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Video: When Can We Travel Again? May 2021 Update
Travel Talk May 15, 2021

In our May 2021 update on "When Can We Travel Again?", we look at travel restrictions, vaccine tourism, vaccine passports,...

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Video: When Can We Travel Again? March 2021 Update
Travel Talk Mar 17, 2021

With COVID-19 vaccination rates slowly ramping up, I wanted to start a series of videos to check-in on the resumption...

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Canada’s Hotel Quarantine Has Been a Total Disaster
Travel Talk Mar 3, 2021

The launch of Canada’s new hotel quarantine measures have been marked by poor messaging, chaotic conditions, and ineffective quarantine measures.

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The Road to 193: Visiting Every Country in the World
Travel Talk Feb 16, 2021

Many years ago, I wrote about my goal of eventually visiting every country in the world. Now, it's time to...

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Our Perspectives on International Travel in 2021
Travel Talk Jan 4, 2021

The Prince of Travel team members share each of their perspectives on when we’d feel comfortable travelling internationally again, which...

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Giving Thanks in a Year of Turbulence
Travel Talk Oct 12, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving! In today's post, I share with you some of the things I’m most thankful for in spite of...

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Video: The Battle for Refunds on Cancelled Flights
Travel Talk Jul 12, 2020

In this video, we take a look at the unfortunate story of Canada’s airlines withholding refunds on cancelled flights. How...

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Are Our Favourite Aviation Experiences Under Threat?
Travel Talk May 21, 2020

The iconic Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 are facing early retirement, while the face of commercial aviation may have been...

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Have You Rescheduled Your Travel Plans Yet?
Travel Talk Apr 20, 2020

How have you addressed your upcoming travel plans in light of the pandemic? Are you rescheduling, cancelling, or making new...

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Coronavirus: Travelling in the Time of COVID‑19
Travel Talk Mar 9, 2020

I share my thoughts on the COVID-19 outbreak as it relates to travel. Should you still travel at this time?...

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