A Local’s Guide to Beijing

I recently wrote a guest post for Journalist On The Run, a fellow travel blog, on some of the essential things to do if you’re visiting Beijing. 

As you know, I spent a large chunk of my life in Beijing and still go back all the time to visit my family, so I’d quite confidently consider myself a local. I’ve written about taking a day trip to the Mutianyu Great Wall, but I thought it’d be helpful to share my recommendations for the city itself.

There’s a lot more to Beijing than first meets the eye, so definitely check out my tips if you’re planning to visit. Here’s a brief excerpt from the article…

“Make no mistake about it: Beijing is a massive, complex city that offers a wealth of things to discover as a traveller. The Chinese capital dates back to ancient times, holding millennia worth of stories in its endless hutongs and courtyards. But its history is ever-evolving, with the modern-day downtown areas exuding innovation and dynamism.

As someone who used to be one of the 21 million people who call Beijing home, let me walk you through where to locals like to hang out, eat, and play. These are some of the best things to see in Beijing, the “Northern Capital”, that you might not find in a guidebook, and I hope it’ll help you make the most out of your visit.”

Head on over to Journalist On The Run for the full article. 

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