Video: How to Deal with Rising Travel Costs (April Travel Update)

It’s time for another check-in on the state of global travel.

In April 2022, many countries around the world have reopened their borders to tourism, including several hotspots in South East Asia. Plus, other countries that have already reopened are now loosening their travel restrictions even more.

But amid all of this excitement is a thread of anxiety: costs for flights, hotels, and car rentals are rapidly rising amidst the soaring demand. In this video, we’ll also chat about a few ways to get around these challenges and ensure you have the best experience possible without paying over-the-top for it.

Without further ado, you can watch the video below:


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  1. Timbo2

    John: different countries have different requirements. For seamless EU travel you do need the EU Digital COVID Certificate. After much research I could not find any way to obtain this. I just posted this in Anshul’s blog, “Anyone have any input in obtaining an EU Digital COVID Certificate from Canada for a Canadian ? How about obtaining one once you are in the EU ? OR can this even be done ?” To date no response.

  2. John Bucher

    As far as travelling to Europe right now. From what I understand the EU does not accept the Canadian proof of vaccination. You must somehow get the EU proof. It is not available anywhere except at a French pharmacy where your Canadian vaccine will be transcribed to a French vaccine app. Otherwise a rapid antigen test is necessary to enter any of the countries which is risky. This is required for Portugal, France, Germany at least.
    Or do I have this wrong?

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