National Bank World Elite Mastercard: Record-High Offer of Up to 70,000 Points! (Extended)


National Bank has extended the all-time-high welcome bonus of up to 70,000 À la carte Rewards on its flagship National Bank World Elite Mastercard. The offer is available until June 30, 2023.

With compelling insurance coverage, including for award bookings, and a record-high signup bonus, now is as good of a time as ever to considering this card to your wallet.

National Bank World Elite Mastercard: Up to 70,000 À la carte Rewards

The offer for the National Bank World Elite Mastercard includes a $150 annual fee rebate for the first year, as well the following three-part structure for the welcome bonus:

  • 30,000 À la carte Rewards upon spending $5,000 within the first three months
  • 10,000 À la carte Rewards upon signing up for credit card payment insurance
  • 30,000 À la carte Rewards upon spending $12,000 in the first 12 months

If you meet both minimum spending requirements, you can think of your total first-year earnings as 60,000 À la carte Rewards. However, note that the second portion of 30,000 points aren’t awarded until the cardholder anniversary date.

To receive the full welcome bonus of 70,000 points, you’ll also need to sign up for credit card payment insurance. You’ll want to compare the cost of this service against the extra 10,000 points, which is worth up to $100.

Note that to take advantage of this welcome offer, you must not currently hold a personal National Bank Mastercard credit card or have held one in the last 24 months. Furthermore, the card has an annual fee of $150, and National Bank is offering a reimbursement of annual fees for the first year, making it first year free.

In terms of the returns on daily spending, the National Bank World Elite Mastercard allows you to earn:

  • 5 points per dollar spent on groceries and restaurant purchases
  • 2 points per dollar spent on gas, electric vehicle charging, recurring bills, and travel booked through the À la carte Travel Portal
  • 1 point per dollar spent on all other purchases

This is the highest earning rate among Mastercards in Canada. However, note that there is a monthly spending cap on categorized purchases: if your total gross monthly amount of purchases (regardless of category) are under $2,500, the 5x multiplier on groceries and restaurant purchases will apply; on the other hand, if your purchases in one month exceed $2,500, the earning rate on those food purchases will be at 2 points per dollar.

Earn 5x on groceries and restaurants with the National Bank World Elite Mastercard

If we were to add the points that you earn from meeting the initial spending threshold of $5,000 in spending, we can conclude that you’d earn at least 35,000 À la carte Rewards the first year, which is worth a cool $350. This is on top of the $150 first year primary cardholder fee rebate.

You then have the option of pursuing the remaining set of 30,000 points by spending $12,000 in the first year, which would result in a total points haul of at least 72,000 À la carte Rewards – worth $720 – if completed.

Finally, don’t forget about the $150 Annual Travel Credit that comes with this card, which is easy to redeem against a wide range of eligible travel expenses, including:

  • Airport parking
  • Baggage fees
  • Seat selection
  • Airport lounge access
  • Airline ticket upgrades

In addition, the card comes with complimentary unlimited visits to the National Bank Lounge at Montréal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport for the cardholder and one accompanying guest. This lounge is located in the international terminal, and isn’t available to passengers departing on domestic or transborder flights.

Enjoy complimentary access to the National Bank Lounge at Montreal Trudeau International Airport 

Insurance on the National Bank World Elite Mastercard

Of note, the National Bank World Elite Mastercard offers an unparalleled suite of travel and lifestyle insurance.

First off, the card’s insurance can be used on award tickets, since it only requires partial payment of the trip to the credit card.

Furthermore, the card’s emergency medical insurance stands out, as it covers trips up to 60 days in duration and $5,000,000 in damages. Even cardholders over 65 even have coverage for up to 15 days, and if you’re between 55 and 64 years old, you’ll get 31 days of emergency medical insurance.

Rental car insurance on the National Bank World Elite Mastercard is also longer than the industry standard, with coverage for up to 48 consecutive days. 

Enjoy rental car insurance for up to 48 consecutive days with the National Bank World Elite Mastercard

Purchase protection and extended warranty coverage is also twice that of most World Elite Mastercards. You’ll get up to two years of additional warranty coverage, and 180 days of protection against stolen or damaged merchandise.

Finally, there is $1,000 of mobile device insurance, with coverage up to two years after the purchase date.

Compared to the BMO Ascend World Elite Mastercard, another well-known Canadian credit card for covering award tickets, the National World Elite Mastercard has it beat on every account.

Redeeming À la carte Rewards Points

National Bank’s points, À la carte Rewards, can be redeemed through their online travel booking portal. Through this method, À la carte Rewards points have a fixed value of 1 cent per point.

In the portal, you can also redeem points for a statement credit against travel expenses not booked through the portal. However, redeeming points this way comes at a lower value of 0.83 cents per point when redeeming fewer than 55,000 points, or 0.91 cents per point when redeeming more than 55,000 points.

While booking travel through the portal isn’t the most flexible redemption option, it’s still better value than the 0.83 cents per point (cpp) that National Bank provides when using À la carte Rewards for straight cash back against any purchase.

Therefore, we can think of the first-year welcome bonus on the National Bank World Elite Mastercard as worth up to $350, with the potential to be $700 after the first-year anniversary date.

Note that À la carte Rewards never expire as long as you remain a cardholder.

Is the Anniversary Bonus Worth It?

The National Bank World Elite Mastercard offers an anniversary bonus, which is as follows:

  • 30,000 À la carte Rewards upon spending $12,000 in the first year with the World Elite Mastercard

Normally, the anniversary bonus isn’t necessarily worth it unless you’re planning to hold the card for another year. In this case, the National Bank World Elite Mastercard is quite strong in terms of benefits, insurance, and earning rates, so there’s a great case to be made for keeping it around in your wallet for the long-term.

If you plan on keeping the card, you might as well spend an additional $1,000 per month and earn the full first-year anniversary bonus. Indeed, 30,000 points is worth $300 when redeemed for travel through the À la carte Rewards travel booking portal, which can easily justify paying for the $150 annual fee for the second year.

Apply Now

Until June 30, 2023, the National Bank World Elite Mastercard is offering a strong welcome bonus of 30,000 À la carte Rewards, which is worth at least $300 in value. The current offer also includes a first-year $150 annual fee waiver and a $150 travel credit.

The National Bank World Elite Mastercard requires a minimum personal annual income of $80,000, a household income of $150,000, or assets of $400,000 at any Canadian financial institution to be eligible.

You can also earn additional points by meeting an annual spending requirement. These points are awarded on the cardholder anniversary date, at which point you’ll also incur a second-year annual fee.

The combination of lengthy emergency medical insurance, coverage on award tickets, and solid everyday earn rates makes the National Bank World Elite a Mastercard product that’s quickly rising in prominence. Throw in the record-high welcome bonus we’re seeing, and now might be a great time to add the card to your wallet.


  1. Alex YYZ

    Anniversary bonus of 30,000 points – isn’t it better to keep the card, say, 2 extra months into the 2nd year, to get that anniversary bonus – and then cancel or downgrade, and thus get a prorated refund of the annual fee?

  2. Paulk YYZ

    I applied and received the card with a $5000 credit limit. No big deal as I plan to keep purchases under $2500 per month in accelerated categories and keep in the wallet for the extended travel medical. If they ever ditch that insurance, I’ll cut up the card…

  3. David

    I signed up for the National Bank world elite a couple of months ago… but they gave me the platinum with a 500 CAD spend limit so no bonus plus the card wasn’t the card I signed up for and the card that did arrive arrived late. Apparently, I was still eligible for the signup bonus but it is very difficult to get since I am not even able to spend more than the card limit… Even if you try to overpay 3000 CAD everything gets declined after 500 CAD. I signed up for the card for the World Elite National Bank lounge access since Priority Pass is gone. so this platinum card is useless for me. Taking the bad situation and trying to make it better I figured I’d at least try to get the sign-up bonus but the card would decline purchases after 500 CAD. Over the phone no help long wait time and when I did get through no help with getting me the card I actually signed up for or increasing my credit limit. They were not able to do anything and said I had to wait 6 months. I took a hit on my credit and didn’t even get anything that I actually wanted or could use in return. Overall unimpressed with National Bank. Even with these increased sign-up bonuses, it’s probably not worth the hassle because there is no way to know for sure which card you will get and what credit limit you will receive…. even if you have very high credit limits with every other bank in Canada.

  4. KMG

    I’m interested in seeing an article on travel insurance included with a credit card and in particular for seniors. Unfortunately some seem to cut off at age 65.

    1. KMG

      Sorry I meant to say medical travel insurance.

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