Review: Hyatt Regency Vancouver

Room Type
Discovery Suite,
Two Double Bed Room with Balcony
One King Bed City View with Balcony
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Hyatt Globalist
April 2022
July 2023

In Spring 2022, I hosted a friend in Vancouver, and decided to put him up at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver for a one-night stay. At the time, it gave me an opportunity to give Vancouver’s only Hyatt property a full review.

More recently, I put my parents up at the hotel when they were in town for a visit, which afforded me a chance to review a different room type.

This review has been updated to reflect both experiences.

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Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Booking

World of Hyatt is one of the final hotel rewards programs to stick to a published award chart with prescribed points prices for hotels.

The Hyatt Regency Vancouver is now designated a Category 4 property within the World of Hyatt award chart. This means that a standard room redemption costs 12,000, 15,000, or 18,000 World of Hyatt points per night, for off-peak, standard, and peak pricing, respectively.

When my parents came for a visit, it wound up being a peak date, and I redeemed 18,000 World of Hyatt points for their stay.

During my first stay, the property was still a Category 3 property, and I’d redeemed just 9,000 points for the stay, which was a great deal.

Cash rates at the hotel tend to hover around $200–250 (CAD) in the off season, and rise to upwards of $450 (CAD) per night during peak demand. On average, expect to pay around $300–350 (CAD) for a stay at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver.

Indeed, we value Hyatt points at 2 cents/point (CAD), so redeeming Hyatt points, which you can transfer over from Chase Ultimate Rewards account, can certainly be the wiser choice whenever the cash rates run high. 

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Location

The hotel is centrally located in Downtown Vancouver at Burrard St and West Georgia St, next to many downtown restaurants, shops, and popular attractions. It’s certainly an unbeatable location for any first-time visit to Vancouver, or a business trip when you’ll be spending most of your time downtown.

Robson Street is just a short seven-minute stroll from the Hyatt Regency and has many luxury retail and boutique shops, while the Pacific Centre shopping mall is a four-minute walk away.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Exterior

For those who enjoy nature, Stanley Park is a 12-minute drive from the hotel or a three-minute walk to the bus stop at W Pender St and Burrard St. From there, you can hop on the #19 and arrive in 24 minutes.

Further afield, you’ll find the famous Gastown Clock and Rogers Arena, home of the Vancouver Canucks, both within a 20-minute walk. 

Vancouver International Airport is situated relatively close to downtown compared to other major cities, accessible within 30 minutes by taxi or rideshare for around a $30 fare, or by taking the SkyTrain to Burrard Station right on the Hyatt Regency’s doorstep.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Check-in

The hotel has entrances on all three sides of the block: Burrard St, West Georgia St, and Melville St. 

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Pedestrian entrance

The Epic Rides bus to Whistler departs right from the Melville St entrance, and it just so happened that we’d take the bus back from Whistler just before checking into the first stay. 

Even though I wasn’t aware of this at the time of booking, the location coincidentally turned out to be prime for our needs, since we could simply get off the Epic Rides bus and head straight up the escalators into the hotel lobby. For this reason, the Hyatt could be a great choice if you’re visiting Vancouver as a part of an overall trip to Whistler.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Vehicle entrance

During my first visit, we arrived around 6pm at the end of our bus ride. Although the hotel lobby was spacious with high ceilings, I found the interiors to be uninspiring in terms of décor.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Melville St entrance
Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Lobby

The lobby felt very businesslike, with dark wood panelling and grey walls and flooring. The check-in desks also appeared fairly dated as we approached them for check-in.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Check-in desks

I had previously tried to “suite-talk” with the Hyatt Regency over text message, requesting an upgrade from our standard room with two double beds (which was the only room type bookable on points at the time).

I had requested a room with a king-sized bed or a suite upgrade if available, but the hotel had politely declined my request because they were full for the evening.

But to my surprise, upon arrival, I was told that we had in fact been upgraded to the hotel’s Discovery Suite on the 33rd floor, and that it was “quite large”. It would later turn out that the Discovery Suite is the Hyatt Regency Vancouver’s unpublished presidential suite, which isn’t even publicly listed on their website. 

It was certainly very generous of the hotel to upgrade us to a top-tier suite, entirely unprompted. My sense was that no standard or premium suites were available given the high occupancy, but since I was a Hyatt Globalist member and the presidential suite was unoccupied, the hotel simply decided to give it to us for the night. 

The front desk was also more than happy to extend a 3pm late checkout as a Globalist member, which is also quite generous when you consider that we were staying in the presidential suite. Yet again, Hyatt Globalist status had come through for me!

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Discovery Suite

Heading up to the 33rd floor, we stepped into Room 3308, and were pretty blown away by our surroundings.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Room 3308

As you enter the Discovery Suite, to the left is a half-bathroom with a large mirror and LED ring light and toilet. 

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Discovery Suite half-bathroom

In keeping with the rest of the hotel, the Discovery Suite has a businesslike colour palette of greys, soft blues, and red accents, with the patterned flooring and chairs also looking slightly dated. 

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Discovery Suite

The Discovery Suite has an open-concept sitting and dining area. The sitting area features a couch with a side table on each end, plus two armchairs with a coffee table in the centre.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Discovery Suite sitting area

Against the wall are a large desk and ergonomic work chair featuring an iMac computer. This was my first time encountering a full computer workstation within a suite; however, it was quite an older-generation iMac, and the hotel could certainly invest in some new gear from the Apple Store over at Pacific Centre down the road. 

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Discovery Suite iMac

This dining area has a sizeable eight-person table, a three-seater island, and a kitchen featuring a small sink, a Keurig coffee machine, and a microwave.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Discovery Suite dining area
Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Discovery Suite dining table

My friend did note that the Keurig coffee machine in the kitchen was a bit below what he might’ve expected for a Downtown Vancouver presidential suite, and that Nespressos should be the minimum requirement for a residence of this calibre. Then again, he’s a bit of a coffee snob. 😉

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Discovery Suite kitchen island

Moving past the dining area, a second seating area is a mirror image of the first, with the couch being a pull-out version that could transform into a second bed. Sliding doors can close off this space to the rest of the suite, effectively creating a secondary bedroom.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Discovery Suite second sitting area

Meanwhile, the primary bedroom is situated in a separate room to the right-hand side of the first sitting area, back near the entrance to the suite. 

The king-sized bed is flanked by two wooden side tables, while two velvet footrests sit at the foot of the bed to create a larger bench. 

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Discovery Suite bedroom

In the right-hand corner of the bedroom are a reading chair, footrest, and reading lamp. Then, a flat-screen TV is mounted on the opposite wall to the bed.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Discovery Suite television

The main bathroom features a large mirror with two built-in LED ring lights with two sinks. 

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Discovery Suite main bathroom
Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Discovery Suite main bathroom

A large bathtub and separate walk-in shower are found on the right-hand side, and a door separates the toilet from the rest of the bathroom.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Discovery Suite bathtub
Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Discovery Suite shower
Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Discovery Suite bathroom

Lastly, a second bathroom is found on the opposite side of the suite, a mirror image of the primary bathroom that effectively forms part of the second bathroom when the sliding doors are shut.

In total, the Hyatt Regency Vancouver’s Discovery Suite has two and a half bathrooms, which is probably the most bathrooms I’ve ever had in a suite that I’ve gotten upgraded to.

The Discovery Suite had views of Downtown Vancouver from no less than three sides of the 33rd floor, which were were pretty spectacular through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Discovery Suite views

As you can imagine, my friend was absolutely delighted with his suite upgrade. I also crashed for a bit in the evening on the couch in the second sitting area, which wasn’t very comfortable at all, although I was also too lazy to make it a sofa bed for more comfort. 

Overall, I was very pleasantly surprised with this proactive presidential suite upgrade, which was my first-ever presidential suite upgrade without even having to ask for it.

As much as the suite reflected the rest of the hotel in being slightly past its prime, we had absolutely no complaints about our stay experience – the upgrade was a genuine surprise and a very welcome one at that. 

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – One King Bed City View with Balcony

During my parent’s visit, they were booked into a One King Bed City View with Balcony room, which surpasses the standard offering of the base-level One King Bed City View.

Spanning a generous 380 square feet, this room is located on the 21st floor, and offers a nice view of the city.

As you step inside, you’re greeted by a short foyer, with the bathroom to the left. Beyond this, the rest of the room unfolds before you.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – One King Bed City View with Balcony room overview

The interior design has a color palette of deep grays, rich browns, and warm sandy taupes. Intricate swirling and abstract patterns adorn the carpet and drapery, adding a touch of interest to the space.

In the nearest right-hand corner, there’s a plush king bed, positioned to face a flat-screen TV and complemented by a full-length mirror on the opposite wall. At the foot of the bed, there’s a comfortable bench.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – One King Bed City View with Balcony bedroom
Hyatt Regency Vancouver – One King Bed City View with Balcony bed

In the far right-hand corner of the room, a well-appointed desk and standard chair provide a suitable workspace. On the opposite side, there’s a cozy armchair, paired with an ottoman.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – One King Bed City View with Balcony desk

Positioned near the foyer, a coffee station is available, complete with bottled water.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – One King Bed City View with Balcony foyer
Hyatt Regency Vancouver – One King Bed City View with Balcony coffee maker

Venturing into the bathroom, you’ll discover a modern contrast to the main room. The spacious vanity, featuring a large central mirror with integrated LED lighting, adds a touch of luxury.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – One King Bed City View with Balcony bathroom

Adjacent to it, you’ll find a toilet and a shower/bathtub combo, where Pharmacopeia bath amenities are provided.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – One King Bed City View with Balcony bathtub/shower
Hyatt Regency Vancouver – One King Bed City View with Balcony bathroom amenities

The highlight of this room undoubtedly lies in its balcony, accessible through expansive floor-to-ceiling windows that slide open. Stepping outside onto the balcony, there are two small chairs and a side table. From this vantage point, you can enjoy views overlooking the vibrant city of Vancouver.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – One King Bed City View with Balcony
Hyatt Regency Vancouver – One King Bed City View with Balcony view
Hyatt Regency Vancouver – One King Bed City View with Balcony view

All in all, the One King Bed City View with Balcony at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver is well-appointed with a thoughtful design. Though it may not be the most extravagant room, it would certainly provide a comfortable stay, and the balcony with city views takes it a notch up.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Two Double Bed Room with Balcony

After completing my first stay, I realized that a review of an unprompted upgrade to the presidential suite may not be the most useful to readers, given that it’s a difficult upgrade to score and I had gotten very lucky.

Thus, I’ve also asked our writer Amy to share some of her thoughts on a recent stay at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver as well, when she had stayed in the Two Double Bed Room with Balcony.

Amy Amy

On our last stay at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver, we had stayed in a Two Double Bed Room with Balcony, which was an upgrade from the standard Two Double Bed Room we had booked.

The rooms were recently renovated in 2019, and at first look, it looks pretty nice. The furnishings looked modern, the carpet clean, and the room spacious.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Two Double Bed Room with Balcony

On closer inspection though, the age of the hotel was showing on the marked walls and the stucco ceiling.

The amenities in our room were pretty standard. There was a flat-screen smart TV, desk, dresser, accent chair, side table, and small refrigerator. The washroom had a bathtub, single sink, and LED-lit mirror.

I was a little disappointed with the balcony, as it was nothing more than a grey cement patio with no chairs or table, and offered a limited view of the building next to it, and the hotel’s outdoor pool below.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Breakfast

Ricky Ricky

The Hyatt Regency Vancouver offers a very solid buffet spread, which is accessible on a complimentary basis for Globalist members. Since the entitlement is for two guests per room, I popped over the following morning for breakfast. 

Breakfast is provided at the hotel’s in-house restaurant, the Mosaic Grille & Bar, and runs from 7–11am.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Mosaic Grille & Bar

I appreciated that all of the hot item dishes had covers that you could intuitively place on the side of the bowl and have them stand upright – too often, I find myself not knowing where to place the covers when getting food from the buffet.

There was a made-to-order omelette bar, which was a nice touch, as well as complimentary coffee and juice.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Omelette bar

The breakfast items were top-quality, and we helped ourselves to quite a few plates’ worth. At a time when many North American hotels are waffling on their breakfast benefits as a cost-cutting measure, it’s great to see that the Hyatt Regency Vancouver continues to deliver for Globalist members.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Other Facilities

I didn’t have a chance to pop down to the hotel’s fitness centre and pool, but my friend did go for a workout in the morning, and was quite happy with the fitness facilities.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Fitness centre

The fitness centre had a good range of cardio equipment, along with a few weight machines and a small floor workout area with free weights. 

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Fitness centre
Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Fitness centre
Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Fitness centre

There’s also an outdoor pool and hot tub linked to the fitness centre, which looked like a nice place to catch some sunshine.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver – Outdoor pool


The Hyatt Regency Vancouver is geared towards a mix of business and leisure travellers and is a useful option for Hyatt loyalists in Vancouver.

My thoughts on this property are similar to that of the Hyatt Regency Toronto, where I’ve also stayed, in that it’s a bit dated and uninspiring. I do wish that Hyatt’s overall presence in Canada could be improved in terms of the overall quality.

However, I was certainly overjoyed with the upgrade to the Discovery Suite for this stay, which elevated our experience and, combined with a tasty breakfast in the morning, left me with positive impressions as we checked out.

Given the reasonable World of Hyatt rate of 12,000 points during standard pricing, if paid rates were once again elevated across Downtown Vancouver hotels, I would certainly stay or put up a friend here again in the future.