Give and Get Local Amex Offer: 40% Discount on Small Businesses

After regaling us with impressive Amex Offers in 2021, American Express is now getting a head start on 2022. 

As of today, we’re seeing American Express offering $20 off $50 spent with Give and Get Local, up to 3 times, for purchases made with local small businesses through March 31, 2022 across a wide range of the Amex credit cards.

Give and Get Local: Up to $60 in Statement Credits

This Amex Offer is set up in partnership with Square, the payment services provider, as a means to offer support to local small businesses.

Amex cardholders are invited to purchase gift cards with small businesses around them, and are rewarded with a $20 credit for every $50 in gift cards they purchase. This credit can be earned up to three times, for a total of $60 in credits on $150 in purchases.

If you were to make purchases that total exactly $50, $100, or $150, this would be equivalent to a 40% discount on your spending with local merchants. 

The offer has been witnessed on a wide range of American Express products, although it appears to be limited to one card per account. Within my own entourage, I’m seeing it on the Business Platinum Card, Platinum Card, and Aeroplan Card

Note that this offer has a registration cap of 50,000 cardholders, so I’d recommend registering sooner rather than later to lock in your eligibility. 

The Give and Get Local website features a wide range of potential small businesses to check out in your local area, so enter your postal code to see if any places pique your interest.

Personally, I’m seeing a small handful of cafes and retail shops where I’d make the occasional visit around my home – but I’m not overly impressed with the selection. I’d probably have to go out of my way a little bit to maximize a $20 credit on a $50 purchase, let alone all three potential credits.

However, other Amex cardholders might feel differently, depending on whether they find suitable businesses on the Give and Get Local list.

The eligible small businesses range from hair salons to fitness studios, from wedding dress makers to good old food and drink establishments, so everyone should be able to find something that’s ideal for themselves.

(Indeed, after looking through the list a bit, I stumbled upon The Cider House in Vancouver, where I’d be happy to host a local get-together and get 40% off my purchase by paying with gift cards combined with the Amex Offer.)

Here’s the good news: since the offer is based on cumulative transactions, you don’t have to spend the full $50 in one go on a single retailer!

Instead, you can make a series of smaller purchases that add up to $50 to unlock a $20 credit, and then again on the way to $100 and $150 in total purchases.

The terms and conditions of the offer do specify that the credits will be applied to your account “within 90 days after 31/03/2022”. However, in practice, they should show up within a few business days of competing your purchase.

Stack with Further Bonuses from Select Retailers

If you click through to some of the small businesses’ gift card storefronts, you might notice further bonuses or promotions offered by that retailer themselves.

For example, Napoletana Pizza in Vancouver is offering a 10% discount on gift card purchases of $50 or more. However, that means that if I decided to get a $50 gift card, I’d only be charged $45, and wouldn’t be able to unlock the Amex Offer’s $20 statement credit with that purchase.

If I wanted to complete the Amex Offer in one transaction, I could instead buy a gift card worth $55.55 – thus only having to spend $30 on $55.55 worth of pizza, equivalent to a 46% discount!


I love the concept behind the Give and Get Local Amex Offer, which encourages cardholders to support local businesses in their time of need, whether it’s an existing favourite spot or a storefront you might’ve passed by but haven’t considered stepping into. 

Most American Express cardholders who are eligible for Amex Offers should see this one showing up on their account. 

Don’t forget to register for the offers before they hit their registration caps, and then head to the Give and Get Local website to see which gift cards might tickle your fancy.

  1. Richard

    Prestige airport limos is on there for those of you needing a ride t/from Pearson airport

  2. Sam

    Be very careful. They are selling gift cards to business that no longer exist (such as Caravan Authentic Cafe & Restaurant in Port Coquitlam).

  3. Alan Cooper

    Hi Ricky, do you know how American Express is defining “local” for this promotion? Is it based on a radius (km) related to the postal code on one’s billing address?

    1. Ricky YVR

      It’s really just a wide range of small businesses anywhere in Canada. The idea is you’d enter your address on the Give and Get Local website to look for “local” small businesses, it isn’t tied to your billing address.

      1. Alan

        Thanks Ricky. And from what I’ve read on Square’s website, I can use these eGift cards for online shopping too (through a business’ Square Online website).

  4. mainlydana

    There’s lots of good options for Vancouver! Being fairly new to the city, let me know if you need any recommendations Ricky.

    1. Paul-77

      Nook is a great pasta place with 3 locations. That along with a few breweries here will be gettnig my business on this offer. Elysian coffee too

      1. Ricky YVR

        Elysian’s my top choice for some gift cards – hence they’ve taken the banner image.

    2. Justin

      twisted fork is a great brunch place downtown ! highly recommended

  5. Kendall

    My barber is on the list. Looks like he’ll be getting tipped extra well on my next 3 visits, and I’ll be saving money in the process. Everyone wins!

  6. KMG

    I see it on a Cobalt card and there are several shops in my small town (pop 9K) participating.

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