The Amex Gold Rewards Card from Perkopolis Ricky March 26, 2018

The Amex Gold Rewards Card from Perkopolis

The American Express Gold Rewards Card used to be the most accessible credit card for people to get started in their quest to travelling on points.

It had a first-year waiver on the $150 annual fee, an easy minimum spending requirement of $500 in the first three months, and a compelling signup bonus of 25,000 Membership Rewards points, which was enough of a draw for many newcomers to dip their toes into the game.

Then, in the past year or so, the spending requirement was raised to $1,500, the longstanding fee waiver was eliminated, and the referral program of the card was weakened significantly. All told, this series of changes reduced the card to a historical artifact of the Canadian Miles & Points landscape… or so people thought!

The Perkopolis Offer

Despite Amex’s intentions to scale back their generosity on this card to the public, it remains their most basic Membership Rewards product and therefore the most suitable introductory card for Amex to push out to the various membership organizations that it partners with. Among these organizations, Perkopolis is the one that currently boasts the most generous offer.

The current terms of the offer allow you to earn 25,000 MR points upon spending $1,500 in the first three months. The annual fee of $150 is not waived in the traditional sense; instead, you get a $150 statement credit upon meeting the minimum spending requirement.

So effectively, you get 25,000 MR points for $0 out-of-pocket, given that you can always cancel the card and reapply before the first year is up. If you’d rather keep the card, one benefit that’s particular to the Perkopolis deal is that you’ll get a further 2,500 MR points upon annual renewal.

You’ll also enjoy the usual Gold Rewards Card earning rate of 2 MR points per dollar spent at travel providers, drugstores, grocery stores, and gas stations, and 1 MR point per dollar spent elsewhere.

Another potential item of note is that the Perkopolis offer doesn’t say anything in the terms and conditions about not being eligible for the welcome bonus if you’ve held the card before, whereas the public offer does. This is a mostly a moot point, though, since Amex doesn’t enforce these terms 99.9% of the time.

For more information on the details of the day-to-day usage, insurance benefits, etc. on this card, refer to my in-depth review of the American Express Gold Rewards Card.

Do You Qualify?

If you haven’t heard of Perkopolis before, it’s basically a Canadian membership organization that partners with companies, universities, and alumni associations to provide its members with all sorts of “perks”, including special deals on credit cards.

You may well qualify for this offer by being a member of Perkopolis, so check with your employer or the organizations that you participate in, to see if you’re eligible.

However, many data points have indicated that you don’t need to be a member of Perkopolis to enjoy this offer. All you need to do is to enter a RSVP code that corresponds to this offer upon launching the application.

Now, using an offer code for which you technically aren’t eligible is one of those grey areas we encounter every now and then when pursuing the goal of elevating our travel experiences using points. In the usual spirit of these types of deals, I won’t mention the offer code here publicly.

I will say however that it’s a very simple code, and finding it is only a matter of searching the various public resources out there for something like “Amex Gold Perkopolis”. And don’t forget, you can always shoot me an email if you really get stuck.

Another Piece of the Strategy

The “optimal strategies” for Canadians looking to rack up points quickly have been a lively topic of discussion lately, given the recent devaluations in the Business Platinum’s neck of the woods.

In light of those negative changes, incorporating the Amex Gold Perkopolis offer into your points earning strategy is something I’d highly recommend. While you can no longer earn a referral bonus by applying for this card via the referral link from a different card, the opportunity to earn 25,000 MR points for no out-of-pocket cost is still too good to ignore. The best part is that like any of the Amex cards, you can continue to “cycle” through the card by closing and reopening it every six months to one year, earning the bonus each time around.

As a reminder, 25,000 MR points can be used for one round-trip flight within North America (including a lengthy stopover) if transferred to Aeroplan, or for one round-trip flight from Washington State to Hawaii if transferred to British Airways Avios.

Apply Now

The link to the offer page itself is down below, although as I mentioned, you’ll need the RSVP Code to launch the application after clicking through on the landing page.



With the Amex Membership Rewards cards feeling the heat a bit in recent months, it’s important to be aware of all the ways to load up on MR points that are available to you. To that end, the relatively simple minimum spending requirement, the effective first-fee waiver that remains in place, and Perkopolis’s wide reach across Canadian employers and organizations makes this Amex Gold Rewards offer a standout choice.

Top Offers

American Express Business Platinum Card

100,000 American Express Membership Rewards points
upon spending $10,000 in the first three months

  • 1.25x MR points on all purchases
  • Points transfer to Aeroplan and British Airways Avios at a 1:1 ratio
  • Unlimited Priority Pass access
  • Marriott Gold Elite status
Signup bonus
100,000 MR points
Annual fee
  1. Avatar

    The Perkopolis promo has changed to the following:

    15k signup bonus
    2.5k bonus per month that you spend >$1k, for up to 6 months

    So total (potential) bonus is 30k points. As for the statement credit, Amex says it can take up to 90 days (3 statements) for it to show up.

  2. Avatar

    still have 150 credit for using Perkopolis Offer?

  3. Avatar

    How long does it take to get the statement credit back? I’ve passed $1500 mark a while ago, still nothing. TIA

  4. Avatar

    Is this the only card that gives the increased points for travel purchases?

  5. Avatar

    I think this link is not good anymore 🙁 Amex site says that the URL is syntactically incorrect.

  6. Avatar

    Hi Ricky,

    Could you please send the new RSVP code at sallychan925@gmail.com as i am about to apply.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Avatar
      [object Object]

      See Ricky’s reply to Mak below…

  7. Avatar

    Can some of you who received the statement credit and bonus points reply with some datapoints of how long it took for them to post? I’ve crossed the $1,500 spend a couple of weeks now but nothing yet. Thanks in advance!

  8. Avatar
    Louis Foy

    I’ve been getting that message for 2 days now : "Thank you for choosing American Express. We are sorry but we are unable to start the application process as the online application is currently unavailable."
    I know you mentioned in a previous answer to a similar comment to retry the application, but as of now, is there any changes to the application details ? Thanks !

    1. Avatar

      No changes. Try using a different browser / incognito mode / clearing your cache.

  9. Avatar

    When subscribing directly with Amex, you can get an extra 5000 points if you take an extra card (which is free). Is it the same with this offer?

    1. Avatar

      I don’t believe this offer grants you the extra 5,000 points for adding a supplementary cardholder.

  10. Avatar

    If I already had the amex gold rewards card in the past (two years ago), would I still be eligible for the 25K rewards points?

    1. Avatar


  11. Avatar

    Hi Ricky,
    could you send the new RSVP code at mkannuri@yahoo.com as i am about to apply.
    Also, can i refer my wife for her card and get any referral?
    One more question…Can we club MR of both accounts (me and wife) ?
    if not, can she transfer her MR into my Aeroplan ?
    so many questions these days…thank you for your help in advance

    1. Avatar

      Hi Mak,

      Yes, once you get the card, you can refer your wife for a referral bonus of 5,000 points. However, she wouldn’t be getting the Perkopolis offer in that case, so it’s up to you which avenue is more worthwhile.

      You can transfer MR points to someone else’s Aeroplan account.

      Lastly, you can get in touch with me via the contact form in the top right-hand corner. I generally advise against posting your email publicly, since it can easily get picked up by spam bots.


  12. Avatar
    Philippe Caron

    Hi Ricky!

    I tried applying but the following error message appeared:

    Thank you for choosing American Express.

    We are sorry but we are unable to start the application process as the online application is currently unavailable.

    Please try again later

    Has this happened to you? Has there been a new RSVP code?


    1. Avatar

      Nope, the RSVP code is still the same. I’ve seen that message before, just try again later and it should work.

  13. Avatar

    Cycling through the card by closing and reopening it every six months to one year, implies to have another active card in the meantime to ‘hold’ the MR and not to loose them (unless all the MR were transfered prior to airline/hotel plan). But all the cards have an annual fee… Is there a way to hold the MR in Amex without having to pay annual fee??

    1. Avatar

      Guy, you can transfer the points from MR to Aeroplan, Avios, etc. prior to closing your account so really isn’t a requirement to have a second Amex card to hold the points unless you really want to.

    2. Avatar

      The best other MR card to get at the moment for these purposes would probably be the Platinum Card at $299 effective annual fee, since every MR card no longer has a first year fee waiver at the moment.

  14. Avatar

    Received the Amex Gold. I reached the amount of $ 1500 in one month. Amex charged me $ 150 in membership fees. Yet, I used the Perkopolis code. When is the $ 150 refund of membership fees? Thank you!

    1. Avatar

      It’s my mistake! I thought Amex had charged me $ 150 fee, but it’s written in my online account "Bonus Credit -150 $". So it really works! Thanks, Ricky!

      1. Avatar

        Glad it all worked out!


  15. Avatar

    Anyone know when this deal will expire, if it does?

    1. Avatar

      Hi Anson, there’s no set expiry date on this offer at the moment – it’s ongoing.

  16. Avatar

    JD, Yes I got my second about a month ago, no problem, got the 25,000 points. Never checked was a AMEX member on the application though.

    Teddy, you can hold a gold, and a gold business.

    1. Avatar

      Susan, do you hold two amex gold card at the same time now? or you had one before but cancelled, and applied for a second one this time?

  17. Avatar

    Any dp on holding more than one active amex gold card?

    1. Avatar

      I just applied and got approved for my second amex gold card. See what will happen when I received the package and activate it.

      1. Avatar

        JD. So any update?

  18. Avatar

    It’s too bad you can’t self-refer from another Amex card.

  19. Avatar

    I’ve found the code AMEXPERK14 searching up on google, but it’s not working anymore

    1. Avatar
      [object Object]

      It’s not the deal that started in 2014 anymore 😉

    2. Avatar

      The new code is very similar to that 😉

  20. Avatar

    It looks like Perkopolis just recently changed the terms of this offer. When I signed up in February, it was FYF (no statement credit) and the minimum spend was only $500. Still a great deal though!

    1. Avatar

      I got the old 500$ minimum spend offer as well last month, 2 days before the change:)

    2. Avatar

      Yep – it used to be even better, but it’s still a great offer now.


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