How do you book partner awards using Alaska miles?

Flights with all of Alaska's partner airlines can be booked online, with the exception of Cathay Pacific and LATAM. Complex routings that can't be booked through the multi-city search engine will need to be booked over the phone.

Note that you can only fly with one of Alaska's partner airlines on a single award, although you can include as many Alaska Airlines-operated segments as you'd like.

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan is known for its diverse breadth of global airline partners. In particular, the program partners with the following airlines:


All airlines besides Cathay Pacific and LATAM can be searched and booked online. You can search for simple itineraries using the One-way or Round-Trip search options, and plan complex itineraries (such as stopovers or open-jaws) using the Multi-City option.

You can only fly with one partner airline on a single award ticket, although you can add as many Alaska Airlines-operated flights to get you to/from where you need to be. So you could fly this:

  • Hong Kong to Los Angeles on Cathay Pacific

  • Los Angeles to Seattle on Alaska Airlines

  • Seattle to Calgary on Alaska Airlines

But not this:

  • Hong Kong to Los Angeles on Cathay Pacific

  • Los Angeles to Toronto on American Airlines

Every partner has their own agreement with Alaska as to what type of redemptions are allowed – you should consult the award charts to find out if your specific routing and partner airline would be valid. For example, you can fly with Cathay Pacific from Boston to Sydney, but not with Japan Airlines – even though both airlines operate such flights.

Each partner agreement also specifies unique routing rules (where your route can take you between your origin and destination) and stopover rules (which cities you’re allowed to have a stopover or open-jaw). For an in-depth exposé on this topic, read the blog post on Creative Stopovers with Alaska Mileage Plan.

If you’re looking to book a complex routing that doesn’t show up on the Multi-City search engine (or you’re trying to book Cathay Pacific or LATAM awards), then you’ll have to give Alaska a call to book it. Thankfully, Alaska’s telephone agents are some of the most pleasant and well-trained in the industry.

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