Prince of Travel Membership Launches on Patreon!

Update: Based on reader feedback, I’ve decided to offer an early adopter discount of 20% off the usual price for members who sign up before the end of 2020:

  • Gold: $8 USD
  • Platinum: $20 USD
  • Royal Platinum: $80 USD

It’s an uncertain time in global travel these days, and those of you who show your faith in the Prince of Travel membership program despite these uncertain times deserve to be rewarded.

As an early adopter, you’ll benefit from the 20% off regular membership levels throughout the duration of your membership, even after 2020 – for as long as you are a member.

I have some very exciting news to share!

As of today, I have officially launched the Prince of Travel membership service on Patreon, which allows our most dedicated readers to unlock exclusive additional content, insider access, personalized benefits, and more – all while playing a role in supporting Prince of Travel.

I’ve made the below video to introduce you to Prince of Travel membership on Patreon. And in the rest of this article, I’ll introduce you to the membership system and walk you through the three different tiers of Prince of Travel membership that you can choose from.

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Why Patreon?

Over the years, many readers have let me know of the excellent value they get out of our regular content here at Prince of Travel. That’s exactly my day-to-day goal as the founder and chief writer here: to put hundreds, even thousands of dollars’ worth of tangible real-life value into the pockets of our readers on a consistent basis.

In addition to the regular content, however, I also take a great deal of pride in the vibrant community of readers that we’ve been able to build here at the website and over on the Prince of Travel Elites Facebook group.

I always find it highly rewarding to witness readers’ success stories as a result of my work; moreover, as readers, you’ve also consistently let me know how much you value the sense of community and how you’d love to have an even closer degree of interaction on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, as you know, my day-to-day work here at Prince of Travel is powered by several revenue sources: display advertising, credit card affiliate links (where applying for a credit card through our affiliate link helps support the website), and the one-on-one Points Consulting service.

Until now, one commonplace revenue channel for websites like has gone unexplored: the paid membership model. And over the years, I’ve received a fair bit of encouragement to explore it and give it a try.

Today, Prince of Travel membership on Patreon launches to fulfill both of those objectives.

If you enjoy what we do here at Prince of Travel and would like to get even more out of your experience here, then sign up as a Prince of Travel member via Patreon.

Think of it as a little premium package on top of what you’re already getting: in addition to the steady flow of blog and video content that you’re accustomed to, you’ll also get a few extras on the side. A monthly in-depth learning livestream, a discussion group with your fellow members, access to exclusive content not seen anywhere else, and so on.

And don’t worry, the regular Prince of Travel content won’t be changing in any way. Everything that we do already on the Prince of Travel website and YouTube channel remains free, and always will. The latest deals and opportunities, credit card breakdowns, strategy dissections, sweet spot analyses, loyalty program deep-dives, travel news, airline & hotel reviews – 100% free.

But if you sign up as a Prince of Travel member on Patreon, then you get a little bit more. And whichever membership tier you sign up for, my goal is to always ensure you derive sufficient value from Prince of Travel membership to cover the monthly fee (ideally multiple times over).

At the same time, your membership will go a very long way towards supporting Prince of Travel, helping me help you enrich your life by maximizing points to travel the world, and helping me help others to do the same.

OK, I’m In! How Does It Work?

Patreon is a membership platform that’s used by thousands of websites, blogs, video producers, artists, writers, and more. In exchange for a monthly fee, members (also known as “patrons”) unlock exclusive content, benefits, and recognition as determined by the creator. Patreon handles all of the administrative work involved, allowing creators like myself to focus on what we do best.

Unfortunately, Patreon does not support Canadian dollars as a currency, so payment is taken in US dollars. You’ll want to use a US credit card or a Canadian credit card with no foreign transaction fees. 😉

The monthly payment is taken when you first sign up, and then on the first of every month – so you’ll want to sign up today, at the beginning of November, to get the best deal for this month and start enjoying your membership benefits right away.

There are no long term commitments with Patreon, and you can cancel your membership at any time if you change your mind.

Now, without further ado, let’s talk about all of the exciting benefits you’ll get as a Prince of Travel member. There are three tiers of membership, inspired by – what else? – the airline and hotel elite status programs we all love.

Allow me to introduce you to Gold, Platinum, and Royal Platinum…

Prince of Travel Gold: $10/Month

The Gold tier is priced at $10 USD per month. As a Prince of Travel Gold member, your support is highly appreciated, and you’ll enjoy access to the following introductory benefits:

  • Exclusive Content: Behind the scenes stuff, polls, surveys, and giveaways, exclusive to the Patreon feed.
  • Preferred Pricing: Get discounts and early access to Prince of Travel’s event tickets, products, etc.
  • Priority Access: Watch select new YouTube videos and get access to breaking stories before everyone else!
  • Content Vault: A master spreadsheet of every blog post and video for easy reference.

Let’s talk a little bit more about each of these benefits in turn.

I’ve always wanted to delve more into the behind-the-scenes process of writing posts, making videos, planning my trips, and so on, and I look forward to sharing these with you, and much more, on the Patreon content feed as part of the Exclusive Content benefit. In addition, we’ll host regular giveaways for our Patreon members for stuff like amenity kits and pajamas from First Class and business class, lounge passes, points prizes, and more!

Preferred Pricing gives you discounts and early access on event tickets (when it’s safe to host events again) and any products we launch in the future. Our past events have often sold out within hours, so early access will give you time to secure your spot before everyone else!

Next, Priority Access. I’ll be doing my best to provide members with early access to new YouTube videos, whenever possible, but it isn’t guaranteed due to the work involved in producing each video. In addition, members will get to read breaking stories on the blog before everyone else – for example, when the new Aeroplan program was announced and there were four separate Prince of Travel articles scheduled throughout the same day, members will get to read them all immediately without having to wait!

The Content Vault is self-explanatory: an easy reference, regularly updated, for you to go back and review our previous content whenever you wish.

Prince of Travel Platinum: $25/Month

The Platinum tier is priced at $25 USD per month. As a Prince of Travel Platinum member, your support is hugely appreciated, and in exchange your membership package is loaded to the brim with value:

  • All previous benefits
  • Happy Hour: Monthly Q&A livestreams hosted by Ricky, with the ability to vote on topics beforehand.
  • Club Lounge: Join a Discord chat server with Ricky and the Prince of Travel team.
  • Exclusive Discount: 25% off a one-hour Points Consulting session (valued at $200 CAD), once every six months.
  • Close Friends: Access to the Close Friends circle for the @princeoftravel Instagram page.
  • Recognition: Your name will be included at the end of videos as a thank you.

As a Platinum member, you get everything that’s included in Gold membership, along with much, much more.

The Happy Hour benefit will take the form of monthly Q&A livestreams. Sometimes we’ll do general Q&A livestreams; other times, we’ll take a deep-dive into a certain award program, points-earning strategy, or some other body of knowledge. It’s all up to the Platinum membership base, since you’ll have a say on exactly which topics you’d like me to cover.

The first Happy Hour session will be a multi-hour broadcast on the afternoon of this Sunday, November 8, as I log in and play around with the new Aeroplan program‘s search engine to make some new bookings and find answers to all of our burning questions about the program. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and you won’t want to miss this one!

(Starting in 2021, Happy Hour will replace the free Virtual Miles & Pints livestreams that I’ve been hosting this year, which began as a way to lift people’s spirits when the pandemic had first set in. Throughout the rest of 2020, I’ll be hosting both Happy Hours for Platinum members and above, as well as a few more free Virtual Miles & Pints livestreams for everyone. Note that some, but not all, Happy Hour livestreams may be published after the fact for public viewing.)

Then, we have the Prince of Travel Club Lounge, the first and only official chat group for Prince of Travel where you’ll get to chat with myself and the Prince of Travel team of contributors. The chat server will be hosted on Discord, and will give us a private channel to chat about anything and everything.

My hope is that the Club Lounge will be a vibrant and organic chat community, where we can share our success stories, learning moments, data points, and creative ideas among members and further our progress collectively, all in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

After all, I spend a fair bit of time procrastinating throughout the work day – I may as well procrastinate in the company of our dedicated members!

In addition, the Discord chat server is also equipped with flight deal notifications to alert you of any time-sensitive deals that are posted on sites like FlyerTalk’s Premium Fare Deals or Secret Flying, making it your one-stop-shop for flight deals without having to check every site on your own.

(In terms of what I personally share with the group chat, I think it’s important to respect the correct spirit of sharing in our community. I’ll be more than happy to share my own findings and learnings with members; however, if other folks in the community pass something along to me in confidence, as is often the case, then it wouldn’t be right for me to share openly with a paid audience after all.)

As part of the Close Friends benefit, you’ll get access to the Close Friends circle on the @princeoftravel Instagram, which will include exclusive Instagram Stories not open to the public.

I haven’t yet fully decided which direction I’ll be taking the Close Friends circle: I’ll likely kick off this feature with a few Instagram stories that showcase my day-to-day personal experience with maximizing points, as well as plenty of behind-the-scenes stuff from running the website – but the overall direction of the Close Friends circle remains flexible as I look to maintain a more active presence on Instagram in the long run.

Finally, Exclusive Discount and Recognition are self-explanatory: a biannual discount on one-on-one Points Consulting, and an opportunity to have your name proudly displayed at the end of Prince of Travel videos as a generous supporter, respectively.

Prince of Travel Royal Platinum: $100/Month

The Royal Platinum tier is priced at $100 USD per month. This is obviously a very significant commitment, and so Royal Platinum is really geared towards those of you who’d like to play an instrumental role in Prince of Travel’s long-term growth.

In exchange for your overwhelmingly generous support, you’ll enjoy the following top-tier benefits:

  • All previous benefits
  • Private Lounge: The lounge-within-a-lounge. A more exclusive space within the Discord chat group.
  • Concierge: Complimentary one-hour Points Consulting session (valued at $200 CAD) once every three months.
  • Sneak Preview: Get an exclusive first look and give feedback on new projects and features before they are launched.
  • Founder’s Update: A monthly private newsletter to update you on how Prince of Travel has been progressing, as well as what I’ve personally learned as a traveller, business owner, and global citizen.
  • Postcards: Handwritten postcards from my trips!

As a Royal Platinum member, you get everything that’s included in Gold and Platinum membership, along with many more benefits that are designed to give you a highly personalized degree of interaction with Prince of Travel.

Like the Private Room by Singapore Airlines, the Private Lounge will be a lounge-within-a-lounge on the Discord chat server, for the eyes of myself and fellow Royal Platinum members only. What’s discussed in the Private Lounge stays in the Private Lounge. 😉

The Concierge benefit is very straightforward: a complimentary one-hour Points Consulting session every three months, giving you an ongoing quarterly personalized check-in session on your Miles & Points strategies if you need it.

The next two benefits are intended to give Royal Platinum members direct insight into, and interaction with, my personal journey as the founder of Prince of Travel.

After all, the reason I believe so strongly in my work here at Prince of Travel is that it’s perfectly aligned with who I am as a person: an avid traveller at heart who will stop at nothing to see the world, all while relentlessly hunting for value to take me even farther along the way.

If you choose to become a Royal Platinum member, you most likely share these same beliefs, and so I’d like to give you a direct line of sight into this journey.

First off, as part of the Sneak Preview benefit, you’ll get a first look at all new projects and features that I plan for the website, with an opportunity to have your say and provide feedback.

You’ll also receive the Founder’s Update, a private newsletter delivered at the end of each month to summarize how Prince of Travel has performed and what I’ve been focusing on this month, as well as any life lessons I’ve learned as a traveller, business owner, and global citizen.

I’ve found these personal reflections very valuable as of late, especially during these challenging times, and I’d like to share them with our most dedicated members, in the hopes of sparking meaningful conversations and further insights that can help all of us grow as travellers and as humans.

Finally, the Postcards benefit! As a gesture of appreciation for your support, I’d like to send you handwritten postcards from wherever my travels take me all around the world. I look forward to having a bit of fun with this one, although I suppose I do run the risk of having to spend all my trips writing postcards. 😉

Become a Member Now!

I should mention here that the membership benefits listed above are only a portion – let’s say, 60% – of everything that’s to come. I’m keen to experiment with all sorts of fun benefits for our members, and I’ll be looking to roll these out towards the end of 2020 and throughout 2021. 

If you’re ready to sign up, head over to the Prince of Travel membership page on Patreon and click “Join” under your desired membership tier:



Remember, Patreon takes payment when you sign up and then on the first of every month, so signing up today gives you the best deal for November!

There are no long-term commitments, so if you’ve given Prince of Travel membership a try and decide it isn’t right for you, then you can always change your mind. But like I said, my objective is to put your monthly membership fee back in your pocket month after month, ideally multiple times over, so I definitely think you’ll want to stick around. 🙂

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to ask in the comments below or get in touch via the contact form. Alternatively, if your question is related to the Patreon platform, you can check Patreon’s helpdesk to see if they’ve already got it covered. 

As always, thank you for your support. I hope you enjoy your Prince of Travel membership, and I’ll see you all in the Club Lounge!