollar spent on travel, and 2 MR points per dollar spent on everything else, all the while being able to redeem MR points against statement purchases at a doubled rate of 1,000 MR points = $20.

That 6x multiplier on Uber Eats is looking very attractive when combined with today’s offer, isn’t it? If you spent $250 on Uber Eats, not only would you get all of it back, but you’d also earn 1,500 MR points which can be redeemed as a further $30 credit. Wow!

Select American Express cardholders might’ve also received an Amex Offer of $5 off $10 for Uber Eats a few weeks ago as well. If you got this offer on your Platinum Card as well, it’s another way to save. 

The amount of value that the Platinum Card and Business Platinum Card have delivered over the past few months is simply staggering.

If you signed up before the signup bonus was lowered from the previous level of 70,000 MR points, then you’ll be unlocking $1,150+ in value alone from the Platinum Card, not to mention the $1,850+ in value from the Business Platinum Card if you played your cards right.

With the value of lounge access, hotel statuses, and rewards points significantly nullified at a time when no one is travelling, American Express has certainly made up for it though the spectacular offers they’ve been putting out to their top-end customers. 


The American Express rollercoaster continues to reach new heights. If you hold the American Express Platinum Card, you can earn $250 in statement credits towards your everyday essentials at Sobeys, Metro, Longo’s, and Uber Eats. Go ahead and register for the offer if you haven’t already, and then hit up the shops or the Uber Eats app and get spending!

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  1. Avatar
    The Reverend

    Hey @ricky, great blog. Nice to hear the musings of a fellow Torontonian (well, Whitby…).

    Peep this – I didn’t have this offer showing anywhere in my account, and after 4 (FOUR) calls to amex with promises of them looking into it and getting back to me, I finally got someone yesterday who just said it wasn’t universal for all platinum (personal) cards and that mine wasn’t targeted. I find this highly BS. Any thoughts?

  2. Avatar
    jordan ducheminsky

    my offer is still not there. i’ve called. they said i’m not eligible for whatever reason. ALso mentioned that i’ve only had it since january so thats why i’m not eligible even though there are dp’s of people with the card for less time receiving this offer

    1. Avatar
      Le bib

      Put your time in with AMEX and don’t call! No matter what!

    2. Avatar

      I just want to chime in here as well. I got my card since last October and up till now with 0 offer.

  3. Avatar
    Jerry Zhang

    Is there a process to claim the credits or is it automatically given?

    1. Avatar

      Just be sure to register for the offer before you make your purchase, and the credit will automatically appear.

  4. Avatar
    Sylvie Renaud

    I can’t benefit from any of these super offers as I live in a remote 🙁 I wish it would apply to food purchased at grocery stores writ large and not associated to specific brands.

    1. Avatar

      Maybe you can order food for a friend who lives somewhere with Uber Eats service and split the credit with them 🙂

  5. Avatar

    Anon-Freshco is a subsidiary of Sobeys-Buy a grocery giftcard from Sobeys which lets you use it at Freshco. Or you can pick from a plethora of other gift cards.

    Jordan/Ken-login to the app and check under Amex Offers. You have to register for it before you make purchases or you want get a credit.

  6. Avatar

    u get extra 35$ at least if u spend 250$ on ubereats! with self refers its GOLD! #gaming

  7. Avatar

    Is this offer also available to the newest card members? I received the card literally just a couple weeks ago

    1. Avatar
      Ron Sigal

      I can confirm. My wife’s card is about a month old. She made a purchase at Safeway and the credit posted the very same day that her purchase posted (which was 2 business days after the purchase).

      1. Avatar

        Was that gift card purchase or grocery items

    2. Avatar

      I believe it should.

  8. Avatar
    jordan ducheminsky

    I"ve had the Amex platinum since December but this offer has not shown up for me? Do you think i can go ahead and spend there and i’ll receive the credit?

    1. Avatar

      You’ll want to wait for the offer to show up, register for it, and then make the purchases. Some users may be slow to load their offers, so I’d wait a few days and perhaps follow up with the live chat to ask about your missing offer.

  9. Avatar
    Santiago Dodero

    There is no free lunch but In this case I would go for it and ask questions later

  10. Avatar
    Ron Sigal

    Ricky, where did you see that purchases at subsidiaries like Safeway are included? I did not see that in the terms and conditions of the offer.

    1. Avatar

      Confirmed via the Amex live chat.

  11. Avatar

    The Freshco I shop at doesn’t accept Amex, and my city doesn’t have Uber.

    Gonna wait for gift card DPs

  12. Avatar

    Crazy. How is Amex making any money these days?

    1. Avatar

      Every swipe earns them money and millions of dollars are still spent on them every day?

  13. Avatar
    Gwen Nielsen

    Do you know if this is just a one time credit up to $250 on a purchase or can it be spread over several visits to the grocery store to a max of $250? Couldn’t find anything in the fine print.

    1. Avatar

      It can be spread over several purchases at each of the retailers.

      "[When you make purchases at participating retailers], you can get a statement credit equal to the amount of the purchase transaction after taxes and applicable fees, up to a maximum of $250 (CAD) in statement credits."

      1. Avatar

        They’ve outdone themselves for the average consumer with this card. Good job Amex!


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