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The Mileage Mindset: Networking
Miles & Points Sep 20, 2017

We conclude the Mileage Mindset series with the final piece of the puzzle: developing a strong network of like-minded travellers.

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The Mileage Mindset: Manufactured Spending, Part 2
Miles & Points Sep 15, 2017

Our discussion of manufactured spending concludes with some genuinely mind-blowing examples, followed by some cautionary tales about the inherent risks.

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The Mileage Mindset: Manufactured Spending, Part 1
Miles & Points Sep 12, 2017

The long wait is over! In these installments of the Mileage Mindset, I discuss what it takes to earn huge...

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The Mileage Mindset: Routing Rules
Miles & Points Sep 5, 2017

Exploiting a mileage program's routing rules is one of the best ways to get insane value out of your miles,...

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The Mileage Mindset: Award Charts
Miles & Points Aug 29, 2017

Want to become an advanced Miles & Points user? It's all about adopting a certain mindset. We begin with the...

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