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FoundersCard: Should It Be in Your Wallet?
Travel Talk Jan 26, 2022

The FoundersCard is a unique lifestyle card that offers a suite of business, travel, and other perks, but is it...

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How Do Air Canada Flight Passes Work?
Travel Talk Jan 24, 2022

Air Canada flight passes are a prebooked bundle of credits that can be redeemed for travel. In this post, we...

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Video: How to Beat Airlines at Their Own Game
Travel Talk Jan 23, 2022

Sometimes, it’s possible to beat the airlines at their own game. Here are five key lessons from flying Air France...

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Thailand Reopening to Canadian Travellers: What You Need to Know
Travel Talk Jan 22, 2022

Everything you need to know about Thailand's full reopening plans to Canadian travellers as of February 1, 2022.

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Lynx Air: New Low-Cost Airline Launching in April 2022
Travel Talk Jan 21, 2022

Lynx Air will launch their first low-cost flights in April 2022, with fares starting at just $79 for a transcontinental...

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Restaurant Tipping Culture Around the World
Travel Talk Jan 19, 2022

Understanding restaurant tipping culture around the world can help you leave a good impression for every place you visit.

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Our Perspectives on International Travel in 2022
Travel Talk Jan 19, 2022

Now that we're another year into this new era of travel, the Prince of Travel team shares each of our...

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Where Can You Travel with a Positive COVID-19 Test?
Travel Talk Jan 18, 2022

Returning a positive COVID-19 test result can be an obstacle to any upcoming travel plans, but it can just as...

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International Travel Again: A Fulfilling Family Trip to Dubai
Travel Talk Jan 5, 2022

Dubai might not be on everyone’s radar as a top family vacation spot, but it has now become one of...

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An Ode to Airports
Travel Talk Dec 27, 2021

T.J. takes a fond look at the highs and lows of airports, and how they impact the logistics and emotions...

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