Review: Capital One Lounge Dallas

DFW, Terminal D
August 2023

We began our honeymoon with a flight from Dallas to Istanbul in Turkish Airlines business class. Prior to the flight, I made a point to pop by the Capital One Lounge Dallas, which had been on my radar since its opening in 2021.

This is Capital One’s inaugural flagship lounge, with several more set to open at various US airports in the near future. What’s more, the lounge seems to be leading the way for other card-branded lounges in North America, as it has set a fairly high standard.

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Capital One Lounge Dallas – Access

The Capital One Lounge Dallas is located airside in Terminal D, just past security. You can either walk there or hop on the airport’s SkyTrain.

When you arrive, the lounge is located near Gate D22, accessible via an elevator that also serves the American Airlines Flagship Lounge.

Cardholders of the Capital One Venture X enjoy unlimited complimentary access to the lounge, while those with the Capital One Venture or Capital One Spark Miles cards are entitled to two free visits annually.

Additionally, Turkish Airlines grants its business class flyers access to the lounge, which is how we gained access prior to our flight.

Without credit card privileges or a business class ticket, entry comes at a fairly hefty $65 (USD) fee.

The lounge’s hours are from 6am–9pm, and entry requires presenting your boarding pass within three hours of your departure.

Upon approaching the lounge, I was greeted by the glass entrance showcasing the signs for both the Capital One Lounge and the American Airlines Flagship Lounge nearby. The terminal floor features a shared entrance and lobby area, adorned with striking grey and black marble walls.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Access

To the right, there’s a well-designed seating and workspace, accentuated by contemporary lighting. This leads to the elevator lobby, your gateway to the lounge levels above.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Elevator lobby

The elevator space boasts a modern aesthetic, enhanced by LED lighting, which sets the tone for an upscale experience.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Elevator access

Heading into the elevator, I was whisked up to the Capital One Lounge. Once you step out of the elevator, head left towards the check-in area.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Signage

Just before you reach the front desk, you’ll notice luggage lockers conveniently placed on your right. This is a thoughtful feature that I wish more lounges would incorporate.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Luggage lockers

At the desk, I presented my boarding pass, and we were quickly granted access to the lounge.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Check-in desk

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Seating

Spanning approximately 10,000 square feet, the lounge is expansive yet thoughtfully segmented, and predominantly boats an open-concept design.

From the moment I stepped in, the lounge’s interior captured my attention. The subtle wood textures are juxtaposed against a backdrop of muted greys and light-toned curved furnishings.

The lounge was designed to emphasize eco-friendliness and tranquility. The space accentuates its connection with Dallas, as it’s adorned with over 55 pieces of local artwork.

As you enter, a distinctive rounded communal table centred around a tree catches the eye. The table includes seating, charging outlets, and USB ports.

This would be an ideal spot if you happen to be pressed for time, or need to get some work done.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Seating

Just beyond this, a room is partitioned off, which features a row of banquette seating.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Seating

Adjacent to this is seating for two, accompanied by a few smaller communal tables, also with outlets and USB ports.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Seating

Further in and to the right, the main seating area unfolds, showcasing two-top and four-top tables, additional banquette seating and a selection of high-top tables.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Seating
Capital One Lounge Dallas – Seating
Capital One Lounge Dallas – Seating

At the far end, windows offer a view of the tarmac. This area boasts a mix of wingback chairs, armchairs, and long work tables. It’s semi-partitioned for a touch of privacy.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Seating
Capital One Lounge Dallas – Seating
Capital One Lounge Dallas – Tarmac view

Just a short distance away, you’ll come across more seating options by the bar.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Seating

The abundance of power outlets spread across the lounge was very much appreciated, given that we had lots of devices to charge prior to our long-haul journey.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Dining

Nestled within the Capital One Lounge are multiple food and beverage outlets, each thoughtfully catering to different needs.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Buffet area

Just a stone’s throw from the entrance lies the grab-and-go fridge, which is stocked generously with quick options that are all prepared daily in the in-house kitchen.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Grab-and-go options

Within the fridge, you can find several juices, different sandwiches, salads, yogurt, and a variety of soda waters.

For those with more time to spare, the lounge offers a buffet located just behind the to-go section. The food selection is regionally sourced selections by local chefs that rotate based on the seasons.

At the time of my visit, there were mini-dishes consisting of tortilla soup, salad, mac & cheese, spicy buffalo cauliflower, ginger chicken, meatball sliders, mushroom and cauliflower rice.

There was also some finger food, as well as a dispenser with nuts and chocolate-covered candy.

Among the desserts were baklava, brownies, and cookies. Lastly, there was a selection of pastries and bread.

There are several beverage stations in the lounge, in addition to the cold fridge.

For those caffeine aficionados or folks just needing a little pick-me-up, there’s a grab-and-go coffee station with hot or cold options. Otherwise, barista-made coffee is available at the bar.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Coffee station

An array of soft drinks, ginger ale, sweet and iced teas are available at the buffet.

I really appreciated the dining setup, as smaller servings allow for a variety of tastes. It’s perfect for a quick bite, even if you’re not settling for a full meal.

Additionally, the food was presented on sleek metal trays, and there were bags at the snack stations if you wanted to grab-and-go.

While Jessy wasn’t too fond of her espresso martini, I found my cappuccino and the small bites from the buffet selections to be delightful.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Cappuccino

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Bar

The bar itself is an attractive feature, situated at the back of the lounge. Its backlit liquor arrangement serves as a vivid focal point, along with chic lighting that merges beautifully with the nearby greenery.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Bar

At the bar, you can order up a craft cocktail from one of the menus, or ask for a bespoke elixi, too. The lounge even offers cocktails on draft, which is something you certainly won’t find in many other lounges.

Aside from the top-shelf liquors, all beverages at the lounge are complimentary.

One unique aspect of the bar at the Capital One Lounge Dallas is the extensive selection of craft soft drinks on tap at the lounge. Guests can help themselves to iced tea, cola, and other seltzers, as well as a draft latte or cold-brew coffee on tap.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Drinks selection
Capital One Lounge Dallas – Drinks selection

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Other Facilities

Capital One opted for several individual restrooms instead of large communal ones. The restrooms were well-maintained and generously sized, so you could easily maneuver around.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Restroom entrance
Capital One Lounge Dallas – Restroom hallway

One of the standout features at this particular lounge is the health and wellness area.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Wellness area entrance

Within this part of the lounge, there’s a dual-purpose room for yoga and cycling. The room is equipped with two Peloton bikes that gaze out onto the tarmac, as well as yoga mats and resistance bands.

The space also features a fridge stocked with bottled water and cold towels.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Cycling & yoga room
Capital One Lounge Dallas – Cycling & yoga room

There’s also a pair of relaxation rooms, which come equipped with cutting-edge nap pods and a ceiling that replicates a starry sky. Plus, these rooms are outfitted with eye masks and blankets for additional comfort.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Nap pods

The lounge also features spacious shower suites, complete with a vanity, toilet, and a separate shower area. In a move towards sustainability, the amenity bottles provided are biodegradable, and dissolve completely to minimize waste.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Shower room
Capital One Lounge Dallas – Shower room

Keep in mind that the showers have a 45-minute cap, but this timeframe should be more than adequate.

Capital One Lounge Dallas – Shower suite
Capital One Lounge Dallas – Shower amenities

Lastly, there’s a dedicated nursing room for parents, and two versatile multi-faith rooms.


Overall, the Capital One Lounge Dallas is excellent – a cut above most US lounges – and I appreciated the thoughtful design, comfortable seating, and the abundance of power outlets. The dining concept was also a hit for me, with its small plates and portions and impressive variety.

Other standout features include the well-stocked bar and the health and wellness area, both of which further elevate the lounge’s overall appeal.

Capital One is indeed positioning itself as a strong contender against the Amex Centurion Lounges on the bank-operated lounge front, and I’m eager to explore more of their locations as they debut.

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    “entry requires presenting your boarding pass within three hours of your departure”

    Not exactly correct, I have been granted access upon arrival numerous times.

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