Video: The 25% Amex MR to Marriott Bonvoy Bonus

This week, American Express has announced a 25% transfer bonus from Canadian MR points to Marriott Bonvoy, the first of its kind in Canada. This promotion will last until September 30, 2020.

At the same time, Amex US MR is offering a 40% bonus when transferring to Marriott Bonvoy until October 31, 2020.

In this video, we’ll break down both of these promotions and talk about whether or not you should be taking this opportunity to convert your hard-earned MR points over to Bonvoy.

In Canada, my recommendation is generally to transfer your MR Select points (from the Cobalt Card or Business Edge Card) over to Marriott Bonvoy, while saving your regular MR points for airline redemptions instead. However, Marriott’s wide range of 40+ airline partners might be worth your consideration as well, especially if you take advantage of a further hotel transfer bonus sometime down the line or use it to access a “niche” program.

The US promotion is less attractive in my view, since US MR points are so much more powerful in the first place. And if you have cards on both sides of the border, then there’s a little arbitrage opportunity to get far more Bonvoy points out of your US MR points!

Without further ado, you can click here to watch the video:


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