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Success Story: MacKenzie’s Avios Multi-Carrier Award to Asia
Miles & Points Jun 1, 2020

Our Reader Success Story for the month of May features MacKenzie M., who shares with us his Avios multi-carrier award...

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Success Story: Matt’s Frugal Round-the-World Solo Trip
Miles & Points Apr 30, 2020

The Reader Success Story for April 2020 comes from Matt B., who shares with us his experience taking a solo...

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Success Story: Becca’s Trip to Africa and Australia, All on Points
Miles & Points Apr 1, 2020

The Reader Success Story for March 2020 features Becca N., who travelled to Africa and Australia on an epic Aeroplan-inspired...

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Success Story: Tyler’s Marriott Moments Sports Weekend in California
Miles & Points Feb 27, 2020

February’s Reader Success Story features Tyler C., who booked a memorable sports weekend in California using the lucrative Marriott Bonvoy...

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Success Story: Jennie’s Aeroplan Mini-RTW Dream Honeymoon to Asia
Miles & Points Feb 1, 2020

The Reader Success Story for January 2020 comes from Jennie C., who shares with us her experience starting from scratch...

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Success Story: Rachel’s Segment Run for Air Canada Elite 35K
Miles & Points Jan 1, 2020

This month’s Reader Success Story features Rachel’s “segment run” for Elite 35K status under the recent Air Canada status challenge,...

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Success Story: Sarah’s Family Trip to Iceland
Miles & Points Dec 2, 2019

The November 2019 Reader Success Story comes from Sarah R., who shares with us her experience using points to book...

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Success Story: Alex’s “Stitched-Together” Aeroplan Family Getaway
Miles & Points Oct 31, 2019

October’s Reader Success Story comes from Alex K., who successfully used Aeroplan miles to “stitch together” a trip to Moldova,...

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Success Story: Daniel’s Las Vegas Adventure
Miles & Points Sep 30, 2019

The Reader Success Story for September 2019 features Daniel R., who leveraged low-fee credit cards to cover his costs and...

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