Train Reviews

Review: JR Shinkansen Gran Class Hakodate to Tokyo
Reviews Oct 13, 2023

Gran Class is the top-tier cabin on Japan's Shinkansen, complete with remarkably comfortable seats and a complimentary meal service.

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Review: Via Rail Prestige Class “The Canadian” Winnipeg to Toronto
Reviews Nov 23, 2022

Prestige Class is Via Rail's best class of service, complete with a Murphy bed and bathroom in a private suite,...

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Review: Rocky Mountaineer “First Passage to the West” Vancouver to Banff
Reviews Nov 12, 2022

Rocky Mountaineer offers a luxury train experience through breathtaking scenery in Canada and the US. Here's a review of my...

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Video: High Speed Rail Business Class, Shanghai to Beijing
Reviews Jun 6, 2021

On my way from Shanghai to Beijing, I decided to splurge for the business class experience on the China Railways...

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Review: Trans-Mongolian Railway Second Class Ulaanbaatar to Beijing
Reviews Dec 7, 2018

I hopped onboard the distinctive Mongolian trains for our final 29-hour leg from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing, bringing my Trans-Siberian Railway...

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Review: Trans-Mongolian Railway Second Class Irkutsk to Ulaanbaatar
Reviews Nov 23, 2018

We bid farewell to Russia as we made our way down to Mongolia’s capital in the Second Class carriages of...

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Review: Trans-Siberian Railway Third Class Novosibirsk to Irkutsk
Reviews Nov 10, 2018

Find out what it’s like to travel as a Third Class citizen on the Trans-Siberian Railway as our journey continues...

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Review: Trans-Siberian Railway First Class Nizhny Novgorod to Novosibirsk
Reviews Oct 21, 2018

The full review of my 41-hour train ride to Novosibirsk in the First Class carriages of the Trans-Siberian Railway. What...

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