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Which Amex US Credit Card Should You Get First? [2020]
Miles & Points May 14, 2020

Are you planning to do an American Express Global Transfer to a US credit card, and trying to decide which...

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New Amex US Perks for 2020: How Can Canadians Benefit?
Miles & Points May 4, 2020

Amex US has introduced a suite of new benefits through the rest of 2020 in light of the pandemic. What...

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Amex US Extends Minimum Spending Window
Miles & Points Apr 3, 2020

In response to the challenging times, Amex US has taken the significant step of extending cardholders’ minimum spending windows by...

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Amex US: Avoiding the “Dreaded Pop-Up”
Miles & Points Mar 6, 2020

As you apply for Amex US credit cards, watch out for the “dreaded pop-up”, which combats unprofitable behaviour and denies...

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Video: Why the Hilton Aspire Card Is So Hot Right Now
Miles & Points Feb 16, 2020

This week’s video walks you through the incredible value that’s waiting to be unlocked in the Amex US Hilton Honors...

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Maximizing Your First Two Years of US Credit Cards
Miles & Points Feb 4, 2020

A rough timeline of how you should navigate your first two years of US credit card history, taking into account...

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Chase Sapphire Reserve to Increase Annual Fee
Miles & Points Jan 10, 2020

The Chase Sapphire Reserve will be increasing its annual fee by US$100 and introducing new benefits by Lyft and DoorDash....

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My US Credit Card Journey: 2019 Update
Miles & Points Oct 23, 2019

Getting into US credit cards is a long-term play, and in this post, we’re checking in on my US credit...

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Video: The Credit Card Game in the US vs. Canada
Miles & Points Sep 28, 2019

In this video, we talk about the major differences between the credit card game in the US and Canada, to...

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Video: Getting US Credit Cards for Canadians
Miles & Points Aug 4, 2019

Episode 7 of the Intro to Miles & Points series focuses on how Canadians can get started with US credit...

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