Video: 7 Unique Credit Card Perks

In this week’s new video, let’s take a look around the Canadian and US credit card markets to highlight some of the most unique credit card benefits out there.

Sure, an airline credit card will offer perks when travelling with that airline, while hotel credit cards will give you status bumps, but what are some of the more unique and underrated benefits and features that might not necessarily expect?

From uniquely advantageous insurance policies to hidden bill-payment features to stellar redemption opportunities, I walk you through seven credit cards in Canada and the US that can give you an edge in a unique way.

Without further ado, you can watch the video below:

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  1. Sean

    Does the HSBC World Elite cover award tickets? Their verbiage mentions 75% of the ticket cost… which could be open to interpretation with solely the taxes and fees.

  2. Leok

    Did I hear that right… I can add money to my investment account from my CT CC? That is very interesting!!

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