The Complete Guide to Peninsula PenClub

One of the world’s finest luxury hotel brands, Peninsula Hotels, has a rather small global footprint with only 10 properties worldwide. At the same time, these 10 often win awards for being some of the best luxury properties in the world.

Peninsula Hotels can be found in Hong Kong, Manila, Beijing, Bangkok, Tokyo, Shanghai, New York, Beverly Hills, Chicago, and Paris. Properties in London and Istanbul are set to open early 2023 as the brand expands its portfolio.

While the cost of a stay surely won’t come cheap, and without a loyalty program offering additional benefits to guests, the best way to get the most value out of your Peninsula stay is through Peninsula PenClub.

What Is Peninsula PenClub?

Peninsula PenClub is the name of Peninsula’s preferred partner program. By booking through PenClub and an authorized travel advisor, you’ll receive value-added amenities and upgrades without having to pay anything extra.

In fact, a booking made through PenClub will cost the same as any published Peninsula rate.

One element that’s unique to the program is that corporate rates can also be booked through Peninsula PenClub, making it perhaps the only preferred partner program that allows this. This way, you can benefit from a lower rate through your corporate affiliation, but still get the additional perks offered through PenClub. 

Peninsula’s iconic properties are the definition of luxury, and a stay at one of the brand’s exclusive properties is sure to be memorable. If you’re looking to indulge in an opulent experience, be sure to consider a Peninsula hotel at your destination.

The Peninsula Bangkok

Keep in mind that the only way to access a Peninsula PenClub rate and receive additional benefits is to book through a dedicated travel advisor. Your advisor will be happy to go over your hotel options, and will liase with the Peninsula property on your behalf.

What Are the Benefits of Booking Through Peninsula PenClub?

The main benefits of booking through Peninsula PenClub are as follows:

  • Daily full breakfast for up to two people
  • “Peninsula Time”, which gives you flexible check-in and check-out times
  • Room upgrade to the next category upon arrival, subject to availability
  • $100 (USD) property credit (at some properties)
  • Upgraded welcome amenities

Breakfast at a luxury Peninsula hotel is sure to be an unforgettable experience, and enjoying this benefit without having to pay anything extra is indeed satisfying.

“Peninsula Time” is a unique benefit that allows gives you flexibility on your check-in and check-out days. You can check in as early as 6am and check out as late as 10pm for no extra charge.

This means that you can essentially spend up to 40 hours in your room on a one-night stay, which is over twice the standard 3pm to 12pm timeframe. In a sense, it’s almost similar to booking two nights for the price of one. 

Knowing that you can have access to your room, even if you arrive early, can be especially comforting after a long day or night of travelling.

Enjoy Peninsula Time at The Peninsula Paris

Furthermore, a 10pm late check-out is by far the most generous late check-out available in any hotel chain. This allows you to get the most out of the hotel’s amenities, and affords you the ability to store your items in your room until an overnight flight, or even take an afternoon or evening nap.

Room upgrades can definitely enhance your experience, especially if you’re celebrating a special occasion. If you are, then make sure to let your travel advisor know.

Some Peninsula properties offer a credit, which is usually in the range of $100 (USD). Whenever this is offered, it’s a great way to enjoy something else at the property, such as a meal, spa service, or activity, without paying the full price.

How to Maximize Value with Peninsula PenClub

In order to make sure you are getting the best deal, and the best experience out of your Peninsula booking and upcoming stay, you’ll want to compare all of the available booking options.

Compare with Virtuoso and Amex FHR

All Peninsula hotels are bookable through both Virtuoso and American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts.

Virtuoso is similar to Peninsula PenClub in that you have to go through a dedicated travel advisor to make the booking. Amex FHR can be booked on your own, but only if you have an American Express Platinum Card or American Express Business Platinum Card.

Here is a chart that summarizes the benefits offered at Peninsula properties with the different programs.


Peninsula PenClub


Amex FHR

Complimentary breakfast

Daily breakfast for two guests

Daily breakfast for two guests

Daily breakfast for two guests

One-category room upgrade

Subject to availability upon check-in 

Subject to availability upon check-in

Subject to availability upon check-in

Property credit

$100 (USD), varies by property

$100 (USD), varies by property

$100 (USD), varies by property

Early check-in

Guaranteed 6am

Subject to availability

12pm, subject to availability

Late check-out

Guaranteed 10pm

Subject to availability

Guaranteed 4pm

While it usually makes the most sense to book a stay with the preferred partner program directly, there are some scenarios where booking with Virtuoso or Amex FHR might be a better choice.

Let’s look at an example to compare the benefits. The Peninsula Beverly Hills can be booked through either Peninsula PenClub, Virtuoso, or Amex FHR.

The Peninsula Beverly Hills

A two-night stay booked through PenClub costs $2,337.22 (USD) on an arbitrary date in the future. You’d get daily breakfast for two, a room upgrade (subject to availability at check-in), guaranteed 6am check-in and 10pm check-out, and a welcome amenity.

The same room booked through Virtuoso costs $2,430.26 (USD) on the same dates, and you’d get daily breakfast for two, a room upgrade (subject to availability at check-in), early check-in and late check-out (subject to availability), a $100 (USD) property credit, and a welcome amenity.

Lastly, if you book through Amex FHR, the price works out to $2,424.40 (USD). You’d enjoy daily breakfast for two, guaranteed 4pm late check-out, early check-in (12pm, subject to availability), a room upgrade (subject to availability at check-in), a $100 (USD) property credit, and a welcome amenity. 

In this example, the best choice will depend on your specific needs. While Peninsula PenClub has the cheapest rate, both Amex FHR and Virtuoso come with a $100 (USD) hotel credit that makes up for the difference on a two-night stay.

However, if you wish to take advantage of Peninsula Time, then it would certainly make more sense to book through that program. What’s more, you’re more likely to have your upgrade confirmed when booking with Peninsula’s own program, rather than booking through Virtuoso or Amex FHR.

If you were only staying one night, then you would certainly be getting more value out of the $100 (USD) credit, as the Virtuoso and Amex FHR benefit is only given once, no matter how many nights your stay is.

Take Advantage of Free Night Promotions

Through both Virtuoso and Peninsula PenClub, free night promotions tend to appear fairly consistently, depending on the number of nights you book for. In fact, you can even receive a free night for as little as a three-night stay through Peninsula PenClub.

Keep an eye out for free night promotions to save on your next Peninsula stay

A full list of the ongoing Peninsula PenClub promotions, including free nights, can be found on the Peninsula website.

Corporate Promo Codes

What’s unique to the Peninsula PenClub program is the ability to receive enhanced preferred partner benefits on corporate rate bookings. If you have access to a corporate discount through your work or elsewhere, make sure to let your travel advisor know as that cheaper rate should be able to stack with the PenClub benefits.

Usually, preferred partner programs are only available without any promo codes or preferred rates, so this benefit is indeed quite unusual and worth taking advantage of if you can demonstrate eligibility for your corporate code. 


The Peninsula PenClub program allows you to unlock benefits that will most definitely enhance your experience without having to pay anything extra. Indeed, when you stay at a Peninsula, you’re already in for a treat, so the extra perks will further enhance your stay.

Through PenClub, you can enjoy daily breakfast for two, a room upgrade, a guaranteed 6am check-in, and a guaranteed 10pm check-out through Peninsula Time.

Keep in mind that you can only get these if you make your booking with an authorized travel advisor, who will be sure to look into all available options for Peninsula hotels to ensure you’re getting the best value and the best experience possible.

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