Canada Jetlines

Canada Jetlines to Launch New US Routes
News Nov 10, 2022

Canada Jetlines has announced its first transborder routes between Toronto and two US destinations, set to launch on January 19,...

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Canada Jetlines to Launch Toronto–Vancouver Route
News Oct 21, 2022

Canada Jetlines has doubled its fleet size from one Airbus A320 to two, and will commence operations on the Toronto–Vancouver...

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Canada Jetlines Delays Launch to September 22
News Aug 26, 2022

Canada Jetlines has announced a delay from August 29 to September 22 for its initial launch date, when it will...

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Canada Jetlines: New Low-Cost Airline Soon to Take Flight
News Aug 19, 2022

A new ultra low-cost carrier is soon to take flight in Canada. Jetlines is set for an inaugural flight on...

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