Rogers Red World Elite® Mastercard®

Last updated: April 9, 2024
  • Earn unlimited cash back
  • No annual fee
Annual fee:
Annual interest rates:
20.99% purchases
22.99% cash advances
Earning rate:
2% cash back on all Canadian-dollar purchases as an eligible Rogers, Fido, or Shaw customer†
3% cash back on all U.S. dollar purchases†
50% more cash back every time you redeem for Rogers, Fido or Shaw purchases.†
Perks & benefits:
DragonPass membership†
Boingo Wi-Fi†
Exclusive perks for Rogers customers†

The Rogers Red World Elite® Mastercard® is a solid choice for anyone looking for simplicity: one card for all purchases with no annual fee and a high cash back rate. It’s also a good card if you’re a Rogers customer and spend in US dollars, and don’t mind paying foreign transaction fees.

Bonuses & Fees

The card has no annual fee, which is a rare feature for a World Elite® product.

Currently, this card does not offer a welcome bonus.

Earning Rewards

The card has a straightforward rewards structure: earn 2% cash back on all purchases, no limits. This is exclusively eligible for Rogers, Fido or Shaw customers.

If you’re not a Rogers, Fido, or Shaw customer, you’ll earn 1.5% cash back on all purchases in Canadian dollars.

There are no category bonuses. Instead, the card’s strength is its high base earning rate. This is useful for uncategorized purchases, if your other cards have high category bonuses but low baseline earning rates.

The Rogers Red World Elite® Mastercard® is a great card to use at Costco since it has a high base earning rate and no annual fee.

The card also earns 3% cash back on purchases in US dollars. However, the card does charge a 2.5% fee for transactions in foreign currencies, for a net gain of 0.5%.†

Also, for Rogers Red World Elite® Mastercard® cardholders, there is 50% more cash back every time you redeem for Rogers, Fido or Shaw purchases.

Unfortunately, the card no longer earns accelerated rewards on other currencies. With 1.5% cash back against the foreign transaction fee, a net loss of 1% is still better than most credit cards, although you can eliminate this fee entirely with other cards with no foreign transaction fees.

The foreign transaction fee is levied on purchases, and also on refunds. In case you have to make a return, you’d get dinged twice for a total 5% fee, with no cash back to show for it. For purchases in foreign currencies that you expect you might need to return, it’d be better to use a true no foreign transaction fee card to get back the full price of your initial purchase, give or take any foreign exchange fluctuations.

Redeeming Rewards

Cash back can be redeemed a minimum of $10 at a time on any purchase made on the card in the last 90 days.

If you redeem your cash back for an eligible Rogers, Fido, or Shaw purchase, you’ll get 50% bonus cash back.

For example, if you redeem $100 cash back towards an eligible Rogers, Fido or Shaw purchase, you’ll get a total of $150 cash back.

This is the best way to redeem cash back earned on the Rogers Red World Elite Mastercard, since it effectively boosts your earning rate to 3% on all Canadian dollar purchases.

Perks & Benefits

The card comes with a few standard Mastercard World Elite® perks for travellers. Cardholders get a DragonPass membership for access to 1,300 airport lounges worldwide, which is priced at $32 (USD) per visit.

As a cardholder, you can also purchase a new phone with a 0% interest rate through the Equal Payment Plan.†

To take advantage of this perk, you’ll need to pay for a new device that costs at least $250 using your Rogers credit card at a Rogers, Shaw, or Fido store, and afterwards, you’ll be able to set up financing for a 36-or 48-month term.†

If you aren’t able to pay for a phone outright, then this perk can be particularly useful, since you won’t incur any interest or additional fees, as long as you make your monthly payments.†

Another perk for Rogers Red World Elite® Mastercard® cardholders, you get 5 Roam Like Home days at no cost with an eligible Rogers mobile plan (up to $75 value)


Insurance Coverage

The Rogers Red World Elite® Mastercard® provides generous insurance provisions for a card that doesn’t have an annual fee.

The emergency medical assistance only covers trips up to 10 days for most cardholders. However, it also provides coverage for trips up to 3 days for cardholders aged 66 to 75. This would be valuable for weekend getaways for seniors, who usually aren’t covered at all by credit card insurance.

Cardholders will also get both trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance of up to $1,000 per insured person.

You’ll also get auto rental collision/loss damage insurance. The comprehensive coverage is for up to 31 consecutive days for cars with an MSRP of up to $65,000, which can help you save on the insurance fees that the car rental company would otherwise charge.†

Lastly, the card also offers purchase security and extended warranty protection, covering most eligible items you’ve purchased with your card should they be stolen or damaged within 90 days of purchase, as well as doubled the warranty period compared to the manufacturer’s warranty.

Insurance benefits cover the primary cardholder, their spouse, and dependent children. Additional cardholders are also insured, although their spouse and children are not.

Legal Disclaimers

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As a World Elite® product, this credit card has a minimum annual income requirement of $80,000 (individual) or $150,000 (household).

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