Home Trust Preferred Visa Card

Everything you need to know about the Home Trust Preferred Visa Card, a basic no-fee credit card issued by Home Trust with no foreign transaction fees.

Updated on: 2024-03-15

Annual fee:
Earning rate:

1% cash back on all purchases in Canadian dollars

Perks & benefits:

No foreign transaction fees



The Home Trust Preferred Visa Card is a basic choice for a Visa card with no annual fees and no foreign transaction fees. It would suit frequent travellers who prefer a simple wallet, keeping the same card year after year, and acceptance at a wide range of merchants globally.

Bonuses & Fees

The card has no welcome bonus, and no annual fee.

Earning Rewards

The card earns 1% cash back on all purchases in Canadian dollars, with no cap on earning. There is no foreign transaction fee levied for purchases made in other currencies; however, you won't earn cash back on purchases in currencies other than Canadian dollars.

Redeeming Rewards

Cash back rewards are accumulated from your January statement until your December statement, and they are automatically issued as a statement credited sometime in January of the following year.

Perks & Benefits

The card has no significant perks or benefits, aside from no foreign transaction fees.

Insurance Coverage

The Home Trust Preferred Visa Card does not offer any insurance, with the exception of basic purchase protection.

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