Video: The HSBC World Elite, Canada’s Most Underrated Card

Please note: The offer details mentioned in this video have now expired. Click here for the most current offer.

While it isn’t quite as popular as the credit cards from American Express or the Big 5 banks, HSBC’s World Elite MasterCard is one of the more underrated credit cards in Canada, and definitely deserves a closer look.

The HSBC World Elite routinely offers very strong signup bonuses, and right now it’s offering a total of 60,000 HSBC Rewards points with the first-year annual fee waived (for non-Quebec residents) or 90,000 HSBC Rewards points for no minimum spend (for Quebecers).

You’ll also earn 6 points per dollar spent on travel and 3 points per dollar spent on everything else, which is a very competitive earning rate. And those points can be redeemed very easily at a rate of 200 points = $1 for travel purchases, or transferred to British Airways Avios, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer, or Cathay Pacific Asia Miles.

There’s quite a lot to discuss about the HSBC World Elite and HSBC’s rather niche rewards program, and in this video we’ll go over everything you need to know.

You can watch the video below:


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  1. Ben Lipsey

    Don’t forget you can use the Boingo wifi account as a "roaming partner" for many in-flight wifi providers (eg Gogo or Panasonic), meaning free in-flight wifi as well

    1. Janson

      I’m not sure on what airlines you’re using Boingo for, but I’m 99% sure Boingo hasn’t been a roaming partner with GoGo in-flight Wifi for a while now.

      1. Ben Lipsey

        Maybe you’re right, it’s been a while for Gogo but I’m 100% sure it works for PAC (i.e. have used on CX and LH multiple times)

  2. Gurpreet

    Used to have this card; if you’re not a HSBC customer, the signup process sucks, need to visit a bank for an identity check and then back to the branch again to pick up the card.

    The insurance is also sorely lacking for being a travel card.

  3. Dennis

    Informative video Ricky. Agree it is an underrated card. Been using it for just over a year and a half as my regular daily driver non-Amex card and have used the points for some good Avios and statement credit redemptions.

    Agree with others that HSBC is a pain to deal with and uses archaic systems/business practices. Luckily I was instantly approved and managed to get my online account all set up. Just hate how you can’t see any pending transactions, only posted. Will most likely keep this card for the long term. Would love the Jade version but this is about as far as I’ll go with HSBC given the issues people continue to raise with trying to do business with them.

    1. Janson

      Did you have an HSBC account already?

      1. Dennis


  4. Mer

    Agree with Eric. Good card but service is terrible.

    Also, would like to know the answer to Teddy’s question…

  5. Eric

    yeah. tempting offer. But…then you have to deal with HSBC which is just a pain in the ass. Onerous security measures require visits to their not-exactly-plentiful branches. Their IT is extremely buggy,

    During their last offer last fall I was so irritated that despite being approved for the card I walked away. It wasn’t worth it.

  6. Fernand

    Had never considered this card, but now – in CovidWorld – a non AMEX with flexibility makes lots of sense. Especially the 180 day period to get to 5000$…

    Thank you.

  7. Teddy

    I heard many ppl have trouble getting it a 2nd time. What’s your take on this?

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