Video: 50 Ways to Redeem Aeroplan Points for Max Value

Aeroplan points are easy to earn in Canada, but how do you get maximum value out of your Aeroplan points when it’s time to redeem?

From business class sweet spots to eUpgrade strategies, from short-haul domestic flights to multi-stop round-the-world trips, here’s a rapid-fire list of 50+ ways to redeem Aeroplan points for the best value as you travel the world.

Without further ado, you can watch the video below:


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  1. Travelin10

    Ricky you are a national treasure. Best video ever – tonnes of useful stuff here

  2. Marco

    Not sure if my message went through. I was referring to Partner Airlines not Air Canada regarding redemptions. A normal 85K in Business Class YYZ-SIN can show up to almost 180K with 65% or more of that Business Class travel in Economy. I think you need to start highlighting this in your videos

  3. Marco

    I was referring to Partner Awards on routes like Toronto to Singapore. Sure there are redemptions beginning at 85K and if lucky you are able to redeem at that Redemption level.

    However if you do a check now for say Nov 22 the 85K the YYZ-LHR is in J while SIN-LHR is in Y. There are nothing but mixed cabins. And the redemption levels increase from 85K to almost 170 to 200K Aeroplan points and even then its still all Mixed cabins.

    In your interview sometime back with the Gods at Aeroplan they themselves mentioned mixed cabins and I think you should too :). Appreciate your videos and I’ve learned a lot but very frustrating and disappointing when you can’t find award travel at the fixed redemption rates. A fixed 85K Business class redemption swinging to 200+K with mixed cabins and almost half of the journey in Economy is ridiculous.

  4. Marco

    Ricky this all makes sense if you get the flights at the redemption levels in the chart. It’s now all at much higher levels even at 150% more and even then it’s Mixed Cabins with 60% and higher with travel in Economy. I think you really need to be more transparent to your readers and viewers.

    1. Ricky YVR

      Partner awards (not on Air Canada) are available at fixed levels. Also, refer to sweet spot #11 for what happens when Air Canada awards are dynamically high as we’re seeing now.

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