BMO AIR MILES®† No-Fee Business Mastercard®*

Last updated: December 1, 2023
  • 1,000 AIR MILES®†
  • No annual fee
Signup bonus:
1,000 AIR MILES®† upon approval*
Annual fee:
Earning rate:
1.25x AIR MILES®† for every $20 you spend at Shell*
1 AIR MILES®† AIR MILE per $20 spent on all other purchases*
Perks & benefits:
Get up to 7 cents off per litre on all Shell®± fuel*
Enjoy Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty*

The BMO AIR MILES®† No-Fee Business Mastercard®* is a great credit card for business owners who are dedicated to the AIR MILES® program.

With a competitive welcome bonus and no annual fee, this card could be a useful option for any business owner looking to pick up some extra AIR MILES® to supplement their next trip.

Bonuses & Fees

As a welcome bonus, this card offers 1,000 AIR MILES®, which are awarded upon approval.

The card is the only no-fee Business Mastercard for AIR MILES®. You can give the card a spin at no cost before deciding whether it’s a good long-term fit for your business needs and you can also use this card at Costco stores across Canada.

You can add up to 22 secondary cardholders on your account.

Earning Rewards

The BMO AIR MILES®† No-Fee Business Mastercard®* has a two-tier earning structure. You’ll earn:

  • AIR MILES®AIR MILE for every $20 spent at participating partners*
  • 1.25x the AIR MILES® for every $20 spent at Shell*

The base earning rate is fairly good for a no fee business credit card, and almost on par with the personal BMO AIR MILES®† World Elite*. The 1.25x bonus at AIR MILES® at Shell®‡ is a nice bonus.

Having said that, unless you’re specifically aiming to collect AIR MILES® with your business expenses, there are much more valuable points currencies towards which you could put your business spending instead.

Additionally, you’ll automatically be enrolled for offers on Mastercard® Easy Savings, good for 1–25% cash back rebates at select merchants, on top of your regular rewards.

Redeeming Rewards

AIR MILES®are redeemed in two categories: Cash Rewards and Dream Rewards. You can set your preference on the AIR MILES® website in any ratio (e.g., 95% Cash Rewards, 5% Dream Rewards), but keep in mind while you can change this later, the miles cannot be reallocated.

Cash Rewards can be redeemed at a rate of 95 AIR MILES®= $10 (10.5 cents per point) at participating merchants.

Dream Rewards are best redeemed for travel, including short-haul flights, hotels, car rentals, and attraction tickets. You should always aim to redeem Dream Rewards for at least 10.5 cents per point against the cash price, as otherwise you would’ve been better off collecting Cash Rewards instead.

Perks & Benefits

As a no-fee card, the BMO AIR MILES®† No-Fee Business Mastercard®* comes with relatively few perks.

Cardholders can get up to 7 cents off per litre on all Shell®± fuel*, until December 31, 2024. Eligible cardholders will receive 2 cents off per litre on regular fuel, and 7 cents off per litre on premium fuel, up to 1,000 litres per month.


Insurance Coverage

Insurance benefits on the BMO AIR MILES®† No-Fee Business Mastercard®* are also limited. The card will double the manufacturer’s warranty for purchases made with the card, up to one additional year.*

Legal Disclaimers

Apply Now

This card is available for any business, whether you run a sole proprietorship or a corporation. You may need to show various types of business registration documents and proof of income depending on the structure of your enterprise.

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