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EU261 Compensation: Your Rights on European Flights
Travel Talk Jul 7, 2022

EU261 offers protections to passengers travelling to, from, and within Europe, entitling you to cash compensation for flight delays or...

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Air Passenger Protection Regulations: Your Rights on Canadian Flights
Travel Talk Jul 4, 2022

Canada's Air Passenger Protection Regulations cover a range of situations you can encounter during your travels. Here's a summary of...

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How to Handle Flight Delays & Cancellations
Travel Talk Jun 30, 2022

With travel surging back, here's a comprehensive guide to how you can deal with and seek compensation for flight delays...

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Cocktails Around the World: 23 Global Libations to Sip on Your Travels
Travel Talk Jun 28, 2022

Here are 23 different cocktails from around the world to try out along your travels, perhaps you’ll find a new...

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Changes to Canada’s Air Passenger Protection Regulations
Travel Talk Jun 24, 2022

Upcoming changes to Canada's Air Passenger Protection Regulations will provide refunds in a broader range of situations. Here's what you...

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How to Approach Difficult Award Searches
Miles & Points Jun 17, 2022

Let's look at some ways to strategically approach award space searches, using examples with some of the most popular airline...

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The Best Roaming Solutions for International Travel
Travel Talk May 24, 2022

Staying connected when travelling abroad can be difficult and expensive. Here are some helpful and affordable roaming options for travelling...

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The Best Travel Gear for Families
Travel Talk May 12, 2022

Travelling with kids usually means travelling with a lot of extra stuff. Here are some suggestions to streamline your family...

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How to Use ITA Matrix Like a Pro
Travel Talk May 11, 2022

ITA Matrix is one of the most powerful ways to search for flights and understand the inner workings of airfare...

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The Best Ways to Get Foreign Cash for Travel
Travel Talk May 3, 2022

In this article, let's take a look at five of the best ways you can turn Canadian dollars into foreign...

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