Welcome to Prince of Travel, Josh!

I’m delighted to introduce you to Josh Greenberg as the newest writer and a key member of the team here at Prince of Travel.

After bringing on a few regular contributors in T.J., Amy, and Kirin, I’ve been on the lookout for someone who can produce content on a day-to-day basis and shoulder some of my own writing tasks here on the site. 

As you can imagine, I’ve set some very high standards for this role in searching for the right individual, and I was very pleased when I eventually got to meet Josh. 

Based in Vancouver, Josh ticks all the boxes I’m looking for: a deep love for travel, a comprehensive understanding of Miles & Points, an affinity for sharing his knowledge and empowering others to meet their goals, and a strong set of writing skills that allows him to distill complex topics into the crisp and easily digestible style that you’ve come to expect here at Prince of Travel. 

Going forward, Josh and I will be working as a dynamic duo to bring you all of the news, analysis, and discussion from the Miles & Points landscape.

I myself will continue to be responsible for the majority of weekly articles, but Josh’s contribution also allows me to focus some time on other goals for 2021, such as growing the Prince of Travel YouTube channel, managing Prince of Travel memberships, and building new projects and features for the site. 

Without further ado, I’ll let Josh to introduce himself to the Prince of Travel community in his own words. Expect to hear more from him very soon.

Hey everyone, Josh here. I’m thrilled to be joining as the newest member of the Prince of Travel team!

I grew up with a vibrant spirit of travel in the family, and a gigantic map of the world on my childhood bedroom wall. A healthy mix of adventures and misadventures have taken me predominantly around North America, Latin America, and Europe thus far, with a seemingly endless bucket list.

Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

As a traveller, I’m inspired by the whole spectrum of what it means to be a global citizen, from an abstract grasp of how societies work, to primal basics like good food and good people, not to mention our gorgeous planet. As a rewards collector, I love the intersection of my interests in travel, personal finance, and technology.

My travel style is all over the map, both literally and figuratively. Intercontinental flights, road trips, city breaks, beach resorts, hostel backpacking, music festivals, wilderness camping – you name it, I’m game.

That said, I do try to be mindful and critical of why I travel, what I value about it, and how it’s helping me grow and reach my personal goals. I also value a strong sense of home. Luckily, there’s no shortage of opportunities to indulge in my passions for outdoor recreation and photography without having to venture too far from Vancouver when I’m unable to partake from further afield.

Like many, I first dipped my toe into the rewards waters by maximizing cash back categories across a few no-fee credit cards. At the time, I prioritized a simple set-and-forget earning strategy, towards rewards that wouldn’t take any effort to redeem.

However, I soon realized that I could massively scale up my gains by focusing on welcome bonuses instead. I also discovered that loyalty programs aren’t as daunting as I’d feared. I’ve found that I very much enjoy the optimization puzzle of travel redemptions, on both the earning and burning sides.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Always on the lookout for creative ways to further optimize, I’m keen to consider new perspectives on how to play the award game. I’m eager to explore different paradigms of value, to understand how the industry works behind the scenes, to test new strategies, and to develop productivity tools.

Ultimately, what drives me is that I see Miles & Points as an empowering tool. Shrewd award strategies can enable you to say yes to experiences that may otherwise be out of reach. I believe it can add not only financial value, but a real sense of meaning and purpose, for just about anyone. No matter what your situation or motivations are, it’s hard to say no to that!

I’m looking forward to building on the strong foundation of the Prince of Travel community. I’m excited to enrich its existing successes, and also to try some new ideas!

  1. GoldyD

    Always nice to add a new member to the family. Welcome

  2. ChurnyMcChurnface

    Great to see Josh on board!

  3. Mohammed Brihmi

    Welcome aboard, looking forward to read you and good luck,

  4. Oz

    Josh, make sure Ricky gives you lunch breaks and lounge passes are on him.

    1. Terry Zhang

      Congrats Josh! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us

  5. Todd

    Looking forward to Josh’s contributions and seeing how PoT changes and grows. Nice to have a Westcoast POV, too, to balance things out.

  6. DMoon

    Take good care of Josh. I taught him all I know :’)

  7. RWrubel

    Welcome aboard. Look forward to your insights.

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