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Room Type
King Guest Room
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Marriott Platinum
May 2022

In late May, I flew to beautiful Saskatoon to run a marathon. I was excited to explore the city as an adult, having spent plenty of time there in my childhood.

During our two-night stay in the city, we decided to stay at both the Delta Downtown and the Sheraton Cavalier. We also considered the majestic Delta Bessborough, but we were keen to try out the waterslides at the other Marriott properties in the downtown area. 

For our first night, we stayed at the Delta Saskatoon Downtown, located close to the city’s core and the South Saskatchewan River.

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Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Booking

Travelling in off-peak season, we were able to secure a rate of $126 for our one-night stay using a corporate code that I am eligible for. We booked into a base-level room, hoping to secure an upgrade of some sort.

Regular cash rates tend to hover around $145200, with some variability depending on the season.

Booking with Marriott Bonvoy points tends to cost between 12,000 and 16,000 points, available consistently as a PointSavers rate throughout the year. 

Overall, this property remains a fairly affordable option with cash or points. Since we value Bonvoy points at 0.9 cents per point, redeeming points can offer decent value at times – but in this case, I found it better to book with cash and save the points for a higher-value use.

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Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Location

The Delta Saskatoon Downtown is ideally located close to the city centre and near the South Saskatchewan River. 

On the north side of the river, where the hotel is located, you’re within walking distance of the Central Business District. This area is home to a cluster of many restaurants and shops.

To the west of the Central Business District, you’ll find more eateries and shops along 20th Street W in the Riversdale area.

There is a gorgeous riverfront trail that runs along the South Saskatchewan River, passing directly by the hotel. Steps from the hotel and also along the river is the Remai Modern Museum.

South Saskatchewan River

Just across the river in the Nutana district are a number of other restaurants and shops lining Broadway Avenue. We spent an evening enjoying some craft beer and catching up with friends at the Prairie Sun Brewery. 

The University of Saskatchewan is a short drive or a modest walk northeast of the hotel on the south bank of the river.

The hotel is easily accessible by bus, taxi, or Uber from the airport. We opted for the bus, which cost just $3 and took around 40 minutes, while driving is much faster at around 15 minutes.

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Check-in

After a morning flight from Vancouver and a brief stroll through the downtown area, we arrived at the hotel around noon. The Delta Saskatoon Downtown is the city’s tallest hotel, with 290 rooms spread over 15 floors.

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Exterior
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Exterior

Parking is available in the hotel’s underground parkade, which costs $18 per day. Up to two pets can stay with you at no extra cost.

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Entrance

The hotel thorough renovations completed in the recent past. The lobby lounge has some large blue couches and brown leather chairs with coffee tables in between.

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Lobby lounge
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Lobby lounge
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Lobby lounge

We were grateful to have a room ready upon arrival. My attempts to “suite-talk” using the chat feature on the Bonvoy app went unnoticed, as did my attempts at the check-in desk.

We wound up in a room on a higher floor, which may have been an upgrade of some sort. If this was the case, it wasn’t acknowledged during our check-in.

The associate didn’t seem to be too familiar with the breakfast amenity or the welcome amenities for my Platinum status, so I opted to check back in later on in the day with another associate to confirm the benefits.

We headed over the elevators and up to the 19th floor, where we would spend a night in room 1907.

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Elevators
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Hallway
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Room 1907

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – King Guest Room

The room was simple and comfortable, with the view of the South Saskatchewan River being the most memorable aspect.

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – King Guest Room view

Immediately to the right of the door is a small closet with a safe and some coat hangers. There is also a large mirror on the wall next to the bathroom door.

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – King Guest Room foyer
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – King Guest Room closet

The room then opens up into the bedroom. The king bed occupies the majority of the room, with side tables, lamps, and a large painting surrounding the bed.

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – King Guest Room bedroom area
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – King Guest Room bedroom area
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – King Guest Room bed

The bed was quite comfortable, and I had a great rest before my early-morning wake-up for the run. The room’s older cooling and heating unit made quite a bit of noise when it kicked in, which was my only real gripe about the room.

Next to the bed is a lounge chair with an ottoman, with another lamp and a small coffee table close by.

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – King Guest Room lounge chair

Opposite the bed is a large work desk with a comfortable chair and easily-accessible power outlets. The room’s flat-screen TV sits above the work desk.

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – King Guest Room work desk area
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – King Guest Room work desk
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – King Guest Room work desk

To the right of the work desk is a luggage rack and drawer. Immediately to the right of this is a small pantry nook, where you’ll find a standard coffee machine.

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – King Guest Room luggage rack
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – King Guest Room coffee machine

There is a mini-fridge housed in a cabinet to the left of the work desk. 

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – King Guest Room mini-fridge

The bathroom was small but functional. The LED-backlit mirror brightened up the space, which had a single sink, a walk-in shower, and a toilet.

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – King Guest Room bathroom
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – King Guest Room shower
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – King Guest Room toilet

Overall, the room was practical. The furnishings were all still quite new, and there were no signs of wear and tear.

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Breakfast

Breakfast is served in Aroma, located on the ground floor of the hotel next to the lobby.

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Aroma

The recently-renovated restaurant is open for breakfast from 6:30–11am Monday to Saturday, and from 6:30–noon on Sundays. 

Lunch is served between 11am–2pm from Monday to Saturday, while dinner and drinks are available 4pm–11pm Monday–Thursday, 4pm–12am on Friday and Saturday, and 5pm–9pm on Sunday.

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Aroma seating

Unfortunately, the breakfast voucher for Platinum Elite and higher members only covers $20 per person, so we wound up having to cover the remainder of the cost for my post-marathon breakfast.

We ordered Eggs Benedict and the Open-Faced Breakfast Sandwich, alongside cappuccinos and orange juice. 

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Eggs Benedict at Aroma
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Open-Faced Breakfast Sandwich at Aroma

The food itself was fine and hit the spot after a strenuous morning of running, but didn’t leave any lasting impressions.

We opted to explore other options in the city for other meals and drinks, so I can’t comment on the rest of the menu throughout the day.

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Pool

Much to our delight, the hotel features an indoor waterpark with a single, three-story waterslide, two pools, and sizeable hot tub. 

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Pool entrance
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Indoor pool
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Hot tub

I went for a quick spin down the waterslide and soaked in the hot tub for a little while. There were families enjoying the space, which I imagine is a huge draw for anyone with children.

The waterslide was actually quite enjoyable, and we enjoyed a few trips up the stairs in between relaxing sessions in the hot tub. 

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Waterslide
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Waterslide

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Other Facilities

Located in the lobby is The Grind, an espresso bar serving a variety of beverages and small breakfast items. It’s open daily from 6–11am.

On the 19th floor is the Pantry, which is available to anyone staying on the floor. The space functions as a pseudo-lounge, with a number of snacks, cold drinks, and a coffee machine available around the clock.

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Pantry
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Pantry
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Pantry

Inside, you’ll find refrigerators with cold snacks, such as yogurt parfaits, veggie cups, and fruit cups, as well as some soft drinks.

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Pantry

There are also some baked goods, instant oatmeal, breakfast cereal, and a selection of granola bars. Furthermore, you’ll find potato chips and chocolate bars.

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Baked goods & snacks at the Pantry
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Chocolate bars at the Pantry
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Potato chips & microwave at the Pantry

There is an automated coffee machine and selection of teas available. There’s also a water tower with still and sparkling water.

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Coffee machine at the Pantry
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Tea selection & water tower at the Pantry

I appreciated having access to this, as I was able to grab a quick breakfast very early in the morning in advance of my run. We also took advantage of the coffee machine, which was an upgrade compared to the one in our room.

The fitness centre boasts a selection of equipment that is all modern and in very good condition. 

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Fitness centre entrance
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Fitness centre
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Fitness centre

Aside from the treadmills and elliptical machines, there are some free weights and strength-training equipment throughout the fitness centre.

Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Fitness centre
Delta Saskatoon Downtown – Fitness centre


While I don’t have anything bad to say about our stay at the Delta Saskatoon Downtown, I also don’t have anything great to say about it.

We enjoyed the view from our room, the location, and the aesthetic of the recently-renovated hotel as a whole. Having access to the Pantry for beverages and snacks throughout the day was also a nice perk.

Furthermore, the waterslide and indoor pool were a great amenity to have. For families, I imagine it would be a good reason to stay at Saskatoon’s largest hotel.

Having to top-up our payment for breakfast, as well as not having an upgrade to a larger room, left me wanting for more as a Marriott Bonvoy elite member. But the hotel was an entirely reasonable option for the price, so I can’t really complain about anything.

I’d consider staying here again, but with other available properties in the city, I’d likely try my luck elsewhere before returning here.

  1. Vince

    This used to be a Raddison.
    Ownership changed couple times.

  2. J Sheik

    Do you earn points with hotel loyalty program if you choose to use corporate rate codes. I get a % discount with wyndham from my home insurance provider. Will I earn points if I book using the corporate rate code. It is hardly 4~5 less or sometimes 10~15 less.

    1. Devon

      Can confirm with Wyndham you do earn points and qualifying nights when a stay is booked under a corporate code (Perkopolis access via work)

  3. Todd

    Thanks for the detailed review TJ! Are you not Hilton diamond as well? Any Hilton’s downtown? why did you opt for all Marriott properties? Looking to visit Saskatoon this summer and will definitely be staying at a Hilton property there as I’m Diamond.

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