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The first couple of weeks of 2022 have been marked by widespread mass confusion among Aeroplan Elite Status members.

Benefits have been disappearing and reappearing, extra eUpgrades seem to be showing up for no reason, and everyone’s been wondering when their status bump from the 2021 premium credit card promotion will kick in.

In this video, we’ll address the widely-asked questions among Aeroplan Elite Status members in recent weeks, and offer clarity on when to expect your status bump, when you should choose your Select Benefits strategically, and many other points of confusion.

Without further ado, you can watch the video below:


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  1. robert

    ricky I have a question of working towards elite status for next year I have amex business which gives me 1.25 on everything for amex and the TD aeroplan which give 1.1 The amex points dont count towards status but TD do Which is better getting the additional 25% on amex or potential getting status Right now I am 25k. It looks like except for the e upgrades the other benefits I get with amex and existing TD card pretty well

  2. VB

    Do you know how they are dealing with using your 2021 SQM/SQD towards 2022 status? My understanding is if you had qualified for at least 25K status during the 2021 year those amounts would give you a jumpstart to your 2022 status level. I would have expected it to see it roll into my 2022 qualification count but it hasn’t. Will they do the calculation adding 2021 to 2022 somehow on the end? https://www.aircanada.com/ca/en/aco/home/aeroplan/news/covid-19.html#/

    1. VB

      Never mind- they showed up on my dashboard tracker today! Now to see when last years eupgrades finally rollover…

  3. Ben

    It’s a total mess. I get that this stuff is technically complex, but technical complexity isn’t a good reason for the lack of communication / information.

  4. Andrew

    What’s even more confusing (at least in my case), is that I have a different number of e-upgrades in different parts of Aeroplan. When I log in under benefits I see one number, but clicking to the e-upgrade page I see a lower number, only for my transaction history to say a 3rd number available.

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