How to Finesse Your Way to Marriott Platinum Elite [2020]

Marriott Bonvoy is the most accessible hotel loyalty program for Canadian travellers, and its elite program can deliver some tremendous benefits across your hotel stays once you reach the higher status tiers.

As a reminder, to summarize the full list of status tiers:

  • Silver Elite and Gold Elite are easy to obtain, with possession of the American Express Platinum Card or American Express Business Platinum Card representing a shortcut to instant Gold Elite status 

  • Platinum Elite is reached at 50 elite qualifying nights in a calendar year, and this is where you start to receive major loyalty benefits (free breakfast, lounge access, suite upgrades, 4pm late checkout, etc.)

    • As someone who’s mostly loyal to Marriott hotels, I’d personally value the benefits of Platinum Elite at $2,700 per year

  • Titanium Elite is reached at 75 elite qualifying nights in a calendar year, and offers a few relatively minor benefits on top of Platinum Elite

    • I’d personally value the benefits of Titanium Elite at $3,600 per year, or $900 more than Platinum Elite

  • Ambassador Elite is achieved at 100 elite qualifying nights plus US$20,000 in qualifying spend in a calendar year; the spend requirement makes this status level pretty much an afterthought for most of us looking to maximize the program while spending as little money as possible.

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Why Is Platinum Elite Status So Valuable?

The Platinum Elite level is where the loyalty benefits truly start to do their work for you. The most significant benefit is likely the free breakfast offering, which many travellers seek to maximize by loading up on food in the morning, thus saving themselves the time and expense of eating lunch while they’re out and about for the day.

Lobster omelette for breakfast, St. Regis Bali

Lobster omelette for breakfast, St. Regis Bali

Suite upgrades can be an awesome surprise and can really make your trip a memorable one, especially if you’re in the habit of asking the front desk proactively over the Marriott chat.

Moreover, 4pm late checkout is an invaluable benefit that really allows you to make the most of your time at the hotel when you plan to depart later in the day.

Then, there are the discretionary benefits that a hotel might offer if they have exceptionally good elite recognition. Across my travels, I’ve seen things like a complimentary food amenity, drink at the bar, garment pressing, or laundry – all given to you for free simply out of gratitude for your loyalty.

And at hotels with Club Lounges or Executive Lounges, these intimate spaces provide the perfect place to meet a friend, catch up on some work, or just unwind at the end of the day.

Moreover, the evening cocktail spread can often serve as a dinner replacement, which can be a life-saver if you’re travelling on a budget. It’s usually advertised as “evening canapés” or “light bites”, but you can keep going back for more portions, so I mean… 😉

So, what are the best ways to achieve Platinum Elite? While the traditional way is to spend 50 nights in Marriott hotels, there are a few shortcuts and workarounds to “finesse” your way to that target and bring it into sharper focus.

15 Elite Nights: The Amex Bonvoy Cards

Let’s start with the easy stuff. The goal is 50 elite qualifying nights, and right off the bat we can earn 15 of those by holding either the American Express Marriott Bonvoy Card or the American Express Marriott Bonvoy Business Card.

New cardholders will see the 15 elite nights posted to their accounts within 60 days of opening the credit card. Meanwhile, if you’re a current cardholder, you’ll most likely see your 15 elite nights credited at the start of every year – this year, the nights were credited almost instantly once 2020 rolled around.

Indeed, if you have any interest in maximizing the Marriott Bonvoy program for free hotel stays, then having one of these credit cards is basically a prerequisite, so I imagine most of you will be receiving this 15-night boost almost by default. 

Now, when Marriott Bonvoy was first launched, it was made very clear that the 15-night credit would not stack between multiple credit cards. However, that has now changed…

15 More Elite Nights: Having a Personal and Business US-Issued Bonvoy Card

On March 31, 2020, the US-issued Marriott Bonvoy credit cards updated their terms and conditions, and will now allow you to earn two sets of 15 elite nights, for 30 elite nights in total, if you hold both a personal and a business card:

A maximum of 15 Elite Night Credits will be provided per Marriott Bonvoy Member Account, unless you have both a small business Marriott Bonvoy Card account and a consumer Marriott Bonvoy Card account; then, you may receive a combined maximum of 30 Elite Night Credits (15 per Card account).

Personal Bonvoy cards in the US include the Amex US Bonvoy Brilliant, the Chase Bonvoy Boundless, and the Chase Bonvoy Bold. There’s also the regular Amex US Bonvoy Card, which is a legacy product that’s no longer available to new applicants, but still counts as a personal product if you’re a legacy cardholder.

Meanwhile, the only business Bonvoy card in the US is the Amex US Bonvoy Business, although there’s also the legacy Chase Bonvoy Business which has been discontinued for new applicants.

Of all the possible combinations of personal and business cards, the easiest to obtain is probably the Amex US Bonvoy Brilliant and the Amex US Bonvoy Business.

Both cards can be obtained during the early stages of getting into US credit card as a Canadian, since Amex US applications don’t require an SSN or ITIN to complete. And as a proud owner of both cards, you’ll earn the 30 elite qualifying nights every year to get you closer to Platinum Elite status.

Note that, as of now, the Canadian-issued Bonvoy cards have not been updated with the same terms. Instead, they still say:

“You will receive a maximum of 15 Elite Night Credits per calendar year even if you have more than one Marriott Bonvoy Consumer or Small Business credit card account or have more than one Marriott Bonvoy program account.”

— American Express Canada

Therefore, it’s not enough to simply hold one of the US-issued Bonvoy cards. If you had a Canadian-issued personal Bonvoy card and a US-issued business card, that would still only earn you the base-level 15 elite qualifying nights – and it’s the same if you had a Canadian business card with a US personal card.

You do need to have both personal and business cards in the US to double-up on the 15 elite nights for a total of 30.

If you hold the following combination of Marriott Bonvoy co-branded credit cards...

You will receive...

Canadian personal + Canadian business

15 elite qualifying nights

Canadian personal + US personal

15 elite qualifying nights

Canadian personal + US business

15 elite qualifying nights

Canadian business + US personal

15 elite qualifying nights

Canadian business + US business

15 elite qualifying nights

US personal + US business

30 elite qualifying nights

Thankfully, both of the Amex US products come with very tempting signup bonuses, and also offer anniversary free night certificates that justify their $150 and $125 respective net annual fees on an ongoing basis.

So that’s 30 down, 20 to go. What’s next?

20 More Elite Nights: Your Normal Stays…

If you’re looking to hit Platinum the traditional way (i.e., by earning 50 elite qualifying nights), then the shortcuts end with the above 30 elite nights. The remaining 20 elite nights will have to be earned via Marriott hotel stays.

Of course, the ideal scenario is that you’re able to stay 20 nights with Marriott as a result of your natural travel patterns.

But that may not feasible for everyone – after all, if the average Canadian receives three weeks of vacation time at work, they’d need to spend pretty much every single vacation night at Marriott properties to earn 20 elite qualifying nights.

Therefore, this component of the strategy basically boils down to “stay with Marriott as much as you normally would” – and if that’s fewer than 20 nights, then we’ll assess how realistic it is to make up the difference with a little bit of finesse.

One-bedroom suite, JW Marriott Parq Vancouver

One-bedroom suite, JW Marriott Parq Vancouver

As you go about your stays throughout the year, remember that award stays do count towards elite night qualification. This is in contrast to airline loyalty programs, in which redeeming miles for a flight means that you won’t then earn miles from taking that flight. 

Indeed, if you primarily redeem Bonvoy points for your stays rather than paying cash, then you’ll earn a lot more nights if you’re the type of traveller who prefers to stay at lower-tier Category 1 or 2 hotels.

Just because these hotels are low in category doesn’t mean they’re low in quality, either – there are plenty of very well-appointed Category 1 or 2 hotels in Asia and Africa, which represent tremendous value for your points, and where Platinum and higher-tier elites are generally treated like royalty as well.

A two-player household that signs up for both the personal and business Amex Bonvoy cards, while also maximizing points transfers from the Cobalt Card, might earn roughly 300,000 Bonvoy points in a given year. If this household also prefers to travel in cheaper parts of the world like Asia or Africa, they could easily cover 20 hotel nights using their Bonvoy points entirely.

Marriott Accra , a Category 2 hotel

Marriott Accra, a Category 2 hotel

(Another tip when redeeming Bonvoy points: if you’re staying at a hotel for four nights, redeem for a five-night stay anyway, as long as it doesn’t cost you anything extra under the “Stay for 5, Pay for 4” benefit. Check out only after the fifth night using the mobile app, and you’ll have earned an extra elite qualifying night for no additional expense.)

…“Mattress Running”…

If you still have a shortfall to make up after your organic hotel stays, then here’s where you can start getting a little creative. The term “mattress running” refers to the practice of checking into hotels solely for the purpose of earning points or elite credits, and Category 1 or Category 2 hotels are particularly conducive.

There are currently eight Category 1 hotels in Canada, with most of them concentrated in Alberta, but a handful in Winnipeg and the Ottawa suburbs as well.

Ever since Marriott introduced peak and off-peak pricing, these Category 1 hotels can be booked for as low as 5,000 points per night during off-peak dates, or even 4,000 points per night on dates that are designated as both off-peak and PointSavers.

Combine these ultra-low rates with the “Stay for 5, Pay for 4” benefit, and you’re looking at potentially spending as little as 16,000 Bonvoy points to earn five elite qualifying nights.

If you live elsewhere in Canada but happen to pass through one of these places along your travels, it could be worth checking in at a Category 1 hotel for a five-night mattress run if you anticipate that those five elite qualifying nights will come in handy for Platinum qualification this year.

Note that you must physically check-in to the hotel in order for the stay to count. If you simply make a booking but don’t show up, your booking will be forfeited and you may even lose your points or face a no-show penalty.

However, there’s no real requirement that you remain in the room at all times. The generally advised approach is to throw up the Do Not Disturb sign and complete your checkout on the mobile app on the final day of the stay.

Of course, you have to decide whether the five elite nights are worth the points you spend, since those points could also be used towards a free night that you’ll actually need on one of your trips.

All things considered, I’d say that the “mattress running” strategy only comes into the equation if you anticipate that you’ll be within touching distance of Platinum and only need those extra few nights to bring you over the edge.

The new Category 1 TownePlace Suites Petawawa doesn’t look too bad at all!

The new Category 1 TownePlace Suites Petawawa doesn’t look too bad at all!

…and the “Second Guest Trick”

The other angle, which should only be done at one’s own comfort with the practice, is to make hotel bookings for others.

Position yourself as the “go-to” person within your circle of friends and family for all their hotel needs – offer them your elite benefits in exchange for their elite night credits. If you pull it off, it’s a win-win situation.

Again, though, you’ll have to have some finesse about how you approach this, because Marriott and other hotel loyalty programs technically do not grant elite benefits nor qualifying nights when the member isn’t physically staying at the hotel.

I recently treated my dad to seven nights at the JW Marriott Hong Kong

I recently treated my dad to seven nights at the JW Marriott Hong Kong

The workaround is known as the “second guest trick”, where you make the reservation, then contact the hotel to add your friend or family member as the second guest, and say that they’ll be arriving first. 

When your friend or family member arrives, they can provide a credit card of their own to secure the reservation (and access the room), but if asked, make sure they say that you will be arriving later.

Otherwise, it’ll all be much ado about nothing, because no one gets the elite benefits and no one gets the elite qualifying nights. Needless to say, trust is paramount when doing this, and you should also be prepared not to receive the elite nights and benefits that you aren’t technically entitled to.

In theory, you could even combine the above two creative approaches: make cheap five-night bookings at Alberta’s Category 1 hotels, and then find a local friend to check-in on your behalf as your second guest to complete your mattress run. I’m surprised that no enterprising Albertans have started up a service for doing this yet. 😉

Bonus: Birthday Elite Night

Marriott traditionally gives its members one elite qualifying night as a birthday present every year.

In order to be eligible for the birthday night, you had to ensure that you’ve listed your birthday on your Marriott Bonvoy profile, and that you’ve also opted-in to all email communications from the program. Marriott would then send you an email on your birthday with a link to activate your elite qualifying night.

However, at the moment, Marriott’s website states the following:

“We are currently reevaluating the best way to recognize Birthdays for Members participating in Marriott Bonvoy™. At this time, The Birthday Elite Night Credit Benefit has been paused. We will provide Members an update as soon as it becomes available.”

— Marriott Bonvoy

It remains to be seen whether Marriott will bring back the Birthday Elite Night benefit at some point in the future. If so, it’ll be an easy one extra elite qualifying night for every annual cycle.

Bonus: Double Elite Nights Promotions

Starting in 2019, Marriott Bonvoy has offered targeted Double Elite Nights promotions on a rolling basis, with the most recent round occurring in Spring 2020. Members who were targeted for these promotions would earn two elite qualifying nights for every paid night that they stayed with Marriott.

These promotions are highly lucrative for those who were targeted, so if you happen to be targeted, then you’d be well-advised to shift as many of your paid stays over to Marriott as possible – and potentially even book a few mattress runs at cheap cash rates.

Bonus: The Platinum Challenge

Lastly, if you want to skip the 50-night requirement entirely, there’s always the option of taking the Platinum Challenge, which will grant you instant Platinum status if you stay 16 paid nights within a 90-day period. You can contact Marriott to request the Platinum Challenge, and any individual may only register for the challenge once every three years.

To be honest, with the requirement for paid stays, I don’t see the Challenge being too useful for those of you looking to achieve Platinum on the cheap. A savvy business traveller whose hotel expenses are reimbursed by the company can definitely take advantage of the Platinum Challenge with a bit of careful planning, but if your hotel strategy mainly consists of maximizing credit cards and award nights, then you’ll be best off sticking with the strategies outlined above to hit that aspirational 50-night target. 


Platinum Elite status within the Marriott Bonvoy program is certainly a status worth having, and the more you stay with Marriott, the more worthwhile it becomes. Fortunately, with the recent policy changes on the US side, you can get yourself more than halfway to that 50-night mark very easily by obtaining the personal and business US-issued Amex Bonvoy credit cards.

Should you successfully scrape together the remaining 20 nights via a combination of your organic paid or award stays, mattress running, and booking hotels for friends and family, then you’ll soon be enjoying the fruits of your labour along your travels as you savour on a delightful breakfast buffet or Club Lounge cocktail.

  1. Harvey

    Hi Ricky, I am stuck on the opening US domicile bank account step. When using TD’s cross border TD convenience checking account (saw your recommendation), it asks for SSN and US ID (driver’s license, passport). How were you able to bypass this step in opening an US bank account?

    1. Harvey

      Oops posted on the wrong blog, should be under the US credit card one

  2. Dan

    Do Marriott Free Night Certificates earn a elite night when used ?

    1. Jay*


  3. Christian

    Hey there, I’ve tried reading the terms and conditions and I don’t understand why this wouldn’t get me 30 nights. Could you help shed some light on it?

    I want to apply for the Canadian Bonvoy Business card and then the US Bonvoy Brilliant card. Would this not get me 15 + 15 nights?


    1. Ricky YVR

      You can only get 30 nights if you have both a US-issued personal card and a US-issued business card. Any other combination only results in 15 nights.

      1. Christian

        Thanks for the quick response Ricky! So as a Canadian with no US credit history would you recommend that I apply for the US personal card first and then wait for 6 months to apply for the US business card?

        1. Ricky YVR

          Yes, exactly.

          1. Andy YYZ

            I’m in the same boat & recently received my Bonvoy Brilliant card myself. Wouldn’t you have to own or work for a US-based business to get the business card, or am I missing something?

            1. Ricky YVR

              You could own a US-based sole proprietorship (which is when you simply do business in your own name, without the need for any business documents) to qualify.

              1. Andy YYZ

                Interesting… do you need an ITIN for that, or would a Global Card Transfer suffice?

  4. Helpful Fox

    Another great article!

  5. Chris

    In the US if you have the Bonvoy Brilliant American Express card you get a $300 Marriott credit and a free 50k point room stay each year. Add the Bonvoy Business American Express and get a free room up to 35k points. Together theses benefits add up to another 3-4 free nights per year but the cart do you have yearly fees.

  6. Alex

    Hey Ricky,
    If I apply for a personal Bonvoy in Canada and also in the US, and I also apply for the business Bonvoy in the US – will I get 15+30 nights (45 nights)?
    Also, if I hold a Canadian personal Bonvoy – why wouldn’t I get 15 nights for opening a US personal Bonvoy (without opting into the business).
    Also – are the elite nights awarded upon being approved for the card – or upon completing the minimum spend?
    And lastly – is the Platinum status received now (July 2020-August 2020) will remain till 2022 because of COVID?

    1. Ricky YVR

      Nope, the maximum you can get is 30 nights from the US personal and US business.

      They’re usually awarded within a few weeks of being approved. And yes, it will remain valid until February 2022 due to COVID.

      1. Alex

        Thanks Ricky.
        Bottom line: if I hold 2 US cards + 1 Canadian card – I will get 30 Elite nigths only (not 45)?
        Just curious: if a US dude opts into both personal and business US cards, gets his 30 nights, and later opts into a Canadian personal card – he wouldn’t get 15 nights for being approved in Canada?

        1. Ricky YVR

          Correct. US personal + US business gives 30 nights. Any other combination (or single card) gives only 15 nights. There is no other possible outcome.

          1. Rocky

            Any advice on how long to wait between applying and getting approval for the US personal Bonvoy Amex and then the US business Bonvoy Amex? Also, for the second application, is an ITIN required and if not, is it preferable?

  7. Jeff_IOM TOR

    Been platinum elite since Jan 2018 after a bonvoy hotel (error) credited us 52 nights (for a 5 night stay). Sadly; downgraded to gold elite finally in late march 2020 but already have 32 elite nights for the year. If travel opens up again in summer; I look forward to regaining platinum elite status where my family and I have been granted amazing upgrades, impressive rooms, suites and service all over the world.

    1. Ricky YVR

      That’s definitely one of the more fortuitous ways to earn Platinum!

  8. Jones

    Is it possible to do a Canadian Personal, and US Biz Amex for the 30? Thanks!

    1. Ricky YVR

      Nope, as I mentioned in the article, it’ll have to be a US personal card and a US business card. The good news is that only ~6 months of US credit history is required to get your first two Amex US products, so it’s still pretty accessible to Canadians.

  9. JL

    Hopefully getting 30 elite qualifying nights by having both the personal and business bonvoy american express cards will happen in Canada as well soon.
    Fingers crossed !

    1. Ricky YVR

      Hear hear!

  10. Lisa

    I was under the impression that the free night (birthday certificate) was given only after the anniversary date of getting the card and had nothing to do with my own birthday see https://www.marriott.com/loyalty/redeem/free-night-award-redemption.mi). My birthday is coming soon, should I try to get the certificate for an upcoming trip in September then?

    1. Lia

      You have no clue about the difference of a free night certificate and an Elite qualifying night.

  11. Michael

    If I reserved two rooms for 7 days how many nights will it give me?
    Thank you.

    1. Ricky YVR

      Still 7 nights, since Marriott only grants the elite qualifying nights on one booking under a person’s name even if you make simultaneous ones.

  12. Jason

    Have you tried using Cancelon to outsource your mattress running?

  13. Timbo2

    I believe that if one completed sufficient stays to achiever platinum status in a previous year that one of your platinum reward options for the next year is a credit for 5 Elite stays. I am assuming that this would stack with your 15 Elite night credit for Amex Bonvoy cards.

    1. Ricky YVR

      Those 5 extra elite nights are only applied in the same year that you earn Platinum status, so they can only be used to get closer to Titanium or Ambassador during the same year, rather than re-qualifying for Platinum the next year.

  14. Steven Sheret

    If any one is looking to book Cat 1’s in YYC I can help out ; ) Hit me up on the Prince of travel elite facebook group

    1. TJ

      You are awesome for this.

  15. yyc

    As of Nov 2019, you can now earn elite nights using an employee rate. If you know someone who works at Marriott, you can book a discounted room instead of paying the standard rate, and sometimes even cheaper than prevailing prepaid rates.

  16. John Bucher

    Does anyone know how long it takes for the conference meeting 10 elite nights to post?
    If there is a problem, where do you go on the site to get the missing nights?
    My meeting was on Dec2. Is it too soon to get concerned?

  17. Jeff_IOM TOR

    also… additional meetings .. do they get us any elite night credits?

    1. Ricky YVR

      Nope. 1 meeting and 10 elite nights per calendar year.

        1. Ricky YVR

          Correct. These comments would have been from 2019 and before.

  18. Jeff_IOM TOR

    Okay the ‘book a meeting’ (for 10 elite nights)… Does that work across All Marriott properties; including the courtyard, residence inn and cheaper properties in smaller towns like Barrie ontario?

    1. Ricky YVR


  19. Sash - YOW ✈ YOW

    Living in Ontario, I used the second guest trick with my friend who lives in Calgary to do a mattress run for me at a category 1.

  20. Martin

    Re: the "Second Guest Trick," are there any potential issues your guests should look out for regarding maximum occupancy? I booked a stay for my (2) parents through my Marriott account (Platinum). I wonder if they’ll have any issue since the rooms are usually for two people, but they’ll also be "expecting" me to arrive later, adding a third.

    1. Andrew

      Are you planning on staying with them at all? If not, I’d contact the property to arrange that you made the booking for your parents (as a gift), but you won’t be coming.

      In my experience, the hotel has been great and allowed me to take care of all the payment arrangements while still receiving EQNs + points. I don’t normally bring up the topic of EQNs + points to the property in hopes they’ll post it as usual.

  21. Joe Blow

    It’s really disappointing because these benefits used to be at the gold level under the old program.. and a Platinum Amex would get you there automatically.

    Makes the card less valuable

    1. Ricky YVR

      That was only a temporary situation as a result of the SPG/Marriott merger, it was never meant to be that generous.

      Think about it, if a single credit card granted you so many nice benefits, the benefits would be diluted and become less meaningful.

  22. Bob

    Hey Ricky, do you know what language we should be looking for in our “meeting” to get the 10 qualifying nights? Thanks!

  23. Sammy

    Hi Rick,

    For "Mattress Running". Let’s say if you book the hotel for 15 nights. If you only physically check in on the 5th night but do pay all 15 nights (with points), they will not give you 15 elite nights? they will only give you 10 instead?

    I recently just booked Courtyard Calgary South for 15 nights. The best part is there’s no additional fee/tax. So even for 2 adults / 2 children, it only cost 90,000 points. Also I can cancel the booking 2 days before the check in date.

  24. brendan

    How long does status last? So basically I take all year to acquire platinum status and get the 50 nights in November 2019. How long after that, if I didn’t get platinum status again in 2020, would it last?

    1. Ricky YVR

      Until February 2021. You basically get status for the rest of the calendar year in which you earned it, plus 14 months after that.

  25. jovin

    Do we know if the new 15 elite night credits count towards lifetime status? I believe they did on the old Marriott cards

    1. Ricky YVR

      Yes, my understanding is that they count.

  26. Paul

    Should I get the current American Express SPG or wait for the new Marriott Bonvoy? Afraid new card require min spending will go in line with other Amex products.

    1. Ricky YVR

      I don’t think we’ll see $5k or $7k spends on the Bonvoy products – they’re really meant to be mid-tier credit cards similar to the Gold or Cobalt rather than high-end premium ones. I’d wager $3k spend, max, if there are indeed any changes.

      To answer your question, though, I’d anticipate the new Bonvoy cards coming out relatively soon, so if you don’t urgently need the points, I’d say wait a bit and see how it plays out.

  27. Harley

    Ricky do you know if having the Canadian SPG Amex and the US SPG Amex means you get 15 qualifying nights each? I know that they changed it from the US side so that you only get 15 nights regardless of how many credit cards you hold on the other side of the border. Thanks!

    1. Jerry

      Read the article

      1. Harley

        In the time you took to write that you could have just written down the answer. I’m sure it’s not the first time you missed something in an article

        1. Jerry

          With this elite night bonus benefit being pretty much uniform across all Canadian and US co-branded credit cards (including all of the Amex-issued SPG cards and the Chase-issued Marriott cards in the US), it was made very clear that the 15-night credit would not stack between multiple credit cards – you can only earn a maximum of 15 elite nights no matter how many of the co-branded credit cards you hold.

  28. Alec

    What about Hilton. In the US they have a new Amex which gives you diamond status plus 150,000 points, plus lounge access. I’m looking into this as Marriott is getting harder to get status and maintain it!

  29. Alec

    Hi Ricky, what if get the Amex plat biz or Amex plat- does that give you 25 nites and gold elite?

    1. Ricky YVR

      You get automatic Gold Elite, but you don’t get 25 nights. You still have to earn those nights on your way to Platinum Elite the usual way.

  30. Steve

    Thanks for this! Just want to confirm – both the free night certificate (from the SPG/Marriott Amex card) and the 7 night travel package count as stays toward status?

    1. Ricky YVR


  31. Ana

    Do you know if you can complete the Platinum Challenge multiple years in a row? Thanks!

    1. Ricky YVR

      You can do it once every three years. So if you completed it for 2019 (thus earning status through to early 2021), you wouldn’t be able to sign up again until 2022.

  32. Peter

    I faintly remember transferring Marriott points across accounts had a fee attached to it once – is this still the case?

    1. Ricky YVR

      I think it used to be a $10 fee that was waived for Gold members and above, but I don’t believe that it’s charged anymore. Even if it were, it’s a relatively small price to pay.

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