Prince of Travel Launches Official Merchandise!

I have exciting news to share: we’ve launched our official Prince of Travel merchandise shop!

This has been a project many years in the making, and I’m delighted to have finally brought it to life.

You can now get your hands on official Prince of Travel merchandise, and it’s an easy way to support our work while representing us with pride as you travel the world. 

Shop Prince of Travel

Our merchandise shop launches with the following six branded items, and many more to come in the future.  


Dress up your travel-day outfit with a cozy and elegant Prince of Travel hoodie.

Available in maroon or black. 

Prince of Travel Hoodie


Channel your adventurous spirit by donning a pair of Prince of Travel sweatpants as you pursue your travel goals.

Available in maroon or black. 

Prince of Travel Sweatpants


Inject a sense of adventure into everyday life with the Prince of Travel standard tee.

Available in maroon or black. 

Prince of Travel T-Shirt


Sip your beverage from the Prince of Travel signature mug as you absorb all of our best travel tips and strategies.

Prince of Travel Mug


Bring a pair of Prince of Travel socks to keep your feet warm and comfortable on your next flight.

Prince of Travel Socks

Bag Tag

Show off your savvy at the airport by placing a Prince of Travel Elite bag tag on your luggage – and spot your fellow members of the Prince of Travel community!

Prince of Travel Bag Tag

Why Make Prince of Travel Merchandise?

Here at Prince of Travel, we operate as an online-only enterprise in nearly everything we do, whether that’s the written content here on the website, our YouTube videos, or our Prince of Travel membership.

Ever since the idea was first floated on one of our livestreams a while back, I’ve been excited about bringing to life some physical merchandise items as an additional way for our most dedicated supporters to carry on the Prince of Travel experience in everyday life.

Sip coffee from a Prince of Travel mug as you hop on to check the website in the morning, grab one of our apparel items to show your fellow business class occupants how you got there, or place a Prince of Travel Elite bag tag on your luggage to spot your fellow enthusiasts as you lounge-hop and suite-talk your way around the world. 

Prince of Travel Bag Tag

The six items you see today represent the beginning of our core selection of branded items, and I look forward to expanding our offerings in the coming months with a wider range of useful items for travellers, like face masks, water bottles, hats, and so on.

What’s more, now that our shop is launched, I’m very excited to channel our creativity in a brand-new way by crafting limited-edition items in the future – inspired as always by our core values of aspiration, adventure, and global citizenship, which we hope you’ll carry around the world with you as an owner of one of our merchandise items. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What suppliers do you work with?

We take great pride in sourcing high-quality North American suppliers for our apparel and lifestyle items. In particular, we work with Toronto-based apparel makers TEAMLTD to produce all of our garments. 

What sizes are available?

You can consult the individual product pages for the sizing charts for each item:

Are there discounts available?

Prince of Travel Gold, Platinum, and Royal Platinum members receive 5%, 10%, and 15% discounts on merchandise, respectively. Simply make your order while logged in and you’ll see the discount apply on the checkout page.

We’ll also be offering regular discounts throughout the year, starting with a coupon code for $20 off orders of $100+ to celebrate our launch – see below.  

Where do you ship?

For now, we ship to addresses in Canada and the United States only. We’re working to support international deliveries very soon. 

What’s the shipping cost?

We offer free shipping for orders over $75 (CAD), pre-discount. Otherwise, a flat shipping rate of $10 (CAD) applies. 

What’s the return policy?

You can view the full shipping and return policy here. We offer a 14-day return or exchange policy, with free return shipping for Gold, Platinum, and Royal Platinum members.

Returns will be processed to the original form of payment. 😉

Get Your Prince of Travel Merchandise Now

Click here to visit the Prince of Travel merchandise shop. If you’re a member, make sure to log in for your exclusive discount.

To celebrate our store’s launch, we’re offering a $20 discount off orders of $100+, through Sunday, February 13, 2022. Use coupon code TAKEOFF20 at checkout to apply the discount. 

As always, thank you so much for all of your support. I look forward to spotting some of your Prince of Travel bag tags in the airport lounge and saying hello! 

  1. AC


    1. Ricky YVR

      You’ll find some of the reasons listed in the article.

  2. Brian

    I just got my mug and bag tag today. They look awesome! Thank you!

    1. Ricky YVR

      Glad you like them. Enjoy!

  3. Vinh

    These look amazing! Can’t wait to show off my PoT bag tag 😉

  4. Mark


  5. Tom Stein


    1. Ricky YVR

      Thanks for your suggestion, but I’m not sure how we can offer branded personality types.

      1. Tom stein

        Put your pic.

  6. iv

    Where are these products made? If its China.. I’ll pass.

    1. Ricky YVR
      • Clothing and socks: Canada.
      • Mugs: USA.
      • Bag tags: China.
  7. Rich

    Holding out for an Amex platinum hoodie with my personalized referral link on the back.

  8. KC

    What is the size of the mug?

    1. Rohin YYZ

      Hey KC, the mug can hold 2 cups, or just under 0.5L of your favourite beverage!

  9. DJ

    Been a long time coming 😉

  10. Cameron

    Nice work Ricky, these look awesome!

  11. Jeff

    I am confused: are you looking for us to advertise your business – and also pay you for that? Isn’t it working the other way around usually?

    1. Ricky YVR

      Thanks for the question Alex. Nope, this isn’t paid advertising – it’s a merchandise shop.

      1. Lukas YYC

        To be fair, when I go to concerts the people at the merch table usually give me a free shirt and some money to advertise the band 😀

        1. Kendall

          Because it’s baked into the price of the concert ticket.

    2. Kendall

      People asked for merch, he’s just delivering. You don’t have to buy it

    3. JBC

      Yes, I question who would do this…

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