Review: The Artisan D.C. Hotel, Autograph Collection

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Metropolitan Deluxe King Room
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Marriott Titanium
February 2022

I kicked off my trip to Colombia with three nights in Bogotá. I spent the first two nights at The Artisan DC Hotel, a Marriott Autograph Collection property.

Here are my first impressions of a new city, a new country, a new Marriott Bonvoy Titanium Elite status, and a new chapter of worldwide travel as the COVID-19 pandemic draws to a gradual close.

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The Artisan D.C. Hotel, Autograph Collection – Booking

The Artisan D.C. Hotel, Autograph Collection is a Category 4 hotel with Marriott Bonvoy, priced at 20,000, 25,000, or 30,000 points for off-peak, standard, and peak nights respectively.

The cash rate had been hovering around $150 per night, but I straggled making my booking and it jumped to $200, with occupancy high at a small property. Even at peak pricing, the difference between 0.5 cents per point and 0.67 cents per point was enough to convince me to book on points.

Although it’s below our valuation of 0.9 cents per point, there were a few reasons why I chose to do this:

  • I like to spread my accommodation expenses across cash and points for each trip, so as not to deplete one currency’s balance.
  • I’m getting some spectacular cents-per-point value for other stays, so it doesn’t hurt as much not to fully maximize every point spent.
  • I have way more Bonvoy points than I expect to be able to use before the upcoming devaluation.
  • I’m not hurting for elite qualifying nights, so while I’m maximizing the Double Nights promotion on paid stays wherever I can, I’m not going out of my way for it.

After a bit of consideration, I was willing to burn 60,000 Bonvoy points for two nights. I stayed during the week, when cash and points prices are a bit higher for this property.

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The Artisan D.C. Hotel, Autograph Collection – Location

The hotel is located in Zona G, within Chapinero.

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From the hotel, it’s a cheap 20-minute taxi or Uber ride to La Candelaria, the central district where you’ll find many of Bogotá’s major tourist attractions.

The Chapinero neighbourhood is known to be quite safe, with many good restaurants within walking distance of Zona G in particular.

I picked up on a miniature financial district vibe, with some office towers lining the main streets. But I also got the impression that this part of town would be very comfortable to live in, with newer apartment buildings and some charming food and drink options if you took some time to explore.

As far as I could tell, the hotel seemed to attract a local Spanish-speaking clientele, geared more towards business travel.

The Artisan D.C. Hotel, Autograph Collection – Check-in

The building is quite slim, built more up than out.

The Artisan D.C. Hotel, Autograph Collection – Exterior

The lobby is compact, a theme which would hold true for the rest of the property’s features.

The Artisan D.C. Hotel, Autograph Collection – Lobby

Despite my broken Spanish, I was greeted with extremely friendly service. It seems there’s one English-speaking employee at the front desk at all times.

Checking in as a Titanium Elite member, I was offered a choice of welcome amenities. I opted for a cocktail in the lounge and a dessert, at the recommendation of the concierge.

Additionally, I was given a Nutella cookie snack as a welcome gift – unfortunately one of the few foods I’m allergic to!

The Artisan D.C. Hotel, Autograph Collection – Metropolitan Deluxe King Room

Prior to my arrival, I had requested an upgrade via the app’s chat feature. I was put in a Metropolitan Deluxe King Room, the best available room short of a suite.

I was on the top floor of Tower 1, in Room 805.

The Artisan D.C. Hotel, Autograph Collection – Tower 1 Floor 8 hallway

The room is on the southwest corner, with city views to the west and peekaboo mountain views to the east. The windows come with sun shades, much needed in the late afternoon.

The room has an industrial chic style to match the rest of the property, with brick walls and metal grates making up the closet and cupboard doors.

The Artisan D.C. Hotel, Autograph Collection – Metropolitan Deluxe King Room entryway

The furniture and decorations also matched this aesthetic, including a quote by world-famous Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez painted on the wall above the comfortable king bed.

The Artisan D.C. Hotel, Autograph Collection – Metropolitan Deluxe King Room decor

There’s a TV mounted on the wall across from the bed. In the corner by the window, there’s a comfortable chair and ottoman for relaxing.

The Artisan D.C. Hotel, Autograph Collection – Metropolitan Deluxe King Room furniture

The desk offered a firm but functional chair, a suitable workspace for computer work or handwriting.

The hotel guidebook included information about the property’s facilities and amenities, as well as some notes on the artists featured in its decor.

There’s also a snack station, complete with coffee and tea.

The Artisan D.C. Hotel, Autograph Collection – Metropolitan Deluxe King Room pantry

The bathroom eschews the industrial vibe, in favour of glass and tile.

The Artisan D.C. Hotel, Autograph Collection – Breakfast

As there is no club lounge at the property, breakfast is served in the restaurant from 6am to 10am. Breakfast is complimentary for Platinum members and above under the Marriott Bonvoy program.

The Artisan D.C. Hotel, Autograph Collection – Restaurant

There’s a self-serve buffet available with a wide range of fresh fruit, breads, meats and cheeses, juices, and tamales.

The staff also offer eggs made to order, and a variety of coffees from Juan Valdez, a popular Colombian chain. Just like the front desk, breakfast service was available in English.

The Artisan D.C. Hotel, Autograph Collection – Hot chocolate

I got an omelette the first day. It was absolutely loaded with meat and cheese, which was actually a bit much before an active day. I was a bit disappointed that it was an egg white omelette. My scrambled eggs the second day hit the spot much better.

The Artisan D.C. Hotel, Autograph Collection – Dining

For lunch and dinner, the restaurant expands and transforms into Osaki, with an Asian fusion menu.

I didn’t eat at Osaki during my stay. They also have a few other locations in Chapinero.

The Cooper Lounge Bar fills most of the common space on the ground floor, with varied seating and a warm Prohibition aesthetic.

The lounge has full food and beverage service, as an alternative to Osaki.

In the absence of a Club Lounge, I enjoyed getting some work done here. Many other hotel guests used this space for work, some solo and some collaborative. There was almost always someone here with a laptop from 8am onwards every day.

My welcome amenities were served in The Cooper Lounge Bar. Due to a minor language barrier, I ordered a pre-dinner cocktail, and also ended up with a pre-dinner dessert! Both were delicious.

The cocktail was a passionfruit whiskey sour with delectable smoky notes. The raspberries on the dessert seemed freshly-thawed, but I’m a sucker for all things cheesecake, so no complaints here.

The Artisan D.C. Hotel, Autograph Collection – Other Facilities

There’s a small but well-equipped fitness centre on the top floor of Elevator 2 in Tower 1. The space has a penthouse loft feel, with an elevator opening directly into the main room, exposed brick walls, and panoramic views of the city. The gym is open 24 hours and was well-used every time I poked my head inside.

The property also has quite a few meeting rooms in the basement and mezzanine.

On the mezzanine level, there’s a cool catwalk encompassing the lounge and restaurant, opening up to a small outdoor terrace, which seems more useful as an event space.

The Artisan DC Hotel Bogotá – Terrace


I enjoyed my stay at The Artisan D.C. Hotel, Autograph Collection. The property is comfortable and aesthetically attractive, while making efficient use of scarce urban space.

Also, I think the location is ideal. It’s an easy ride away from major tourist attractions, while also providing an escape from the chaos downtown and a pleasant part of town to wander around in your downtime.

If you’re looking for a well-rounded home base for a visit to Bogotá, The Artisan DC Hotel is a very solid choice. If location is the primary appeal, you could also consider the nearby Hilton Bogotá or JW Marriott Bogotá if you’re willing to stretch your budget.

I’m curious to see how Marriott’s upcoming dynamic pricing will impact The Artisan DC Hotel. I can’t imagine South America is at the top of their list for underpriced properties, but the small size and high demand for this hotel may be a factor as Marriott looks to eventually incorporate occupancy into their points pricing model. Therefore, I’d recommend you keep an eye on those developments if you’re planning a stay here in the next year or two.

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