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Refunds & Chargebacks on Cancelled Flights: What You Need to Know
Travel Talk Mar 24, 2020

Airlines across Canada have cancelled their flights and are reluctant to issue full refunds to affected customers. Here’s what you...

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Airbnb… or Air Buyer ‘n’ Beware?
Travel Talk Sep 30, 2020

Kirin shares his thoughts on Airbnb as a lodging service: what are the pros and cons of the service from...

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A Guide to COVID-19 Travel Insurance for Canadians
Travel Talk Sep 22, 2020

COVID-19 travel insurance will be a key consideration before embarking on any international trips for the foreseeable future. What are...

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Video: Secret Flight Tricks & Strategies
Travel Talk Sep 12, 2020

The most avid travellers out there leverage a series of tips, tricks, secrets, and strategies to maximize their gains in...

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My Experience Getting a COVID-19 PCR Test
Travel Talk Sep 8, 2020

I recently got a COVID-19 PCR test done in Montreal as a precaution before taking a domestic trip. Here's my...

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If You’re Flying, Check This List of Public COVID-19 Exposures
Travel Talk Aug 4, 2020

The Government of Canada has released a new resource for keeping track of public COVID-19 exposures during recent travel, which...

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Flying with Pets: What You Need to Know
Travel Talk Aug 1, 2020

T.J. brings us a guide to everything you need to know about flying with your pet on Canadian airlines. Cute...

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How to Use FlightConnections Like a Pro
Travel Talk Jun 15, 2020

“Which airlines fly where?” FlightConnections is a powerful tool that answers this question in a visual and user-friendly way, making...

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How to Use Google Flights Like a Pro
Travel Talk Jun 29, 2020

Google Flights has become my one-stop shop for booking flights, researching routes, and planning upcoming trips. Here’s a rundown of...

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How to Use ITA Matrix Like a Pro, Part 1
Travel Talk Jul 22, 2020

ITA Matrix is one of the most powerful ways to search for flights and understand the inner workings of airfare...

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