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Review: Trans-Siberian Railway Third Class Novosibirsk to Irkutsk
Reviews Nov 10, 2018

Find out what it’s like to travel as a Third Class citizen on the Trans-Siberian Railway as our journey continues...

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Novosibirsk, the Heart of Siberia
Travel Talk Nov 1, 2018

I spent two days in Siberia’s largest city, getting a taste of what day-to-day life looks like in this relatively...

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Review: Trans-Siberian Railway First Class Nizhny Novgorod to Novosibirsk
Reviews Oct 21, 2018

The full review of my 41-hour train ride to Novosibirsk in the First Class carriages of the Trans-Siberian Railway. What...

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Reflections from the Trans-Siberian Railway
Travel Talk Jul 28, 2018

In this post, I share my immediate reflections from my 12-day journey from Moscow to Beijing along the Trans-Siberian Railway.

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I’m Taking the Trans-Siberian Railway!
Travel Talk May 20, 2018

I will be making the journey from Moscow to Beijing along the Trans-Siberian Railway this summer, and in this post...

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Should I Take the Trans-Siberian Railway?
Travel Talk Mar 30, 2018

I've been plotting a way to get to Beijing after visiting Russia for the World Cup, and the idea of...

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Exploring Hanoi’s Old Quarter
Travel Talk Mar 8, 2018

We strolled through Hanoi's Old Quarter for the better part of a day, absorbing the variety of cultural influences at...

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24-Hour Layover: Bangkok
Travel Talk Feb 19, 2018

Find out how I spent my quick visit to Thailand's cosmopolitan capital in this real-life installment to the 24-Hour Layover...

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Ubud Highlights
Travel Talk Jan 30, 2018

Ubud is Bali's paradise for nature lovers, where stunning waterfalls, scenic hikes, and cascading rice fields await you.

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A Local’s Guide to Beijing
Travel Talk Nov 9, 2017

Check out my guest post for Journalist On The Run, in which I give you some precious insider knowledge for...

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