BMO U.S. Dollar Mastercard

Last updated: September 20, 2023
Signup bonus:
Spend $1,000 USD in one year on your card, and the annual fee for the following year is waived
Annual fee:
$35 USD
Interest rates:
20.99% purchases
22.99% cash advances (21.99% QC)
22.99% balance transfers (21.99% QC)

The BMO U.S. Dollar Mastercard is a good choice for anyone who wants to avoid unnecessary currency conversions when shopping online or in store in the USA.

Bonuses & Fees

When you spend $1,000 USD in one year on the BMO U.S. Dollar Mastercard, and the annual fee for the following year is waived.

Shop in U.S. Dollars and avoid foreign currency fees by paying with the BMO U.S. Dollar Mastercard.

Earning Rewards

This card doesn’t earn any form of rewards at this time.

Perks & Benefits

Aside from being able to shop in US dollars, the BMO U.S. Dollar Mastercard does provides cardholders with the option to add another cardholder for free.

Among the perks specific to BMO credit cards, you’ll enjoy discounts at select shows: 15% off Cirque du Soleil’s Canadian tours and 20% off resident shows in Las Vegas.

Insurance Coverage

The BMO U.S. Dollar Mastercard doesn’t have a strong suite of insurance.

Cardholders enjoy transaction monitoring and alerts, as well as zero liability for unauthorized use, and extended warranty and purchase protection. There is an option to add on BMO Roadside Assistance for a fee.

Apply Now

There is no minimum income requirement for this card.

Follow the below link to the BMO website to learn more about this card and submit an application.

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