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Taxes and Fees on Flights: What You Need to Know
Guides Nov 16, 2022

The taxes, fees, and surcharges that you pay when booking a flight vary wildly and depend on a number of...

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What Is the UK Air Passenger Duty (APD)?
Guides Oct 25, 2022

Most air passengers departing from the United Kingdom by air are subject to the Air Passenger Duty, which adds an...

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An Introduction to Cask Ales
Guides Sep 29, 2022

Cask ales are a unique style of beer, typically served warmer and flatter than regular beer, and dispensed manually from...

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How to Book a Trip to Disneyland on Points
Guides Sep 27, 2022

Disneyland is a perennially popular destination for families, but using Miles and Points can help reduce the cost significantly.

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Mobile Passport Control for Transborder Flights Now Available in Canada
Deals Sep 7, 2022

When travelling to the United States, you can use the Mobile Passport Control app to enter your passport information, saving...

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10 Tips for Your First Visit to the Faroe Islands
Guides Sep 6, 2022

Here are 10 tips for your first visit to the Faroe Islands, a fascinating archipelago in the middle of the...

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One-Way vs. Round-Trip Flights: Which Should You Book?
Guides Aug 31, 2022

There are pros and cons to booking one-way and round-trip flights, but you can take advantage of both to save...

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EU Tax Refunds: Save Money on Shopping in Europe
Guides Aug 22, 2022

Visitors to Europe may be eligible for a VAT refund. While there are many steps involved, you could get back...

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How to Book the Cook with Singapore Airlines
Guides Aug 19, 2022

Singapore Airlines has the Book the Cook service, a unique feature that allows premium passengers to pre-order their meals from...

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Family Travel in Ireland, Part 2: Killarney
Guides Aug 17, 2022

My family spent some time in and around Killarney on a trip to Ireland. The area was beautiful, and there...

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