Amex Shop Small Promotion: Up to $50 in Statement Credits (Scotiabank Amex Cards Only)

The American Express Shop Small promotion has returned for another round during the months of June and July 2023, this time seemingly only geared towards Scotiabank-issued American Express cards. 

Until July 31, 2023, Scotiabank-issued Amex cardholders may register their card and then earn a $10 (CAD) statement credit upon spending $30 (CAD) with a participating Shop Small merchant, up to five times in total on each eligible card, for a total of up to $50 (CAD) in statement credits.

Register for Shop Small

The American Express Shop Small promotion is available at designated physical storefronts across Canada, as well as participating online small businesses nationwide. 

Unlike previous rounds of Shop Small, this one doesn’t appear to be available to holders of Amex-issued Amex cards. Instead, only Scotiabank-issued Amex cards have the ability to manually register their cards for the promotion.

Credit Cards
Credit Card Best Offer Value
40,000 Scene+ points $355 Apply Now
60,000 Scene+ points $161 Apply Now
7,000 Scene+ points $120 Apply Now

Simply head to the dedicated Amex Offers landing page for Scotiabank American Express cards, and then click the “Register your Card” button to enter your card details. Both primary and supplementary cardholders of Scotiabank American Express products are eligible to register.

Once you’ve registered, you can take advantage of the “Spend $30, Get $10” offer up to five times at any participating Shop Small retailer in Canada, for a total of up to $50 (CAD) in statement credits.

There’s a limit of 10,000 registrations for this offer, so it’s worth registering your cards as soon as possible to make sure you’re eligible for the offer before it runs out. 

How It Works

You can use the Amex Shop Small Map to look up the participating retailers by filtering for the “Shop Small” icon.

You’ll find a list of participating locations in your city, which are all marked with a blue dot or location marker.

You can also browse a list of Shop Small retailers, which includes in-store and online locations. There are quite a few registered charities on this list, so if you have any spare credits by the end of July, you could consider making a $30 (CAD) donation to these charities and benefiting from both a $10 (CAD) statement credit and a tax receipt.

The promotion is intended to reward you for shopping five separate times at five different Shop Small retailers. To that end, the terms state:

To be eligible for a $10 (CAD) statement credit, a qualifying purchase of at least $30 (CAD) in a single transaction, after taxes, must be charged to your registered Card at up to 5 different participating locations in Canada, during the offer period and subsequently posted to your account. A qualifying purchase of at least $30 (CAD) in a single transaction that is made directly at a different participating business or different location of the same participating business will qualify for one $10 (CAD) statement credit, up to a total of 5 statement credits or a maximum of $50 (CAD) in statement credits per registered Card during the offer period. One or more purchases made directly at the same participating business location or the same participating online business will only be eligible to qualify for one $10 (CAD) statement credit.

Therefore, you’ll most likely need to shop with five separate Shop Small merchants to get the full $50 (CAD) in statement credits.

However, if you or your household members hold multiple Scotiabank American Express cards and have registered all of them, you could always split up a larger transaction into multiple $30 payments on separate cards, thus triggering one of the five $10 credits for each card used.

If you happen to overburden your cashier or waiter during the process of splitting up a large bill, remember to leave a generous tip (perhaps using yet another American Express card from your pack)!


American Express Shop Small has returned with a new twist, allowing you to earn up to $50 (CAD) in statement credits when shopping with one of your Scotiabank-issued American Express cards.

This is an easy opportunity to earn $50 (CAD) back when getting coffee and ice cream, and you can scale these earnings with other primary or supplementary cardholders in your household.

Go forth and register all the eligible Scotiabank American Express cards you can get your hands on – and then get spending!

This is a recurring article, regularly updated with the latest promotion. Some comments may refer to past promotions that are no longer available.