New Air Passenger Rights: What You Need to Know
Travel Talk Dec 16, 2019

The second phase of Canada’s new Air Passenger Protection Regulations kicked in on December 15. Here’s everything you need to...

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Lost & Delayed Baggage: Your Rights Under the Montreal Convention
Travel Talk Oct 25, 2019

We look at the portion of the Montreal Convention concerned with lost or delayed baggage, which allows you to claim...

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A Guide to IRROPS: How to Handle Flight Delays & Cancellations
Travel Talk Aug 14, 2019

A comprehensive guide to how you can pre-empt, deal with, and seek compensation for IRROPS, or flight delays and cancellations,...

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Trapped in Boston: An Air Canada Misadventure
Travel Talk Mar 3, 2018

Last Monday, I found myself stuck in Boston as Air Canada's operations went into meltdown. Here's the full story.

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