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Superior King Room
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Marriott Platinum
January 2022

For my first night in Tokyo on my Winter 2023 trip to Japan, I spent a night at the Tokyo Marriott Hotel. I was looking for a hotel that was relatively easy to access from Tokyo Haneda, as well as one that offered decent value for a short stay.

My expectations going into my stay weren’t very high, especially when compared to some of Tokyo’s finer hotels. Nevertheless, I was looking forward to beginning my tour of the city, which began in Shinagawa City.

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Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Booking

I booked my stay under a favourable industry rate, which was another reason why I opted to stay here on my first night.

Regular cash rates at the Tokyo Marriott Hotel fall at around ¥40,000 ($400 CAD), dipping to ¥35,000 ($350 CAD) in periods of lower demand and rising to around ¥48,000 ($480 CAD) when it gets busy.

A booking made with Marriott Bonvoy points will cost 48,000–63,000 points per night, with an average of around 52,000 points. This puts it just above the 50,000-point threshold for using a topped-up 35,000-point Free Night Award.

You won’t necessarily get great value out of a points redemption at the Tokyo Marriott Hotel. With our current valuation of Marriott Bonvoy points at 0.9 cents per point, you’ll likely get around the same value.

It’s likely best to hang on to your points for a stay for which you can get outsized value, and perhaps booking with a corporate rate that you might have access to instead.

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Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Location

The Tokyo Marriott Hotel is located in Shinagawa City, within close proximity to the transit hub at Shinagawa Station.

The hotel runs a complimentary shuttle to Shinagawa Station, which would otherwise take around 15 minutes to access by foot or less than 10 by car or transit.

From Shinagawa Station, you can easily access many of Tokyo’s major highlights. 

You’ll find yourself at Tokyo Tower within an hour by foot or half an hour by transit, depending on how you’d like to get there.

You’re not far from Tokyo Bay, which is a nice spot for a run or to check out the fascinating Rainbow Bridge.

You can find yourself at the base of the SkyTree in around 45 minutes from the hotel on the Asakusa line. 

Shibuya City is around 20 minutes by train, where you can see one of the world’s most interesting intersections with your own eyes.

The peaceful Gotenyama Garden is just steps from the hotel, offering a tranquil space in the middle of the city.

Tokyo Haneda Airport is around 35 minutes from the hotel by transit or 20 minutes by car, while Tokyo Narita is around 90 minutes by car or by train.

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Check-in

I arrived at the hotel in the evening, following a long-haul flight in ANA “The Suite” First Class from New York (JFK) to Tokyo Haneda. At the time, I wasn’t aware of the free shuttle service to and from Shinagawa Station, which would have made my trek much less arduous with a suitcase and snowboard in tow.

The rather drab exterior of the hotel is visible from far away, with a brown façade and curved edges being the most prominent features.

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Exterior
Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Exterior
Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Entrance

The main entrance of the hotel is close to the main restaurant, and there’s a concierge desk with staff who offer to assist with luggage. I gladly accepted their offer, being both exhausted from my travels as well as tired from lugging all of my gear by foot from Shinagawa Station.

There are a few seating options in the hallway leading up to the check-in desks. You’ll find a handful of couches and some single armchairs tucked against the walls, as well as some purple loungers immediately outside of the check-in area.

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Lobby lounge
Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Lobby lounge

The concierge dropped me off at the check-in desks and coordinated my luggage with the associate. 

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Check-in desks

The associate noted my Platinum Elite status, and went through the hotel’s various facilities, including the Executive Lounge. I didn’t engage in any “suite-talking” this time around, nor did I apply a Suite Night Award to my booking, and didn’t receive any proactive upgrades based on my status.

Once we were all set, I made my way over to the elevators and up to the 22nd floor, where I’d find my much-awaited bed for the night.

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Elevators
Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Hallway
Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Room 2212

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Superior King Room

As I entered the room, it reminded me of some of the other Marriott hotels I’d stayed in over the past year. There was nothing remarkable that stood out to differentiate it from other properties, which I’m learning is maybe something done by design.

Upon entering the room, there’s a small hallway that leads past a closet and the door to the bathroom, and through to the bedroom.

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Superior King Room foyer

In the closet are the standard bathrobes, ironing board, and coathangers.

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Superior King Room closet

The king bed takes up most of the space in the bedroom. Notably, there aren’t any tables on either side of the bed, and perhaps calling it a king was a bit generous.

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Superior King Room bedroom
Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Superior King Room bed

At the foot of the bed is a purple armchair and a glass coffee table. The room’s view looked out over a busy city, which was nice to soak in both at night and during the day.

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Superior King Room armchair & coffee table
Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Superior King Room view

At the other corner of the room is a table with a single chair, which also doubles as the room’s desk. 

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Superior King Room table & chair

The room’s flat-screen TV is mounted above a storage unit. The position of the TV was a bit awkward for watching from the bed, but it’s in a decent position if you’re sitting in the armchair in the corner of the room.

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Superior King Room flat-screen TV & storage console

On top of the storage console is the room’s coffee maker, and inside is a mini-fridge.

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Superior King Room coffee maker
Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Superior King Room mini-fridge

The room’s bathroom features a Japanese-style toilet, a shower/bathtub combo, and a single-sink vanity under a large square mirror.

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Superior King Room bathroom
Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Superior King Room toilet
Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Superior King Room bathtub/shower combo

Overall, the room was entirely comfortable for a short stay, and I imagine it would have also fit the bill for a longer stay. I didn’t find that it was a particularly well-appointed room, both in amenities provided and the setup. 

Not that it’s a big deal, but absent from the room was any sort of welcome note or gift from the hotel. 

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Breakfast

Breakfast is served in the hotel’s main restaurant, Lounge & Dining G, located on the main floor of the hotel. Breakfast service begins at 7am and ends at 11am daily.

I enjoyed breakfast as a complimentary benefit with my Platinum Elite status. Otherwise, access to the breakfast buffet costs 4,500 JPY ($45 CAD). 

Lounge & Dining G occupies a large island within the hotel’s lobby. There are a number of seating options available for guests, including booths, tables for two, and larger tables.

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Lounge & Dining G entrance
Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Lounge & Dining G seating

I was looking forward to a hearty breakfast after a jet-lag interrupted sleep. I came down in the mid-morning after getting an early start to my work day, and spent the better part of an hour enjoying a casual breakfast.

The breakfast buffet is split up into three different stations, each with its own set of options.

At the hot buffet station, you’ll find rice, Japanese pickled accompaniments, miso soup, spicy chicken curry, grilled fish, baked vegetables, sausages, two types of soup, fresh tofu, and an udon station.

In the centre of the restaurant is a cold buffet station, complete with a salad bar, cold cuts, cheeses, cereal, fresh fruits, yogurts, and fresh-pressed juices.

Next to the cold buffet area is an island with baked goods, including sweet and savoury buns, breads, croissants, and a full honeycomb.

Restaurant staff also come by to take hot beverage orders. 

I opted to sip on a cappuccino and some matcha tea while I made my way through the various buffet areas. In particular, I enjoyed the spicy chicken curry and udon soup, which I enjoyed more than once during my visit.

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Lounge & Dining G spicy chicken curry
Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Lounge & Dining G breakfast spread
Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Lounge & Dining G udon soup

Overall, I’d say that the breakfast buffet is one of the hotel’s stronger points, although it wasn’t quite as extensive or fulsome as other top-tier spreads I’ve enjoyed at other hotels.

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Executive Lounge

I also enjoyed access to the hotel’s Executive Lounge with my Platinum Elite status. Guests who are staying on Executive-level rooms also have access included with their stay.

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Executive Lounge entrance
Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Executive Lounge entrance

On the night of my arrival, I popped by for a quick glass of sparkling wine while soaking in the nighttime skyline views. It was quite busy at the time, with many guests nibbling on the evening hors d’oeuvres spread that had been put away by the time I made my way up. 

The Executive Lounge at the Tokyo Marriott Hotel offers sweeping views of the surrounding area. Many of the lounge’s tables sit directly in front of the windows, offering a perfect spot to sip on a drink while watching the red lights on top of Tokyo’s buildings twinkle in the night sky.

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Executive Lounge seating
Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Executive Lounge seating
Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Executive Lounge seating

While the evening snacks had been put away by the time I arrived, the complimentary drinks and some desserts were still available.

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Executive Lounge desserts

You’ll find a variety of hard and soft drinks at your disposal, including beer, wine, hard alcohol, coffee, tea, and fridge full of soft drinks.

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Executive Lounge complimentary drinks
Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Executive Lounge complimentary drinks

After a 14-hour flight in First Class, I wasn’t feeling particularly thirsty, but opted to sip on a glass of sparkling wine and a sparkling water while I gazed out the windows.

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Executive Lounge sparkling wine & sparkling water

I returned to the lounge the next day after breakfast to get some work done before checking out. It was much quieter at the time, with the only other occupants present doing interviews for Singapore Airlines flight attendants.

There were some towers of snacks available during the day, as well 

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Executive Lounge snacks

If you have access to the Executive Lounge at the Tokyo Marriott Hotel, be sure to come by in the evening for a nice view of the area and some free drinks. 

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Other Facilities

Aside from Lounge & Dining G, the hotel offers G Wa Selection, which serves sushi and creative Franco-Japanese dishes. It’s open from 5–10pm on Monday, Thursday, and Friday, as well as from 12–3pm and 5–10pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Since I stayed on a Wednesday, I didn’t have the chance to visit the restaurant.

Nestled within Lounge & Dining G is Pastry & Bakery GGCo., a coffee shop that serves up fresh pastries. It’s open from 10am–8pm daily.

Pastry & Bakery GGCo.

The hotel’s fitness centre is located on the ground floor of the hotel, not far from the check-in desks.

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Fitness centre entrance

The room features a fairly light selection of equipment, including treadmills, stair-climbing machines, exercise bikes, free weights, and strength-training machines.

Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Fitness centre
Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Fitness centre
Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Fitness centre


The Tokyo Marriott Hotel fits the bill as a standard business-oriented Marriott hotel. Its location near Shinagawa Station is great for getting around to other parts of the city, although there isn’t much of note within the hotel’s immediate vicinity.

The hotel’s strong points include a relatively comprehensive breakfast buffet at Lounge & Dining G, as well as the Executive Lounge for eligible guests. 

The rooms leave a lot to be desired, with functional but otherwise unremarkable setups, and the hotel otherwise lacks facilities to make for a more comfortable stay.

If you have business that brings you to this part of the city, be sure to consider the Tokyo Marriott Hotel, but you might otherwise want to look elsewhere for a more well-rounded stay.

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