United Airlines Amex Offer: Spend $500, Get $250

We’re seeing a new Amex Offer for United Airlines flight purchases, allowing you to earn up to a 50% discount on any United flights you book between now and August 19, 2022.

United Airlines: Spend $500, Get $250

The new United Airlines Amex Offer requires manual registration before it applies on your card.

You’ll earn a $250 (CAD) statement credit upon spending $500 (CAD) in qualifying flight purchases with United Airlines via the website or mobile app by August 19, 2022.

If you were to make a purchase of exactly $500, you’d effectively unlock a 50% discount on your purchase via the $250 statement credit. 

This offer has a registration cap of 30,000 cardholders, so make sure to register as soon as possible to lock in your eligibility. 

This Amex Offer has been witnessed across a wide range of American Express cards. Cardholders have reported seeing the offer on their Business Platinum Card, Platinum Card, Gold Rewards Card, Marriott Bonvoy Card, and more.

Save on United Flights for 2022 and Beyond

The offer can be thought of as an incentive to book with United on any upcoming travel plans you might have in 2022 and 2023. United flies to several Canadian destinations, including Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa.

In particular, even though most of us might be more inclined to redeem points for premium cabins on long-haul international flights, it might make sense to consider saving your points and booking with United on a cash fare for any trips to the US, Hawaii, or elsewhere in the Americas.

That’s especially the case if you can leverage United Premier Silver status from Marriott Titanium Elite for some added perks.

United doesn’t allow you to split up a larger purchase into smaller chunks of $500 each. However, if you’re booking flights for multiple passengers, you can split up the reservation by passenger to maximize the $250 statement credits you earn. 

Does This Work with United TravelBank? 

The United TravelBank feature allows travellers to load up their account with TravelBank funds and use it towards future flight purchases, for a period of up to five years before expiry.

Loading the United TravelBank a popular way to “cash out” Amex US airline incidental credits and save the funds towards a larger trip on United in the future.

Thus, Canadian Amex cardholders might naturally wonder if it’s possible to earn a $250 (CAD) statement credit by loading $500 (CAD) to their United TravelBank under this Amex Offer.

However, note that the terms and conditions of the offer state the following:

Only CAD transactions are valid for this offer. The following are not qualifying purchases for this offer: Purchase of Gift Cards, vacation packages, car rental, hotel bookings, activities, transport, transfers, cargo and freight transport, flights booked using a travel agent or travel website including American Express Travel Services.

Indeed, United TravelBank funds can only be loaded in US dollars, and can only be redeemed on purchases denominated in USD too.

Previous United Airlines Amex Offers have not been triggered by TravelBank loads, and I’d suspect that to be the case this time around as well.

Scotiabank American Express Cardholders Can Register Too

As we’ve seen on previous Amex Offers, the “Spend $500, Get $250” United Airlines offer is also available for primary and supplementary cardholders of the Scotiabank Gold American Express, Scotiabank American Express, and Scotiabank Platinum American Express to register via this link. 

This gives you yet another option to scale up your savings under this promotion by registering and using the Amex Offer on both your Amex- and Scotiabank-issued Amex products. 


American Express is rolling out a new set of $250 statement credits on $500 United Airlines flight purchases. If you have any upcoming travel plans where it might make sense to book with United Airlines, this Amex Offer could certainly offer very meaningful savings.

All current cardholders should see at least one of these offers on their accounts, as long as you’ve held your card for a few weeks and have started seeing Amex Offers roll in. 

Don’t forget to register on your Amex Offers dashboard before the maximum number of registrations is hit, and then start planning your United flights before August 19, 2022.

  1. Alex

    Does anyone know if a ticket purchased with economy fare can be turned into a travel voucher/credit for future travels? Thinking of purchasing a ticket and refunding it as travel voucher/credit to be used in the future.

  2. Nuta

    will this offer work if i book from united.com/us, or it has to be united.com/ca?
    cuz i see a flight only in the US side of thigs, that flight is not available when i change it to cAD.

  3. travelingfish

    Hi Ricky, great content! Just want to double check that if Scotiabank American Express gets this offer as well. I’ve checked out the registration link in the article but couldn’t find the United Airlines offer!

    1. Jay*

      They do. If you can’t find the offer that means the registration cap of 30,000 cardholders has been reached.

  4. Amanda

    Hi, where can I find this offer?

  5. jeffrey arychuk

    booking from boston to chicago. as long as i book it in canadian dollars i will get the credit, ricky?? a few months back there was a similar promo from amex with united and i got the credit. it was for a flight from san fran to boston

    1. Ricky YVR

      Yes, as long as you book in CAD.

  6. Jay S

    Got it on my Cobalt as well, not on Platinum.

  7. Fernand

    You mention the canadian cities seved by United. Is it essential to have only United flights or is it rather “flights must be book on the United website” ? For instance, if I fly out of Halifax, but use the United website, will AMEX honour the deal ?

    1. Ricky YVR

      There’s no requirement for the flight to be operated by United. Codeshare flights on Air Canada would also work.

    2. Laura

      Wondering this as well please!

  8. Tom

    Hello, I got it on my Cobalt

  9. Steve

    Any risk of clawback if your travel
    plans change?

    1. Ricky YVR

      Amex Offers generally do claw back if you refund the original purchase.

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