Amex Shop Small Promotion: Up to $25 in Statement Credits

The ever-popular American Express Shop Small promotion has returned for another round during the month of October 2022, this time geared towards small business cards.

From October 3 to October 31, 2022, American Express small business cardholders may register their card and then earn a $5 statement credit upon spending $10 with a participating Shop Small merchant, up to five times in total on each eligible card, for a total of up to $25 in statement credits.

Register for Shop Small

This round of the American Express Shop Small promotion is available at designated physical storefronts across Canada, as well as participating online small businesses nationwide. 

(Note that unlike the previous round of Shop Small in the summer of 2022, this one doesn’t appear to be limited to Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, and Ottawa. Other Canadian cities have plenty of Shop Small-eligible retailers this time around as well.)

To enroll in Shop Small, head to your Amex Offers section on your online dashboard, and you should see the offer available to register. This round of the Shop Small offer appears to be geared towards business credit cards, including the American Express Business Platinum Card, American Express Aeroplan Business Reserve Card, and Marriott Bonvoy Business American Express Card.

Once you’ve registered, you can take advantage of the “Spend $10, Get $5” offer up to five times at any participating Shop Small retailer in Canada, for a total of up to $25 in statement credits. 

There’s a limit of 15,000 registrations for this offer, so it’s worth clicking “Add to Card” as soon as possible to make sure you’re eligible for the offer before it runs out. 

How It Works

You can use the Amex Shop Small Map to look up the participating retailers by filtering for both the “Shop Small” icon and the “Shop Small Offer Eligible” shopping tag.

You’ll find a list of participating locations across Canada, all marked with both the Shop Small logo and the red shopping tag.

You can also browse a list of Shop Small retailers, which includes in-store and online locations. There are quite a few registered charities on this list, so if you have any spare credits by the end of the summer, you could consider making a $10 donation to these charities and benefiting from both a $5 statement credit and a tax receipt.

The promotion is intended to reward you for shopping 10 separate times at five different Shop Small retailers. To that end, the terms state:

To be eligible for a $5 (CAD) statement credit, a qualifying purchase of at least $10 (CAD) in a single transaction, after taxes, must be charged to your registered Card at up to 5 different participating locations in Canada, during the offer period and subsequently posted to your account. A qualifying purchase of at least $10 (CAD) in a single transaction that is made directly at a different participating business or different location of the same participating business will qualify for one $5 (CAD) statement credit, up to a total of 5 statement credits or a maximum of $25 (CAD) in statement credits per registered Card during the offer period. One or more purchases made directly at the same business location or the same online business will only be eligible to qualify for one $5 (CAD) statement credit.

Therefore, you’ll most likely need to shop with five separate Shop Small merchants to get the full $25 in statement credits.

However, if you or your household members hold multiple American Express cards and have registered all of them, you could always split up a larger transaction into multiple $10 payments on separate cards, thus triggering one of the five $5 credits for each card used.

If you happen to overburden your cashier or waiter during the process of splitting up a large bill, remember to leave a generous tip (perhaps using yet another American Express card from your pack)!


American Express Shop Small is back for a second round in the fall of 2022, allowing you to earn up to $25 in statement credits when shopping with one of your American Express small business credit cards.

This promotion has certainly gotten less generous than in previous years, when Shop Small had offered up to $50 in statement credits (or even more in some cases) and it was possible to register all of your Amex cards under the Amex Offers dashboard as well. 

Still, it’s an opportunity to earn $25 back when getting coffee and ice cream, and you can scale these earnings with other cardholders in your household. Go forth and register all the eligible Amex cards you can get your hands on – and then get spending!

This is a recurring article, regularly updated with the latest round of offers. Some comments may refer to past offers that are no longer available.

  1. Herm

    It seems like this year the shop small offer isn’t as flexible as the previous years. In the previous years I could literally shop any local business that accepted Amex and I would get the credit in a matter of days. But it doesn’t seem to be the case this year.

    I’m just wondering if you HAVE TO shop at those businesses located in the Shop Small Map?

  2. Matthew

    Amex is essentially giving you a 50% discount of your “Shop Small” purchases assuming you don’t spend more than $10 (which is tougher now due to high inflation). That being said, its still a decent promotion 🙂 Kind of disappointed though its only available on select cards. In previous years all of my Amex cards had this promotion and it was a nice way to get $50 worth of statement credits to offsest the annula fees.

  3. ShawnPower VAN

    What manual link are you all using? I tried this one with all 5 of my #s but it keeps saying “Based on the Card Number you’ve entered, you can enroll in this offer and other personalized offers by logging into your American Express Account” yet when I login this offer isn’t under any of my cards?

  4. Heather

    So a popular promotion is now limited to just five cities in four provinces!!

    1. GL

      Almost as bad: I live in Edmonton and there are a handful of participating companies (storage, hair stylist, diagnostic lab, some sort of professional service, etc.). It would be hard to spend $10 at any of those places. There is only one place (candy store) where one could casually spend money.

  5. Ran

    Hi Ricky, thanks for this post.

    Are you planning to post a similar page for 2022 Amex Shop Small offer with a link to manual registration which worked for primary cards that did not get the offer AND supp cards. That would be super helpful!

    1. Ricky YVR

      If one becomes available, certainly.

  6. Jeff YYC YYC

    Found myself in Thunder Bay ON the other day. Had dinner alone on the patio at Tony Romas. Asked the server to split the bill in 2 and used Colbalt and Bonvoy. I just said “it’s a point thing” and she could have cared less.

  7. Richard

    Manual registration doesn’t always work. If you have the Amex Reserve charge card that used to be a Charter Member Amex Aero plat card, then when you try to register it manually you get the following message:
    “Our records show that you’ve already enrolled for this offer. We limit the number of times that a Cardmember can enroll for each offer.“

  8. Kai

    Is there a list of charities that provide the tax receipts and accepts Amex?

    1. fast tracker

      I was looking the same thing (Charities) like the last small shop. there was Unicef, red cross and several others. I only see war amps listed on the list. Anyone else see where there is a more extensive list of charities will provide receipts for $10 gifting? thanks.

  9. Trevor G


    $50 statement credit isn’t really moving the needle here. Incredibly disappointing!!!

    1. Ricky YVR

      Once you stack it across multiple cards, it becomes several hundred dollars.

  10. Lisa

    Hi Ricky,
    Is it possible to get this credit and also the 10x bonus points on the other offer at the same time? Thanks!

    1. Ricky YVR

      Yes, absolutely!

  11. L Lau

    Anyone know what the difference is on the map between the blue circle dots and the blue teardrop map markers?

  12. GUY

    Have anyone found registered Charities eligible for Small Shop that provide Tax Receipts for small donation, such as 10$ ?

  13. Janet

    Wouldn’t splitting the bill into multiple transactions cost these retailers more fees? Considering how many of them are struggling during Covid I just think this isn’t a good thing to encourage. Amex gets their fees regardless but the retailer will end up paying more out of pocket on this transaction.

    1. Ricky YVR

      My understanding is that Amex interchange fees are a pure percentage of the transaction with no flat component, so it’d all be the same. Not 100% on this though so someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

      1. Kenxiong

        My business accept Amex too, we got charge by %, as shown on our monthly merchant invoice. Ricky is correct.

  14. Roger

    I would be cautious of buying small retailer gift cards as the retailer could close up shop – leaving you with no recourse.

  15. Ralph

    The offer didn’t show up on any of my cards, but it did for my wife. I tried calling customer service, but they couldn’t help. I ended up using the manual registration for my platinum card, and now it shows up under offers registered to the card.
    The only offers for my biz gold are Dell and Panago, so I’ll have to manually register that card too.

    1. Ricky YVR

      Glad to hear the manual registration worked.

  16. colonel lake

    "you could always split up a larger transaction into multiple $10 payments on separate cards, thus triggering one of the 10 $5 credits for each card used", if the store permit it…

    1. Ricky YVR

      A smile and a bit of small talk goes a long way.

  17. Jerry Zhang

    oh how i wish I lived in a walking city like Toronto. Could spend a day just hitting up different food places. Though I guess mississauga isnt that far from downtown

  18. yyc

    Love this offer! Though I tend to shop in the same stores over and again. Spending at different stores can be quite challenging I hope it’s not strictly enforced.

  19. Karen

    Can the subsidiary card holder register for the small shop promotion too? Would you get up to $50 credit for the primary and another $50 credit for the secondary card.holder?

    1. Ricky YVR

      The terms don’t say anything about this, but it’s worth a go!

  20. DMoon

    Any info on online purchases?

    Going by track history AMEX offers/spend categories tend not to play well when masked behind a third party processor like Shopify (or heck if the payment is processed elsewhere like Uber Eats Amsterdam vs San Francisco). They seem to say that online purchases at eligible merchants will count towards it but most of them use something like Shopify for online transactions (for gift card for example)…

    1. Ricky YVR

      This is quite true in my experience, so I think it’s best to go with purchasing at a physical in-store location to be on the safe side.

  21. Miles

    I didn’t get any offer in my offers page but I manually entered all 5 of my cards. Fingers crossed that it will work. Thanks Ricky as always!

  22. pat

    thanks for this Ricky — btw, it is my experience that I will get statement credits for shopping at certain places that aren’t on the Shop Small map. Have you found that as well?

    1. Ricky YVR

      I haven’t experienced this, although it may happen randomly. In any case, sticking with the merchants on the Shop Small map would be the safest bet to unlock the credits ‚Ä쬆anything else would be a bonus.

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