Point.Me and American Express US Launch Partnership

American Express US and award-search website point.me have teamed up in a new partnership that will help eligible cardholders redeem their American Express US Membership Rewards points for award flights.

Through the partnership, which is live as of March 11, 2024, cardholders can search for award flights through point.me’s platform on a complimentary basis, facilitating easy searches and redemptions.

Point.Me and American Express US Launch Partnership

American Express US and award-search website point.me have teamed up in a partnership that allows cardholders to easily search for and make award redemptions with their powerful American Express US Membership Rewards points.

As a reminder, point.me is an award searching website that allows members to search for award flights across multiple loyalty programs. 

Through this new partnership, eligible American Express US cardholders can enjoy the “point.me for Membership Rewards® points” experience (as it’s officially known) for free, which offers a suite of features to help cardholders find reward flights with 18 Amex US MR transfer partners.

The integrated reward search displays results from all loyalty programs that are accessible through Amex US Membership Rewards. 

The feature, which can be accessed on the point.me website, is currently only available for US-issued American Express cards.

It’s worth noting that it’s not possible to initiate American Express US Membership Rewards transfers from the point.me website. However, if you need a helping hand, point.me provides step-by-step instructions to guide you through everything from creating an account in each loyalty program, to setting up the points transfer, to searching for your awards.

How to Use Point.Me for Membership Rewards® Points

If you’d like to experience the point.me and American Express US partnership, head to the landing page.

Then, you’ll be prompted to link your accounts and create a passcode, and agree to the terms and conditions.

From there, simply enter the requested information, including your desired class of service, your date of travel, and the city pairs.

Once the search has completed, you’ll see a list of options, which you can sort by “Quickest Flights”, “Points Lowest Value”, or “Best Value”. The options only display results that can be booked with your Amex US Membership Rewards points with transfer partners.

If you’re happy with the results, select your desired flight, and then you’ll see a summary of what point.me found, including a breakdown of flights per leg if there’s more than one.

Then, if you need some help with how to make the booking, point.me provides a step-by-step workflow, with screenshots and animations on how to set up accounts, transfer points, and make bookings.

The partnership is meant to make award redemptions easy for cardholders who may not be familiar with navigating the various programs. 


Award-search website point.me has teamed up with American Express US to launch the “point.me for Membership Rewards® points” experience.

Through the partnership, you’ll be able to compare flight reward options available with your American Express US Membership Rewards points, along with step-by-step workflows to create loyalty program accounts, transfer points, and make redemptions.

The experience is live as of March 11, 2024. If you’re interested, head to the point.me landing page to learn more.

  1. Nick

    Another useless partnership claimed to be a “benefit” for Amex Platinum cardholders. So now I have to go to another website which is a search engine. Then have to go back to Amex, transfer points, wait up to 4 days for the points to be transfered to the selected airline, and then book the flight with miles ONLY IF it is still available for the same miles.

  2. Kendall

    Would Hilton cardholders be eligible, or only MR-earning cardholders?

    1. christopher

      Any US-Amex card will do, as long as you have a login detail of an US-AMEX online account

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