Amex Platinum Card: It’s Like Summer Never Ended! (105,000 MR Points)

The American Express Platinum Card has traditionally been one of the most powerful travel rewards credit cards in Canada, and it had made a splash earlier this year with a record-high Summer 2021 offer.

If you had missed out on those spectacular summer bonuses, fear not, because now we’re seeing another extremely powerful Platinum Card offer land on the market.

What’s more, this offer might even be stronger than we saw back in Summer 2021, depending on your spending patterns and preferences for obtaining the bonus. Let’s take a closer look. 

105,000 MR Points via a Refer-a-Friend Link

Only when you apply through a refer-a-friend link, you can earn a total of 105,000 MR points when signing up for the Platinum Card:

  • 80,000 MR points upon spending $6,000 in the first three months
  • 25,000 MR points upon making a purchase between months 14 and 17

Similar to what we’re seeing on the recent Gold and Bonvoy card offers, the initial chunk of 80,000 MR points represents an all-time-high amount in terms of the immediate welcome bonus upon completing a three-month minimum spend. 

Even though the Summer 2021 offer had put on a banner total of 150,000 MR points, 50,000 of those points were tied up in spending $5,000 on eats and drinks in the first six months. If you plan to meet the minimum spend through purchases in other categories, this current offer may well be superior.

The second “months 14–17” component is familiar to us by now; it’s intended to incentivize cardholders to keep their cards into the second year.

The 25,000 extra MR points on this offer certainly goes a long way towards justifying the Platinum Card’s $499 net annual fee (once you factor in the $200 travel credit against the $699 annual fee), and that’s before you throw in the frequent offers for free groceries and free dining.

Referral Bonus of 10,000 MR Points + 3x Points

The special welcome offer on the Platinum Card for 105,000 MR points is only available through refer-a-friend links. Meanwhile, on the referrer’s side, the referral bonus itself has also been bumped up. 

Platinum cardholders will continue to earn 10,000 MR points per approved referral, although the first referral before October 27, 2021 will also trigger a 3x bonus points offer for all your purchases between November 25, 2021 and February 28, 2022, up to 75,000 bonus points (i.e., $25,000 spent).

That means that all of the Platinum Card’s earning rates will be boosted by 3x during the offer period if you make one successful referral during the qualifying period:

  • 6 MR points per dollar spent on dining
  • 5 MR points per dollar spent on travel
  • 4 MR points per dollar spent on all other purchases

Altogether, if you’re accumulating points in two-player mode or more, and you applied for the Platinum Card through your friend, family member, or fellow points collector’s referral link, then the total household gain would amount to a very impressive 232,000 MR points after you factor in the points earned on the minimum spending. 

We’re also currently seeing the same 3x bonus points referral bonus structure on a wide range of other Amex cards, so we’ll follow-up this post with full coverage of this Fall 2021 referral bonanza.

And if the referrer went on to maximize the 3x boosted earn rate on $25,000 spent from November 25 until the end of February, they’d earn at least a further 100,000 MR points on top of that as a result!

Note that the publicly advertised offer on the Platinum Card (outside of the refer-a-friend channel) continues to display only 85,000 MR points, as we had witnessed since August when the Summer 2021 offers ended. Therefore, it’s always optimal to use a refer-a-friend link to apply for the Platinum Card at the moment.

Amex Platinum Card: Perks & Benefits

Over the years, I’ve written extensively about the many benefits on the Amex Platinum Card, and why the $699 annual fee may appear intimidating at first glance, but is actually more than offset by all of the benefits of getting the card.

First off, the $200 annual travel credit on the Platinum Card, which you get once every card membership year, effectively offsets against the $699 annual fee since it’s easily redeemable on any form of travel.

Therefore, in Miles & Points circles, we generally think of the Platinum Card as having an “effective” annual fee of $499.

travel bonus for American Express Travel Online

The immediate signup bonus of 80,000 MR points could definitely justify that effective annual fee on its own. We value American Express MR points at roughly 2.2 cents apiece, which pegs the offer of 80,000 MR points at a cool $1,760.

You could transfer the 80,000 MR points to Aeroplan and have enough miles for a one-way flight in business class from North America to either Europe or Asia, or transfer the points to British Airways Avios for three round-trip flights between Toronto and Dublin in economy class.

credit card highlights

In addition, the Platinum Card offers a “3-2-1” tiered points earning structure (ignoring the 3x bonus points for referring a friend that’s currently in play), in which you earn:

  • 3 MR points per dollar spent on dining
  • 2 MR points per dollar spent on travel
  • 1 MR point per dollar spent on all other purchases

It’s definitely one of the stronger earn rates among all Canadian credit cards – although it should be noted that you could get better results with the American Express Cobalt Card, which earns 5 MR points per dollar spent on eats and drinks and 2 MR points per dollar spent on travel.

In my view, the Platinum Card’s premium travel benefits is what really moves the needle and makes it a card that everyone should consider holding at some point.

You’ll get an unlimited Priority Pass Select membership, which grants complimentary access for yourself and one guest to 1,000+ Priority Pass lounges around the world, in addition to several other lounge networks like Centurion Lounges, Delta Sky Clubs, and the international Amex-branded lounges.

Furthermore, the Platinum Card confers instant elite status levels in Marriott Bonvoy (Gold Elite), Hilton Honors (Gold Elite), and Radisson Rewards (Gold Elite).

Throw in the comprehensive travel insurance coverage, Platinum Concierge access, and the clang-clang-clang of whipping out a metal card and tossing it on the table, and you can see why the Platinum Card is a favourite product among frequent travellers. 


One thing’s for certain, despite the summer having passed us by, American Express’s appetite for dazzling us with doozies certainly hasn’t subsided.

The new refer-a-friend offer we’re seeing on the American Express Platinum Card is in some ways even stronger than what we saw back in Summer 2021, with 80,000 MR points up for grabs upfront and a further 25,000 MR points for keeping the card into the second year. 

The extra 3x bonus points on the referrer’s side certainly makes things a lot more interesting as well, and look out for our full article on the strengthened referral possibilities that we’re seeing across most of Amex’s personal lineup.