Video: How I’m Getting Through Quarantine

It’s been a challenging few weeks for all of us, and it seems like the greatest challenge is still yet to come.

With the COVID-19 pandemic having infiltrated all corners of our lives, I wanted to take a look at how we’re holding up in the Miles & Points space in a time when no one is travelling and no one is certain when we’ll be able to travel again.

In this video, I address topics such as whether it’s still a good time to apply for a travel credit card, how you can meet your minimum spending requirements while respecting the #StayHome rules, potential loyalty program devaluations, the prospects for travelling in future months, and the long-term future of the travel industry.

Without further ado, you can watch the video below:

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  1. Fernand

    I agree with most of what you say, sadly.

    But, never doubt human resolve. When WW2 started, horse drawn cannons. It ended with atomic bombs. The days following Sept 11, it seemed like NYC would take forever to get back – yet remarkably it flourished. I hope that humans worldwide will rise to this new challenge and surprise us with their grit and know how.

  2. Timbo2

    Slick haircut Jess….new career ?

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