TD Cash Back Visa* Card

Everything you need to know about the TD Cash Back Visa Card, a no-fee cash back credit card issued by TD that earns modest rewards.

Updated on: 2024-04-19

Annual fee:
Annual Interest Rates

19.99% purchase (20.99% in Quebec)
22.99% cash advance (20.99% in Quebec)
22.99% balance transfer (20.99% in Quebec)

Earning rate:

1% cash back on groceries, gas, and recurring bill payments
0.5% cash back on all other purchases



The TD Cash Back Visa Card is a card geared towards students, newcomers to Canada, or individuals with new or recovering credit files who want to build a strong relationship with TD while earning some cash back.

Bonuses & Fees

As a basic cash back credit card, the TD Cash Back Visa Card does not offer a welcome bonus. The card has no annual fee for both the primary cardholder and any supplementary cardholders. It’s a solid choice to keep open as a free primary or backup credit card, all while supporting the longevity of your credit history.

Earning Rewards

The TD Cash Back Visa Card earns 1% cash back on groceries, gas, and recurring bill payments, with a maximum of $5,000 spent per year for gas and groceries combined, and a maximum of $5,000 for recurring bills. It earns 0.5% cash back on all other purchases.

Redeeming Rewards

You can redeem your cash back dollars to pay down your account at any time with a minimum of $25. Otherwise, you can set up your account to do this automatically each January with no minimum cashback amount.

Perks & Benefits

Cardholders save a minimum of 10% off base rates at Avis and Budget when renting within Canada and the U.S., and a minimum of 5% off elsewhere.

Insurance Coverage

†Terms and conditions apply.

This card doubles the manufacturer's warranty up to one additional year as well as provides 90 days of purchase protection.

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