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“Suite-Talking”: How to Get Amazing Hotel Suite Upgrades
Guides Dec 28, 2023

The art of "suite-talking" will give you vastly superior hotel upgrade experiences compared to just waiting and hoping to receive...

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Taxes and Fees on Flights: What You Need to Know
Guides Dec 27, 2023

The taxes, fees, and surcharges that you pay when booking a flight vary greatly and depend on many factors. How...

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Mobile Passport Control: Expedite Your Entry into the United States
Guides Dec 20, 2023

When travelling to the US, you can use the Mobile Passport Control app to enter your passport information in advance,...

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Vehicle Relocations: Save Money on Car, Campervan, and RV Rentals
Guides Nov 27, 2023

With vehicle relocations, you can get car, campervan, and RV rentals for a fraction of the price all over the...

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The Best Roaming Solutions for International Travel
Guides Oct 6, 2023

Staying connected when travelling abroad can be difficult and expensive. Here are some helpful and affordable roaming options for travelling...

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What Is the UK Air Passenger Duty (APD)?
Guides Aug 9, 2023

Most air passengers departing from the United Kingdom by air are subject to the Air Passenger Duty, which adds an...

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EU261 Compensation: Your Rights on European Flights
Guides Jul 5, 2023

EU261 offers protections to passengers travelling to, from, and within Europe, entitling you to cash compensation for flight delays or...

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Air Passenger Protection Regulations: Your Rights on Canadian Flights
Guides Jun 30, 2023

Here's a summary of Canada's Air Passenger Protection Regulations, which cover a range of situations you may encounter during your...

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How to Handle Flight Delays & Cancellations
Guides Jun 30, 2023

For the summer travel season, here's a comprehensive guide for dealing with and seeking compensation for flight delays and cancellations...

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How Do Airline Bid Upgrades Work?
Guides May 11, 2023

Bid upgrades are offered on a host of airlines around the world. They are another tool for the savvy traveller...

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