Head-to-Head: Marriott Bonvoy Titanium vs. World of Hyatt Globalist

In this edition of Head-to-Head, we’ll compare two of the best hotel elite status tiers out there: Marriott Bonvoy Titanium and World of Hyatt Globalist.

Marriott Bonvoy and World of Hyatt are two major players in the worldwide hotel landscape, with both programs providing members with the opportunity to earn elite status.

While Globalist is the highest elite status you can earn through the World of Hyatt program, Titanium is the second-highest status available with Marriott Bonvoy, behind the program’s Ambassador Elite status.

We’re pinning these two specific statuses against each other because of their strong similarities, and because acquiring Marriott Bonvoy’s highest status of Ambassador Elite is tied to a hefty spending requirement. Plus, you can’t get Globalist or Titanium status by way of holding a credit card, unlike Hilton Honors Diamond status.

With the above in mind, let’s analyze everything from how to earn the two statuses in the first place, to the benefits and privileges that come with them.

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1. Ease of Earning Status

The most common way to reach both World of Hyatt Globalist and Marriott Bonvoy Titanium status is by earning qualifying nights.

Qualifying nights can be earned on eligible stays at properties, through promotions, and by holding co-branded credit cards.

Globalist status with World of Hyatt requires members to earn 60 qualifying nights each year, while Titanium status with Marriott Bonvoy requires members to earn 75 qualifying nights each year.

At first glance, it may seem easier to reach Globalist status compared to Titanium status, since there are fewer nights required.

However, it’s actually easier to earn qualifying nights with Marriott Bonvoy than with World of Hyatt, since the Marriott program provides a generous amount of qualifying nights through its co-branded credit cards in Canada and the United States.

For example, by simply holding the Canadian Marriott Bonvoy American Express Card or the Marriott Bonvoy Business American Express Card, you’ll jumpstart each year with 15 elite qualifying nights.

In the US, most co-branded Bonvoy cards also come with 15 qualifying nights each year, with the exception of the American Express US Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant Card, which comes with 25 qualifying nights each year for just being a cardholder.

What’s more, if you hold both an Amex US personal Bonvoy card and the American Express US Bonvoy Business Card, you’ll get 30 qualifying nights each year (15 nights from each card), or 40 qualifying nights each year if the personal card is the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant card, as the elite qualifying nights stack.

If you hold the following combination of Marriott Bonvoy co-branded credit cards...

You will receive...

Canadian personal + Canadian business

15 elite qualifying nights

Canadian personal + US personal

15 elite qualifying nights

Canadian personal + US business

15 elite qualifying nights

Canadian business + US personal

15 elite qualifying nights

Canadian business + US business

15 elite qualifying nights

US personal + US business

30 elite qualifying nights

Amex US Bonvoy Brilliant + US business

40 elite qualifying nights

You can also earn one qualifying night for every $5,000 (USD) spent on the Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Visa.

With World of Hyatt, there are two US-issued co-branded credit cards: the Chase World of Hyatt Credit Card and the Chase World of Hyatt Business Credit Card.

The Chase World of Hyatt Credit Card comes with five annual elite qualifying night credits, while the Chase World of Hyatt Business Credit Card doesn’t come with any.

However, elite qualifying nights for Hyatt can also be earned through spending on the co-branded credit cards.

You’ll earn five qualifying nights per $10,000 (USD) spent on the Chase World of Hyatt Business Credit Card, and two qualifying nights per $5,000 (USD) spent on the Chase World of Hyatt Credit Card.

With the right combination of cards and high-volume spending, you can climb the status ladder fairly quickly with either loyalty program.

It’s worth noting that World of Hyatt Globalist status can also be reached by earning 100,000 Base Points, which are earned at a rate of 5 Base Points per US dollar spent at Hyatt properties.

In other words, you’d need to spend $20,000 (USD) in a calendar year to reach Globalist status through the accumulation of Base Points.

It’s possible to earn Hyatt Globalist status via 60 elite qualifying nights or earning 100,000 Base Points

When comparing the ease of earning elite status, deciding the winner between the two programs ultimately comes down to what’s easier for an individual: earning qualifying nights through hotel stays and holding co-branded credit cards, or earning qualifying nights through high-volume credit card spending.

On the one hand, Bonvoy’s Titanium Elite status is easier to earn because members can start the year with up to 40 qualifying nights by holding the co-branded credit cards.

This effectively bumps the threshold to reach Titanium status from 75 nights to as few as 35 organic nights each year.

JW Marriott Parq Vancouver – Entrance
With the right combination of credit cards, earning Titanium status can only require 35 organic nights

On the other hand, you can spend your way to World of Hyatt Globalist status without ever having to step foot in a hotel. Granted, you’d still have to spend $120,000 (USD) on the Chase World of Hyatt Business Credit Card in a calendar year to accomplish this, which isn’t realistic for everyone.

Comparatively, trying to spend your way to Titanium status would require $300,000 (USD) spent on the Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Visa, after accounting for the 15 qualifying nights earned just for being a cardholder.

Verdict: In this category, Titanium Elite status takes the win.

For most hotel enthusiasts, Marriott Bonvoy Titanium status is likely the easier status to reach, especially considering that you may only need an additional 35–45 qualifying nights if you hold the right combination of US-issued Marriott Bonvoy co-branded credit cards.

With Titanium Elite status, Marriott Bonvoy has struck a nice balance between making it relatively attainable for loyal members to earn, without giving the status out for free as a credit card benefit.

2. Elite Status Benefits

Both Marriott Bonvoy Titanium Elite status and World of Hyatt Globalist status come with impressive suites of benefits for members who put in the hard work to qualify.

While some of the benefits overlap, each program also comes with its own unique perks, which we’ll discuss in detail below.


One of the best benefits offered to elite members is complimentary breakfast during stays.

Both Titanium and Globalist members receive free breakfast as an elite benefit; however, this perk isn’t as straightforward as it appears.

Marriott Bonvoy’s elite breakfast benefit can actually be quite confusing. This is mainly because the breakfast benefit varies by brand, and it’s not consistent across the board.

Marriott Bonvoy’s Titanium breakfast benefit is inconsistent among its brands

Although most hotels offer complimentary breakfast to Titanium members, most notably, you won’t be able to enjoy the complimentary breakfast choice at Ritz-Carlton hotels, Vacation Club properties, EDITION, Design Hotels, and Bulgari Hotels and Resorts.

Comparatively, Globalist members receive complimentary breakfast as a benefit at all properties, either in the hotel’s Club Lounge or in the hotel’s restaurant when the property doesn’t have a lounge.

Additionally, this benefit extends to up to two adults and two children, while the Marriott Bonvoy benefit is limited to two people only.

Verdict: Despite both Titanium and Globalist members having complimentary breakfast as a benefit, the World of Hyatt Globalist status is the winner in this category, since the breakfast benefit is consistent across the brand’s properties, and it’s provided automatically.

Room Upgrades

Another benefit shared by both programs is the potential to receive a room upgrade during your stays.

Both programs allow for upgrades to suites, which are subject to availability.

However, Globalist members tend to have a better chance of actually getting a suite upgrade compared to Titanium members, based on anecdotal evidence.

Anecdotally, Hyatt Globalist members have better chances of a room upgrade

According to many reports from people who are both a Marriott Bonvoy Titanium Elite member and a World of Hyatt Globalist member, the consensus is that you have to put in some extra effort for upgrades with Marriott, even when a suite is available.

By comparison, Hyatt is typically more generous with proactive suite upgrades for Globalists, without members having to do their best “suite-talking” for one.

Plus, a single World of Hyatt Suite Upgrade Award is good for a stay of up to seven nights with the upgrade secured at the time of booking, while Marriott Bonvoy’s Nightly Upgrade Awards require one per night, and may only be requested (and not instantly confirmed) within three days of arrival.

Verdict: On paper, the upgrade benefits are similar; however, the key difference here is how the benefit is applied in practice.

Based on many reports, Globalists generally get more consistent and proactive room upgrades. Since upgrades with Hyatt tend to be more generous and come without extra legwork, we’ll give this category to Hyatt Globalist. 

Bonus Points

With both Marriott and Hyatt, you’ll earn bonus points on all eligible hotel spending activity. This helps to boost your points balance on stays, which can be even more powerful when you pay with the right co-branded credit card.

All Marriott Bonvoy members earn a base 10 Marriott Bonvoy points per US dollar spent at most Marriott properties. Titanium members earn a 75% bonus, bringing the total earning rate to 17.5 Bonvoy points per US dollar spent.

Marriott Titanium members earn 17.5 points per US dollar spent at most Marriott properties

On the other hand, all World of Hyatt members earn a base 5 World of Hyatt points per US dollar spent at Hyatt properties. Globalist members earn a 30% bonus on eligible purchases, for a total earning rate of 6.5 World of Hyatt points per US dollar spent.

We value Marriott Bonvoy points at 0.6 cents per point (USD) and World of Hyatt points at 1.5 cents per point (USD).

Using these figures, we’d arrive at an estimated 10.5% return on spending for Titanium members, and an estimated 9.75% return for Globalist members.

Verdict: Titanium Elite status is the winner here, as members can earn a slightly better return on spending in the form of points than Globalist members.

It’s worth noting that with promotions and the earning rate on various credit cards, the total amount of points earned on stays can vary significantly. However, for the purposes of this comparison, we’ll use the minimum amount of points you can expect to earn with each status.

Late Check-out

Both loyalty programs offer the benefit of a guaranteed 4pm late check-out for elite members.

This can be of great use to enjoy the property’s amenities for the better part of a day before catching an evening flight, or to live it up in a suite for a few more hours before checking out.

With Titanium Elite status, the 4pm late check-out benefit is guaranteed at all properties, except at resorts, where it’s subject to availability.

Enjoy a late check-out until 4pm at Hyatt properties

Likewise, with Globalist status, late check-out is a guaranteed benefit at most properties, except for at hotels with a casino, Destination by Hyatt Residences, and Hyatt resorts, where this benefit is also subject to availability.

Verdict: Since the benefit is guaranteed and nearly identical for Titanium and Globalist members, we’ll have to call this one a tie.

Club Lounge Access

Both elite statuses offer complimentary lounge access at applicable hotels to qualifying elite members.

Hotel lounges are great amenities to have available, as they typically offer complimentary snacks and refreshments throughout the day, and enough hors d’oeuvres in the evening to constitute a full meal.

In some, you’ll also enjoy an array of other perks, such as complimentary alcoholic beverages, afternoon tea, and a dedicated staff member to help with requests.

Club lounge at the Austin Marriott Downtown

With Marriott, lounges can be found at most of the following brands:

  • JW Marriott
  • Marriott Hotels
  • Sheraton
  • Delta Hotels
  • Le Méridien
  • Westin
  • Autograph Collection
  • Renaissance Hotels
  • Courtyard (outside the United States and Canada)

With Hyatt, Club Lounges can mostly be found at Grand Hyatt and Hyatt Regency properties, as well as some Park Hyatt hotels.

Verdict: Marriott Bonvoy Titanium status surpasses Hyatt Globalist when it comes to lounge access, since there are more available lounges with Marriott hotels than with Hyatt hotels.

Elite Support

Another perk of having elite status with hotels is having access to specialized customer support teams. 

Titanium members have access to a round-the-clock dedicated elite support service. With the service, telephone hold times will be shorter than if a non-elite member was calling, and in theory, you should get better support.

However, the World of Hyatt program takes this type of support to another level as Globalist members have access to My Hyatt Concierge.

Each Globalist member has a dedicated concierge who can help reach out to the hotel to make bookings, let them know about special occasions, and help with other Hyatt activities, including signing members up for promotions.

There’s also a My Hyatt Concierge account on X (formerly Twitter) that can make bookings on your behalf, and is generally available to help with whatever is needed.

Verdict: Hyatt Globalist is the winner in this category for its more substantive elite support in My Hyatt Concierge.

It’s worth noting that Marriott Ambassador Elites also have a concierge service; however, Titanium members do not have access to it. 

3. Earned Benefits

In addition to the specific elite status benefits, Marriott Bonvoy and World of Hyatt each have unique earned benefits.

Marriott Bonvoy offers its members Annual Choice Benefits, whereas World of Hyatt has Milestone Rewards.

With Marriott Bonvoy, you’ll get a choice of benefits once you reach 50 and 75 elite qualifying nights each year.

Once you’ve earned 50 qualifying nights, you get to choose one benefit, with the best choices typically being either five Nightly Upgrade Awards or the option to add five elite qualifying night credits to your account.

After you’ve earned 75 elite qualifying nights, you’ll get another choice, which includes all the previous choices plus either a Free Night Award worth 40,000 Marriott Bonvoy points, or the ability to gift Gold Elite status to a friend.

Comparatively, World of Hyatt offers a much stronger program with Milestone Rewards.

By reaching the 60 qualifying nights required for Globalist status, you’ll have earned the following perks:

In addition to the above, Milestone Rewards offer members their choice of awards at each interval of 10 qualifying nights earned, beginning at 20 qualifying nights.

This means that on your way to earning the 60 qualifying nights, you’ll also have the opportunity to select more benefits, including bonus points, Suite Upgrade Awards, Club Access Awards, or FIND Experience Credits.

Verdict: The World of Hyatt’s Milestone Reward program is much more lucrative than the Marriott Bonvoy Annual Choice Benefit, as it offers members considerably more rewards and more choices.

Plus, it provides incentives and perks at every 10 nights, rather than just at the 50- and 75-night thresholds.

4. Other Benefits

Finally, there are a few other benefits that are specific to each program, and although they don’t allow for a direct comparison, they’re certainly worth mentioning as part of the overall discussion.

Globalist members can enjoy free parking on award bookings.

This benefit is only helpful if you’re travelling with a car, and if you’re staying at a hotel that charges for parking. In bigger cities, parking can cost a premium, and this benefit could potentially save you a decent amount of cash.

Meanwhile, some properties may waive parking fees for Titanium members; however, it’s on a case-by-case basis, and not universal.

Titanium Elite status comes with a few unique partner benefits, which include complimentary United MileagePlus Premier Silver status and complimentary Hertz Five Star status.

With United Silver status, you’ll enjoy a complimentary checked bag, complimentary access to Economy Plus seats at check-in, and the possibility of a free upgrade, in addition to other United benefits.

With Hertz Five Star status, you’ll have more options for car rentals, and you may receive complimentary upgrades. You’ll also enjoy an increased earning rate of 1.25 points per $1 (USD) spent.

It’s worth noting Hyatt and American Airlines also have a partnership; however, the benefits offered through it are limited, and they aren’t as meaningful as the Marriott/United partnership.

Verdict: Both programs offer a number of ancillary perks to members, which aren’t universally applicable. Globalists enjoy free parking, while Titanium members can score some extra perks if they fly with United.

Let’s call this one a tie, since the benefits are only meaningful if they fit with your travel patterns.


Both Marriott Bonvoy Titanium and World of Hyatt Globalist status provide elevated benefits to members who do the work to earn them each year.

Titanium members enjoy a higher return on hotel spending, greater access to lounges, and unique partner benefits with United Airlines and Hertz.

Although it may be easier to earn Titanium status with the help of credit cards, World of Hyatt Globalist status comes with an overall stronger suite of benefits, including a universally applicable breakfast and more consistent upgrades.

What’s more, the World of Hyatt Milestone Rewards program is more lucrative than Marriott Bonvoy’s Annual Choice Awards, and affords members more perks and options as they climb the status ranks.

While both statuses provide an enhanced suite of benefits, we’ll give the edge to World of Hyatt Globalist status, due to the more universally applied breakfast and upgrades, as well as the lucrative potential of Milestone Rewards.

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    Really enjoyed Hyatt status on the odd years that I have had it. That said, their footprint is just not great and if you value a lounge there just aren’t enough GH or HR in their system.

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