Reader Success Stories

How Prince of Travel Made Our 20th Anniversary Trip a Dream Come True
Insights Dec 31, 2022

In this guest post, Prince of Travel Royal Platinum member Joe Dunbar shares his experience booking his dream 20th anniversary...

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Success Story: MacKenzie’s Avios Multi-Carrier Award to Asia
Insights Jun 1, 2020

Our Reader Success Story for the month of May features MacKenzie M., who shares with us his Avios multi-carrier award...

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Success Story: Matt’s Frugal Round-the-World Solo Trip
Insights Apr 30, 2020

The Reader Success Story for April 2020 comes from Matt B., who shares with us his experience taking a solo...

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Success Story: Becca’s Trip to Africa and Australia, All on Points
Insights Apr 1, 2020

The Reader Success Story for March 2020 features Becca N., who travelled to Africa and Australia on an epic Aeroplan-inspired...

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Success Story: Tyler’s Marriott Moments Sports Weekend in California
Insights Feb 27, 2020

February’s Reader Success Story features Tyler C., who booked a memorable sports weekend in California using the lucrative Marriott Bonvoy...

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Success Story: Jennie’s Aeroplan Mini-RTW Dream Honeymoon to Asia
Insights Feb 1, 2020

The Reader Success Story for January 2020 comes from Jennie C., who shares with us her experience starting from scratch...

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Success Story: Rachel’s Segment Run for Air Canada Elite 35K
Insights Jan 1, 2020

This month’s Reader Success Story features Rachel’s “segment run” for Elite 35K status under the recent Air Canada status challenge,...

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Success Story: Sarah’s Family Trip to Iceland
Insights Dec 2, 2019

The November 2019 Reader Success Story comes from Sarah R., who shares with us her experience using points to book...

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Success Story: Alex’s “Stitched-Together” Aeroplan Family Getaway
Insights Oct 31, 2019

October’s Reader Success Story comes from Alex K., who successfully used Aeroplan miles to “stitch together” a trip to Moldova,...

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Success Story: Daniel’s Las Vegas Adventure
Insights Sep 30, 2019

The Reader Success Story for September 2019 features Daniel R., who leveraged low-fee credit cards to cover his costs and...

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