Prince of Travel Featured by Pointshogger!

As many of you might have seen, one of the leading Canadian miles & points blogs, Pointshogger, has published a feature on Prince of Travel over the weekend. Matt from Pointshogger was a pleasure to work with, and I’m super excited to keep connecting with everyone in the Canadian travel and rewards community.

In the interview, I reveal a lot about what motivates me to write for Prince of Travel and what my goals are for the site. I’ve included a few select quotes below.


What makes your blog different from others out there?

I would say that many blogs out there talk about maximizing travel rewards pretty exclusively. On the other hand, I love the actual travel side of things as well, and I love writing about destinations, what to do in places around the world, what foods to try, what stunning sites to visit, etc. in addition to emphasizing that Miles & Points are a key tool to help you fulfill these travel goals.

My goal with Prince of Travel is twofold: one, to get Canadians more passionate about seeing the world and to cast a spotlight on places you might not have considered visiting before, and two, to show you all the tricks and strategies you can use in terms of earning and redeeming miles, as well as hunting for deals in general, in order to make those goals a reality.

Lastly, I think the Canadian travel & points “blogosphere” could really do with more in-depth trip reports to inspire their readers – I hope to write as many of those as possible.

What can we look forward to with Prince of Travel?

More of everything! I divide all the content on the blog into three categories: Trip Reports, Travel Talk, and Miles & Points. I’m going on a “mini-round-the-world” trip very soon and so I’ll be writing the full trip report on that one – flights, hotels, lounges, sights and sounds. I’m keen to write about all of the places in the world I’m excited to visit, and I hope I can inspire many Canadians to take to the skies with me. And of course, I’ve accumulated so much knowledge about Miles & Points over the years, which I will continue to share in a reader-friendly, easily digestible form. Sometime down the road, I hope to build the site into a premier resource for eager travellers from Canada and elsewhere, and develop into a worthy bearer of the “Prince of Travel” moniker.

What advice would you give travellers and “Pointshoggers” out there?

In a phrase: life is short, so earn and burn.

Obviously, you should go at a pace you’re comfortable with, especially with credit cards. But when it comes to travel rewards, there’s always more ways out there to earn points if you spend the time to dig for it. Throw in the fact that there’s just so much of the world out there to see, plus the reality that most of us have limited time off of work to travel, and it just makes the most sense to rack up and then blow through your points as fast as possible.

Click here to read the full feature on the Pointshogger website.

In addition to sharing this exciting moment, I also wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who’s been visiting Prince of Travel, reading the articles, posting comments, and in general taking valuable time to pay attention to the stuff I’ve been putting out. It’s been a tremendously rewarding process and I’m so happy I started this website. And there’s so much more to come, from a big trip report beginning in the next couple of weeks to even more travel and points talk (starting with the conclusion to the Aeroplan Mini-RTW stuff, this week) – like I promised above, more of everything!

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