Prince of Travel Membership: All‑New Benefits for 2022!

It’s been almost one year since the official launch of Prince of Travel membership, and we’ve been thrilled with how the community has grown so far.

As the membership experience continues to evolve, we’re keen to reinvest in the product and make the experience even better for Prince of Travel members.

As of August 2022, we’ll be introducing a wide range of all-new benefits for members at all three tiers: Gold, Platinum, and Royal Platinum.

What’s Changing?

Let’s start with the bad news, or the “devaluation” if you will. 😉

Two previous membership benefits – Recognition and Postcards – will be phased out as part of this round of changes.

These benefits are a remnant of the “creator-centric” membership style that characterized our initial launch on the Patreon platform back in November 2020, but they no longer make the most sense in our membership’s current form.

Going forward, we’ll no longer be displaying Platinum and Royal Platinum member names at the end of YouTube videos, given the new style of YouTube outros that we’ve moved towards.

Similarly, I’ll no longer be writing handwritten postcards to Royal Platinum members from all of my trips, given the time constraints involved in doing so.

(I’m sure our top-tier members would appreciate that I spend time delivering more meaningful benefits than scribbling illegible messages to them anyway!)

The good news? These will be more than offset by a range of new membership benefits:

  • Miles & Pints Events for Gold members and above
  • Learning Sessions and Guest Calls for Platinum members and above
  • Exclusive Events and Virtual Roundtable for Royal Platinum members

And the best part? Travel may be getting more expensive these days, but Prince of Travel membership remains steady at the original price points.

Below, you’ll find a summary of the all-new membership benefits at each level as of August 2022, and I’ll share more details about each of the newly introduced benefits in the sections that follow.

Miles & Pints: In-Person Member Gatherings Around the Country

Our team at Prince of Travel will be hosting regular “Miles & Pints” gatherings for all members, starting at the Gold membership level. Miles & Pints will be available for members to attend with a simple RSVP, at no additional cost. 

A round of Miles & Pints is designed to be a casual and informal in-person gathering, with no formal agenda. Instead, it’s simply about getting together with your fellow community members and connecting over the shared love of travel. 

Appetizer-style food will be provided at each round of Miles & Pints. In addition, Gold, Platinum, and Royal Platinum members will receive one, two, and three drink tickets, respectively, to be used at the venue.

Miles & Pints will rotate around major Canadian cities on a roughly bimonthly basis (i.e., once every two months). Stay tuned for more details around the first round of Miles & Pints we’ll be hosting this summer.

And remember, if you aren’t a member yet, you can attend simply by signing up for a Gold membership at US$10 for the month – which would pay for itself with a drink and some food! 

Weekly Calls: Learning Sessions, Guest Calls, and Happy Hours

We’re looking forward to hosting more calls, Q&As, and discussion sessions for our Platinum members and above, which will be communicated and managed through the Prince of Travel Club Lounge on Discord. 

Currently, I host a monthly Happy Hour call with Platinum and Royal Platinum members once a month, in which we chat about what’s been happening in the travel and loyalty landscape over the past month. 

On top of this, we’ll be adding biweekly learning sessions around a specific travel topic hosted by a member of the Prince of Travel team, as well as monthly guest calls with special guests in the wider travel community. 

Altogether, Platinum members and above can expect to take part in a call once every week or so. The call schedule will be announced as far in advance as possible, and call recordings will be made available after the fact. 

Exclusive Events: Intimate Experiences for Top-Tier Members

For Royal Platinum members, the Virtual Roundtable benefit formalizes the monthly private discussion calls that we’ve already been hosting every month, which are geared towards advanced travel and Miles & Points topics.

Meanwhile, the Exclusive Events benefit receives a major facelift: going forward, we’ll be hosting curated dining and lifestyle experiences with your fellow top-tier members on a quarterly basis, rotating through major Canadian cities. 

These gatherings are available to Royal Platinum members at no additional cost, with food and beverages included. 

I’m looking forward to bringing together our tight-knit community of top-tier members for some memorable shared experiences all across Canada. More details to come in the Private Lounge on Discord.

Join Prince of Travel Membership Now!

If you enjoy what we do here at Prince of Travel and would like to get even more out of your experience here, sign up as a Prince of Travel member today.

Whether you choose to pursue Gold, Platinum, or Royal Platinum membership, we look forward to welcoming you as a member and catching you online in the Prince of Travel Club Lounge or at an in-person round of Miles & Pints one of these days. 

Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the pipeline to make your membership experience even better in the coming months!

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