TravelCon 2022: Come Learn About Travel & Content Creation

If you’re free a couple of weekends from now, come join myself and a few Prince of Travel team members at TravelCon 2022, which is a conference geared towards travel media professionals and content creators that will be taking place in Memphis, Tennessee on April 29–May 1, 2022.

This won’t be an event centred around Miles & Points, but rather focuses on the nitty-gritty details of starting an online business related to travel in some way, covering every niche from budget travel, to luxury travel, to being a digital nomad, to travelling on Miles & Points.

So while it’s not necessarily something that might appeal to all of our readers, I do think there’s be a subset of you who might be interested in attending or following along with the Virtual Ticket online.

What Is TravelCon?

TravelCon is hosted by my friend Matthew Kepnes of, one of the original pioneers of the “travel blog” concept and a great example of someone who has transformed his passion and pursuit for travel into an online business on a massive scale.

Matt created TravelCon to bring his community together and get more people interested in making online travel content. The event is now in its third edition, and I myself had the pleasure of presenting at the 2019 edition as part of the Miles & Points panel.

Over the course of three days, the sessions will cover everything from the technical side of running an online business (web hosting, SEO, email marketing) to the business strategies (expanding your reach, negotiating with sponsors, advertising), to the actual content creation (writing, videos, podcasts, social media).

Should You Start Creating Travel Content?

Sometimes I hear people who are considering starting to create online content – be it a website, YouTube channel, or any sort of venture that they can call their own – express the notion that “it’s too late for them” or that “there are already too many channels/websites out there”.

I couldn’t disagree more with this. These days you can make money online simply by having an Instagram account, so there are more and more possibilities for those who love travel to turn their passion into a craft – and who knows what new possibilities might turn up in the future. 


No doubt, there will be lots of people out there to compete with. I myself recognized that fact when I was starting out with Prince of Travel. But I also believed in what I was bringing to the table and I believed there was a chance that I could outdo the competition – so why not give it a go?

And hey, if you’re travelling the world on Miles & Points, that instantly translates into plenty of attention-grabbing trips that you can achieve for very little cost. 😉

Ultimately, with Prince of Travel having just turned five years old recently, I can say that building up my passion into a sustainable online business was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

It wasn’t easy by any means – there was and continues to be a significant learning curve involved – but it’s been a challenge that I have relished, because travel is one of my greatest passions and I genuinely enjoy doing what I do.

If any part of you feels the same way, and trying your hand at an online travel-related venture sounds like something you’d enjoy (whether it’s purely a hobby or with a view to start a business), then there’s no better place than TravelCon to learn the ropes.

The focus of the conference is on providing actionable advice for those looking to create travel content online, allowing you to learn from those who have been through the process and set yourself up for success from the get-go.

Get Your TravelCon Ticket

If you’re interested in attending, whether it’s to learn more about starting your own travel-related venture, growing your existing one, or simply to meet some of your favourite travel content creators out there, you can use the affiliate code PRINCE for a US$50 discount off the regular price of US$399.

This means you can get a ticket for only US$349, which covers all of the following:

  • Three days of sessions and workshops
  • Lunches at the event
  • Evening receptions and parties
  • Access to the expo hall, where you can network with advertisers and travel providers
  • FAM trips before and after the event around the Memphis region
  • Virtual pass with online recordings of all the sessions that you can view at any time after the event

There’s also a Virtual Ticket priced at US$99, which I suspect might be a better fit for those of you who’d be interested in the content but not necessarily making your way down to Memphis for a three-day conference.

The sessions will be recorded and posted online about a week after the event for you to view at any time.


As a speaker at the 2019 edition of TravelCon, I’m excited to be attending TravelCon 2022 and contributing to another successful event this year, and I hope to see a few of you there.

While this won’t be the type of event where Miles & Points is the focus, it’s the perfect place to learn the ropes if you’ve been considering starting your own travel-related project.

Who knows, maybe it’ll even inspire some new voices in the Canadian travel space – healthy competition is always good for the industry! 😉

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