Year in Review

2021 Year in Review
Dec 30, 2021

In our annual 2021 Year in Review article, I take a look back on the high points of a year...

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2020 Year in Review
Dec 31, 2020

Looking back on 2020 with some highlights from the handful of trips I managed to take, as well as a...

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Video: 2019 Year in Review
Dec 27, 2019

In this video, we look back on 2019, including the highs and lows from my travels, the developments in the...

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2018 Year in Review
Dec 28, 2018

Looking back on the highlights of 2018. What was my favourite trip, flight, hotel, destination, and points redemption over the...

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2017 Year in Review
Dec 29, 2017

A look back on the highs and lows of 2017 as we approach the end of the year. What were...

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