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RBC Avion & British Airways Cards: Record-High Offers Across the Board!
Miles & Points Sep 13, 2021

The RBC Avion Visa Infinite, Visa Platinum, and Visa Infinite Privilege have all bumped up their signup bonuses to a...

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30% Transfer Bonus from RBC Avion to British Airways Avios
Miles & Points Aug 11, 2021

After a two-year hiatus, RBC Avion is once again offering a 30% transfer bonus to British Airways Avios until September...

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A Refresher on Searching for British Airways Avios Awards
Miles & Points Aug 9, 2021

The British Airways search engine can get quite inefficient at times. Here's a refresher on the best ways to locate...

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British Airways Avios: Another Sneaky Devaluation on Partner Awards
Miles & Points Aug 2, 2021

Without any notice, British Airways Avios has devalued the short-haul pricing structure of partner awards on Cathay Pacific and Japan...

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40% Transfer Bonus from HSBC Rewards to British Airways Avios
Miles & Points Jul 12, 2021

HSBC Rewards has added a very attractive 40% transfer bonus to British Airways Avios for the month of July.

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Buy British Airways Avios with a 50% Bonus
Miles & Points Jun 21, 2021

British Airways Avios is offering a 50% bonus on buying Avios until July 4, 2021. Under what circumstances should you...

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Avios Multi-Carrier Awards: What’s New in 2021
Miles & Points Jun 18, 2021

We decided to test the waters on the British Airways Avios multi-carrier award to see if anything has changed in...

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Redeeming Oneworld Miles on Alaska Airlines Flights
Miles & Points Apr 6, 2021

Now that Alaska Airlines has joined the Oneworld alliance, you can use their new partners' award programs to book Alaska...

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British Airways Avios: Subtle Devaluation on Short-Haul Flights
Miles & Points Mar 17, 2021

British Airways Avios has implemented an overnight devaluation on short-haul intra-European flights, with costs going up by 750 Avios per...

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50% Discount on British Airways Avios Awards!
Miles & Points Oct 6, 2020

For one week only, British Airways Avios is offering a promotion that gives you up to a 50% discount on...

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